Posted on 11:14 am,
October 9, 2012

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The sixth episode of Hypable’s Once Upon a Time podcast, Onceable, is here! The hosts discuss episode 2, We Are Both, in detail with in depth discussion about characters, plot points and predictions.

Also don’t forget to check out our poll about who will be the villain this season.

– Recap of the ep
– Initial reaction
– Favorite lines/fairy tale tie ins
– Dr. Whale “Are the nuns still nuns, or are they free to date…?”

– Regina “I will not take childcare lessons from a man who put his daughter into a box and shipped her to Maine.”

– Regina “Don’t fight it, honey, or you’ll get a splinter.”

– Grumpy “If it did would I have come in yelling terrible news?”

– Rumple “it appears when I bought that closed sign I was just throwing my money away”

Episode Discussion

– Testing the boundaries Storybrooke
– Regina’s backstory (Cora through the Looking Glass, Cora keeping Regina prisoner, )
– Regina in Storybrooke (uses magic, claims Henry, tries to lure Henry with magic, releases Henry to Charming)
– reference to the wicked witch of the west
– Charming managing the towns people
– Jefferson’s role
– Mr. Gold’s pact with Charming
– Mr. Gold being unable to leave Stroybrooke which was clearly his plan (maps,etc)
– AUGUST where did he go? is he still wooden?
– Mulan and Aurora treat Snow and Emma like prisoners
– The refugee camp who else could be there
– Snow and Emma meet Cora what could this possibly mean

Next Episode
–  Lady of the Lake
– Mulan, Aurora and Lancelot will aid Emma and Snow in their quest to get back to Storybrooke
– arrival of Captain Hook
– Henry tries to convince Jefferson to help Charming
– flashbacks highlight Snow and Charming love story including Snow being poisoned and Charming seeking the alsy of the Lake
– Predictions

Listener Feedback

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We hope you enjoy this episode! Just to let you all know, we will be releasing weekly episodes now that the show has returned. Feel free to suggest things for us to discuss or share your theories in the comments, via email or on Twitter @OnceUponNews!

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This episode's hosts: Jen Lamoureux, Laura Byrne-Cristiano, Jessica Chapman, and Karen Rought

  • Brittany

    It’s not showing up in my itunes when I hit refresh :( I want my onceable…

    • sapph13

      I’m having the same problem with the itunes feed

      • Jen_Lamoureux

        I will look into it right now!

      • Jen_Lamoureux

        Ok iit should be fixed now although it make a few minutes to adjust.

        • sapph13

          Yes, it’s fixed. Thanks for the quick response. Can’t wait to listen.

  • Zach Natre

    While I did post this on the previous episode’s comment section, it occurred to me that the likelihood of anyone reading it there was slim enough that I should probably post it here as well.

    I just spent the last few hours listening to all 5
    episodes of your podcast to catch up to today’s episode. In the third episode you wondered where Regina got her magic, and talked about why you thought she
    hated Jefferson so much. That got me thinking, and this is what I came
    up with.

    To get magic, Regina
    made a deal with Rumplestilskin, for her firstborn son. She never thought that she would love again
    (after her mother killed her true love), so she thought that he would never be
    able to collect. But then she met the
    King and married him. Suppose she
    birthed a son and Rumple came for it. Obviously
    she would refuse to give him up and Rumple, not wanting to make a scene,
    decides to get the child in a sneakier way. He sends Jefferson with his “specific skill
    set” to capture the child and take it away to a place Regina can never go. NEVERLAND.
    son becomes Peter Pan. Regina
    now loathes Jefferson and Rumple. This loss of her son is the main reason she
    wanted Henry, to be a replacement for the one she lost, and is also why she is
    so protective of him, and why she hates Emma for trying to take him away. This also explains Jefferson’s punishment: if
    she must know that her child is alive, but she can never see him, Jefferson must also know that his child is alive but will
    never see him.

