Posted on 4:05 pm,
May 9, 2013

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Join hosts Jess, Patricia, and Selina as they continue their rewatch of Merlin! This week they discuss episode 11 from season 1, ‘The Labyrinth of Gedref.’

show notes:
– Gandalf the Grey makes an appearance in the woods.
– The girls discuss how Merlin being dubbed a children’s show affects what the show can do.
– Uther and Arthur continue to stubbornly deny that magic is behind the things happening.
– Is Merlin really Arthur’s story, but told through Merlin’s eyes?
– The hosts learn not to annoy Selina!
– Merlin and Gaius eat beetle… gummy bears?
– Uther is a jerk. What else is new?
– Arthur competes in the third task of the Triwizard Cup.
– Arthur and Merlin = Frodo and Sam
The Merlin finale in GIFs

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This episode's hosts: Jessica Chapman, Patricia Spence, and Selina Wilken

  • ColinMorgan fan

    Hello Talks of Camelot! I’m a huge fan of your podcast and listen each week! I really enjoyed this commentary. If I could just add that I like it better when you discuss and describe the scenes in the commentary (like Jess did this week) rather than have you guys watch the video on your screen and comment (like the previous two podcasts). I guess it’s because I listen to the podcast in the car/when I’m out instead of in front of the tv in sync with you so when there are huge breaks of silence in between the commentary, I don’t know what scene you’re watching and it’s harder to follow along. Sorry if I’m not being too articulate, I hope you know what I mean. But anyways, just a suggestion you don’t have to follow. Keep up the podcasting!

  • onerepublic1001

    I recently just started listening to previously recorded podcast on Merlin. I never knew that this had existed before. I have been reading all the comments by fans, websites, and discussions by the commentors of Talks of Merlin. I have formed my own opinion of the series. In retrospect, for those individuals who have studied or read about Arthurian history, know that Arthur was killed by Mordred. Even to this day, fans could not come to terms of the writers ending the series with the death of Arthur. The writer’s purpose of taking this course of action was to stay true to the myth. Here is what frustrated me. Because the events of Arthur wasn’t wriiten to mirror the history, I think they could have ended the series in a different approach. I agree that they could have ended the series in a happier note. The route that they took to end the series even to this day leaves a everlasting sense of sadness to the fans. It really brought closure to the series. I understand why they did what they did. But it’s tremendouly sad.
    The prophecy of Arthur dying by the hands of Mordred in my opinion was not something set in stone. Although Kilgharrah said this was his fate, this didn’t mean that it had to happen. There were different actions that Arthur could have made during his life. Each of those actions would have created different outcomes. Negative or positive. The prophecy would not have technically happen in the way stated in the series. I felt that it was the sins of the father that killed Arthur. Whether magic was used for good or bad, it was Uther Pendragon who banned magic or persecuted people associated with it. It was Uther’s lies and banning of magic that made her the way she was. When Uther died, she transferred that hatred towards Arthur even if he was not responsible of it. If it wasn’t for Uther banning of magic, Morgana wouldn’t be who she became. Mordred would not have been to Camelot. Arthur wouldn’t have. Even if Uther was the cause, if Morgana was taken out of it long ago, Arthur would not have had to die. Morgana was Arthur’s Bane. What do you guys think?

    • onerepublic1001

      I meant to say that Uther made Morgana the way she is. If Uther didn’t treat Morgana the way she was treated, Arthur would not have had to die.

  • onerepublic1001

    I still think Morgana is Arthur’s Bane. Morgana is the one that always wanted him dead. There were many instances that Morgana could have died by using Excalibur. I re-watched episode 11. In Arthur’s Bane, the Diamir said that Arthur’s Bane is himself. I sought of agree to what the Diamir said. I don’t understand why Kara decided to take a knife to Arthur. He didn’t know who she was. Arthur would have set her free. When she was caught, her words about him being a bad King brought fuel to the fire. She could have been freed but she decided her fate. If she was afraid of dying, why would she say those things? Mordred pleaded Arthur to release her. This is were Arthur’s decisions would have decided his fate. Arthur should have shown more compassion and prove he was willing to change. He sealed his fate by doing this. Whether Arthur would still die is up to debate. Arthur’s decision made Mordred turn bad. But if you were to look at it another angle, Morgana is the one that enabled the prophecy to continue. Mordred needed her help to carry out the mission. Even if Kara was set free, Arthur’s life would have been spared for this time. As long Morgana was still alive, his death was till there. If Morgana wasn’t here, this wouldn’t have happened. So if you look at it, Morgana is Arthur’s Bane. What do you think?

    • Kimberly

      I think that many different events came together to produce the final outcome. Personally, I don’t think that any one thing was Arthur’s bane. It was a combination of all the characters and their choices that led to his death and Morgana was definitely a large part of that.

  • Dominique

    I think Merlin has always been about Arthur. Like, Merlin wouldn’t have even (probably) been born without the Great Purge, which was triggered by Arthur’s birth. There’s also the fact the show begins with Merlin meeting Arthur and then ends after Arthur’s death. Surely, if the show had truly been about Merlin, it could have shown us more about Merlin’s back story and what he did after Arthur was gone. (Also, very nice podcast as usual! :D)

  • rusty

    About the second test where Arthur is deemed failed because of his pride, I think it ties to his Pendragon temper. Uther, Arthur, and Morgana all respond to insecurities and fear (in this case, the insecurity that Arthur isn’t good enough as the future prince) by lashing out in rage, often at the cost of other people’s lives. Just look at Lancelot du Lac when Arthur wants to kill Lancelot for making a move on Gwen, disregarding that this is a knight who sacrifices his own life so that Arthur’ll live. Or the Purge, which is Uther being unable to face his own guilt and lashing out on magic instead. Pendragons don’t keep their head cool and think what would be right to do as leaders; they indulge in their anger, and the outcomes can be catastrophic. So yeah, Evan taunts him but as a king who can decide the life and death of his subjects, Arthur is supposed to reign his temper in and judge the guilty. But he immediately tries to kill the man to satisfy his anger when his capability is questioned. It’s unjust and self-centred. I do think the judgment is unfair because all Camelot are doomed because of Arthur’s moment of weakness, but Arthur’s reaction to the thief foretells both his goodness and his drawbacks as a future king.

  • onerepublic1001

    For those that are Doctor Who fans, Matt Smith will be leaving the show during the Christmas Special 2013. He will be replaced by another person. Imagine this, Colin Morgan becoming the twelfth Doctor on the show. Wouldn’t that be awesome. Don’t you see the parallel. Merlin reborn.

  • Impatient…

    When’s the next podcast coming out??? I can’t wait this long!!!

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