Posted on 3:04 pm,
March 25, 2013

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The new episode of Onceable, Hypable’s Once Upon a Time podcast, is here! This week Jess, Karen, and Jen join together to discuss episode 2×17 of the show, “Welcome to Storybrooke.”

Show Notes:
-Owen and Kurt Flynn the campers
-Owen the reason Regina got Henry?
-Regina testing out the power of the curse
-does Graham know that others shouldn’t be in Storybrooke?
-was the curse meant to be like Groundhog’s day?
-Owen and Regina connect over mommy issues
-Regina goes a little crazy and controls Graham by speaking to his heart
-Regina tries to keep Owen and his father in town Owen runs away is probably Greg (confirmed as Greg)
-Owen returns with police but is unable to find Storybrooke
-Regina knows that Rumple killed Cora to save himself but she s most angry with Mary Margaret
-Regina’s desire for vengeance
– Gold tries to warn Charming who says he owes Snow a debt
-The curse of the empty hearted gets Regina everything she wants
– Henry taking a stance against magic and pulling one over on Neal
‘You fell for that, he’s your son!’
-Henry runs into Greg in the woods and Greg takes a picture of the tag on his backpack he calls Regina
-Henry’s plea to get rid of Magic and even though Regina destroys the curse he runs to Emma
-Why doesn’t Neal offer to help him he hates magic just as much
-Mary Margaret offers herself to Regina who rips out her heart to see that it is darkened
-Suicidal Snow? Why didn’t Cora’s heart look darkened or BLACK?

Next Episode: “Selfless, Brave and True”

What did you think of Snow in this episode? What about Neal trying to be a dad to Henry?

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This episode's hosts: Jen Lamoureux, Jess Chapman, Karen Rought

  • Stiina Sild

    Why were Snow heart black? Maybe because she used a spell a very black spell to kill Cora.

  • Martrel A. Howard

    The black spot in the heart… Theres a moment when we as people lose our innocence and how we lose it shapes us from then on.. Snow lost her onnocence when her mother died after that she took the lessons of purity and niceness etc to heart and that shaped her character. Because she aided Rumple in “killing” Cora a blackness leeched into her heart, She’s not evil but now shes suceptible to doing vengeful/hateful/bad things Regina lost her innocence when Cora killed Daniel.. her pain shaped her to become angry, bitter,, hateful and “evil”.Id say Regina’s heart became blackened but her love for henry is keeping it from being totally black Cora was always surly but she took out her own heart before she could actually do a “great vengeful, hateful” deed thats why her heart isn blackened. Its not attached to her so the evil/blackness couldnt touch her heart. im sure if regina took her mother’s heart out after she died it would be the purest black

  • Zoe

    I think (about the darkness in the heart) that since killing Cora was so not a Snow White thing to do, and it was so against her values, that it created a blackness. While Rumple and Cora and Regina wouldn’t have a blackness in their hearts because they are totally fine with killing people, so it isn’t affecting their values and their hearts… aren’t pure, exactly, but aren’t corrupted by a different force. Though, if that were the case, then Regina’s heart would still be black because she totally changed from when she was younger.

  • Joan

    I think another reason why Regina quickly obssessed with Owen was because of her MASSIVE MOMMY ISSUES! LOL Also, do you guys think Gold REALLY didn’t know about the curse? ‘Cause my impression is that he was faking it. I mean, we know that Gold didn’t as much hint of his knowledge until Season 1, after Emma arrived… under Regina’s apple tree (if memory doesn’t fail me) BUT I definitely think he knew all along. He crafted he curse after all.

  • Brandy

    Okay, I feel like I might be missing something because I’m the only one who buys into this theory that I’ve seen so please correct me if I’m off with something, but I think there might be a tie with Owen and Nemo from Finding Nemo. If you flip the name Owen around you get Newo which is close I suppose, for one. But you also have the separation from a boy and his father (and a lot of emphasis on Owen finding his father again), the father is widowed, and their car is all orange with a white stripe. Not sure how significant it all it, but would like to get it out there anyhow. :)

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