  • Neverland_Darling

    (I’ve already written in an e-mail to the website so this commment will repeat a few things) I am so excited for this season and all the Peter Pan elements they are bringing in. I grew up on everything Peter Pan from the J.M. Barrie tales to the movies to the stage show, you name it. I am really looking forward to see if they bring in any other characters from Peter Pan, other than Hook or Smee. It would be awesome to have Peter, the Darling siblings, Tigerlily, the Lost Boys, and the mermaids of Neverland in the show, which would be cool way to bring in the Little Mermaid. While I do LOVE the theory that Hook is the grown up Peter Pan, I have a theory of my own that DR. WHALE (DUN DUN DUH!) is the grown up Peter.
    Examples: 1. David is not his prince because Peter lives in Neverland. 2. His reveal episode comes after the “The Crocodile” Captain Hook’s episode so that could work to tie in. 3. “inflated sense of self, classic ‘god complex,'” and that he “frames himself as victor in all conflicts,” – Peter Pan is cocky and boastful, flying needlessly into conflicts with Hook or putting himself in danger. He always makes it out that he beats Hook in battle. I feel that in some way, that is a lot like Dr. Whale 4. He is a doctor because he doesn’t want people to die like Peter Pan never wants to grow old and die. 5. J.M. Barrie also gave the rights for Peter Pan to a hospital. 6. “Sparks will fly” could refer to Peter Pan flying and fairy dust. 7. Dr. Whale is refernce to the Scottish whaling tradition (J.M. Barrie is Scottish) – this one I made up, probably is way out there. Maybe the name has nothing to do with the character since David Nolan does not equal Prince Charming.
    Another theory of mine is that Dr. Whale is either Michael or John Darling.
    Oh and I think that Emma’s fairy tale is “The Ugly Duckling” because the creators or writers or whoever, have gone on record saying that is the reason why her last name is Swan.

    • RabbitRabbit

      that was my theory as well! Glad to see I’m not the only one

      • Neverland_Darling

        I’m so glad I’m not alone! I also think it’d be cool if he was one of the Lost Boys (perferably Curly or Tootles, hahaha!)

        • RabbitRabbit

          I don’t remember the Lost Boys by name (in my defense it was one of 14 books I had to read for my Child.Lit course) :S.
          But I don’t remember any of the Lost Boys exibiting features that Archie noted about Whale ( I remember them as ‘followers’. Please correct me if I’m wrong and/or digress on Curly and Tootles.

          • Neverland_Darling

            I just thought it’d be funny if he was a Lost Boy so I could just call him Dr. Tootles!

        • RabbitRabbit

          oh also, I doubt the Lost Boys would be too angry at Regina for making them grow up, because at the end of the original Peter Pan they do in fact choose to leave Neverland and grow up and ultimately forgot about Neverland.

          • Neverland_Darling

            Oh my goodness! That is soo true! i can’t believe that didn’t cross my mind :D But, I do feel if that was the case (Dr. Whale being a Lost Boy) the writers could come up with a unique way to have him remember Neverland. Whatever…I just want his identitiy to be revealed already!

    • Jenny Leigh

      I thought of it too about Whale! I would love to see him as Peter Pan.
      But theorizing Emma’s last name, could she also be the Swan Princess?

      • Neverland_Darling

        OOOoooOooo! That’d be cool! I’m not too familiar with Swan Princess but, that’d probably be my other guess. The only reason I said Ugly Duckling is because that’s why the creators named her Swan.

        • Jenny Leigh

          That’s a brilliant idea, though (The Ugly Duckling).

  • Kate

    Great podcast!

    I have one little disagreement. I don’t think even young Regina was “pure”. She was fantasizing choking young Snow White to death, in one of the most disturbing scenes I think this show has done so far.

    • Neverland_Darling

      Well, to be fair that was after Cora killed Daniel. That was when Regina was becoming bitter and turning evil.

  • Sarah

    In the official Once Upon A Time podcast, the writers said that Mr. Gold had his own memories separate from Rumplestiltskin up until Emma came into town and he heard her say her name. Which sort of makes sense considering how adamant he was when he demanded her name from Snow in the first place. That it was going to be a sort of trigger for him in this new world. It was also mentioned last season that Mr. Gold was the one who got Henry for Regina and brought him to her. I wonder why it was he was allowed to leave Storybrooke and how he was able find Henry without his memories.

    Oh, and it’s been assumed that the reason why Rumplestiltskin was so upset about not being able to leave town is because he’s spent ALL THIS TIME preparing for this curse and seeing that it gets broken so that he would be able to be free in this world to find Bae only to find out that if he steps across that line he probably won’t even remember he ever had a son. He just so happens to have a potion handy that can help someone find someone else using something that belongs to them. We know that Rumplestiltskin kept Bae’s things because Belle mentioned finding his clothes in Skin Deep. (And this is slightly off topic but Jane Espenson tweeted that the box that either Regina or Charming tried to open was full of Belle’s stuff to take on this trip to find Bae.)

    Also, I LOVED your comment about how everything in relation to magic in Storybrooke seems to be downwards. I stopped in my tracks when I heard that because my automatic reaction was “Underground? Labyrinth?” That could tie in really well with all the comments and theories going around involving fairies/fae and the crackish theory that Dr. Whale is Oberon.

    • RabbitRabbit

      I didn’t know that Rumple’s purpose of creating the curse was ever in question…

      • Sarah

        Considering it’s never been said outright people still call it a mystery.

        • RabbitRabbit

          I appreciated the show as being one that didn’t give the answers straight up, and answered though direction and acting.
          I commented this on a post-episode newspost, and all the points lead to your conclusion. (and I totally didn’t catch that rumple had Bea’s clothes!)

          I thought it was pretty clear that the reason rumple made the curse
          (remember when regina asked him why he made the curse and he said it’s
          for him to know and for her to find out) was to go get his son.
          that the curse is broken he thought he can finally go find his son (he
          couldn’t leave before it was broken because he knew that if he tried
          “something horrible will happen”, i.e his car will go off the road etc).
          That’s why he was packing maps of different cities/states into his bag
          when Charming walked in, and why he was so mad when he found out he
          couldnt leave Storybrooke. If he left he would lose all his memories of
          Bea, which was the initial reason why he created the curse.

  • Neverland_Darling

    OooooOoOOO!! Another possibility of Dr. Whale’s identity! Georgie Porgie!

  • Capitana

    As someone who’s more interested in the storylines of the strong female characters in OUAT I have accepted that I’ll never be your target audience. It takes all of five minutes for you to cover the *very* prominent Regina storyline.
    Ruby (really badassy and the who helps David “being in charge”) doesn’t even get a mention! (or perhaps a short one that I missed, by that time I was shouting at my iPod…)
    It’s ok by me – you like to talk about the hot guys on the show, no, sorry, the important storylines of the male characters, some of whom were in the episode for – literally – the blink of an eye.
    There are nine – soon to be ten – other OUAT podcasts to choose from so I will do that in future.
    But PLEASE, ladies, give Lana Parrilla the respect she deserves and at least learn how to pronounce her name correctly!!

    • Jenny Leigh

      I feel like they don’t talk about “hot guys” all the time, but maybe I zone out in those parts. I really like their theories a lot!
      I do agree with you on the name pronouncing. Though I love Hypable podcasts, they sometimes tend to get their info wrong/pronounce thing incorrectly sometimes/don’t know basic plot lines. I think an example would be in this episode where they talked about Snow’s coffin “maybe being in the background” of the last episode, but I clearly remember Emma running into it before seeing the dragon. Little things like that.

  • RabbitRabbit

    why didn’t you address what rumple meant when said he was seeing Regina Again? that he was with her when she was a child/baby. First theory i had was that she was rumple’s daughter, but seeing his relationship with and love for Bea that obviously couldn’t be true.

  • Jackijd

    Great episode

  • sammylovegood

    where is episode 7??!!

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