Posted on 3:57 pm,
July 16, 2014

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Join Natalie and Karen as they discuss the twists and turns of Teen Wolf season 4 episode 4, “The Benefactor.”

Featured Song: “Hell Yeah!” by Tiësto and Showtek

– For our favorite quotes, we examine two very different sides of Stiles’s nogitsune experience.
– A general shout-out to the return of Derek’s hilarious personality this episode.
– Also, he’s Batman to Sheriff’s Gordon, apparently. Has even Stilinski given up on Deaton’s usefulness?
– Do werewolves report normal crimes to the police?
– Scott is handling the Liam situation so badly. We’re kind of surprised.
– But we also kind of love it.
– Peter got an axe to the chest – were we worried he was a goner?
– You may have seen our lovely exclusive set pictures showing off bloody Peter.
– We’re curious about the Mute’s personality. Shame he’s… you know.. dead.
– Bondage aside, Stiles and Malia have a strange but solid partnership.
– Kira and Lydia seem to be growing as friends – is this difficult for Lydia?
– We are introduced to the lakehouse, where the pack’s been hanging out on full moons recently.
– Scott, using Derek’s tactic towards the newly Bitten is the worst possible idea. How are you so bad at this? Did we take this seriously in Teen Wolf season 1?
– Kira’s failed vixen is adorable. Will Liam harbor any sort of crush in future?
– Is Derek getting too close to Peter? They’re a pretty solid unit – does Derek trust him?
– Liam’s anger issues are.. quite intense. The message on his teacher’s car seems important.
– Is Liam headed in the direction we expected?
– Scott’s really not pulling out any Alpha powers to get Liam under control. Why?
– Parrish is going to know something is up pretty soon – if he doesn’t already. Also, he’s not allowed to die.
– Is there room for Deputy Derek on the Beacon Hills Police Force?
– Lydia’s attitude towards hosting parties has definitely changed.
– There’s a few big surprises here – Garrett and Violet, the beer delivery werewolf, what?
– Lydia’s grandma had a soundproof listening room? Is this a banshee thing?
– We see Malia’s transformed face for the first time – we kinda like it.
– Peter sure did some violent killing this episode. He seemed pretty caught up in it. Hmm.
– Chris Argent’s back! While finding himself in Europe, he also found a beard!
– No but really, he’s changed so much and is utterly supportive of Scott. How lovely.
– Who is the Benefactor? Why is the password for the Benefactor’s code “Allison?” Is this as obvious as it seems? What the hell is going on?
– The Dead Pool – who’s the lady worth 500 (points? dollars? huh?) – even True Alpha Scott is only 250.
– Karen borrows a moment from the Wolfsbane Convention for this week’s Non Sequitur – we’re talking favorite and least favorite words.
– Next week might be a bit of an odd episode because Karen will be off gallivanting at Comic Con!

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This episode's hosts: Natalie and Karen

  • Cassandra

    I felt so sorry for the beer delivery werewolf!

  • Sandra

    i really enjoyed your discussions in this episode and agree with almost everything you said but i was hoping to have more discussions about the newbies because i wanted to know what you guys thought of them especially Violet and Garrett who were shocking really.
    i’m terrified/ impressed by the way Violet decapitated that man and then returned to the party unphased. this brings up a few questions

    a) how long has she been doing this?
    b) how do they know about the supernatural world?
    c) who trained them? we didn’t see Garrett carry out any killings and in the previews its violet again but the benefactor text him so the question this raises questions about their partnership.

    i heard that part of their back story is that they are orphans which is… interesting… but yeah i would like to hear what you thought of them next episode please

  • ChristineCannon

    Ugh I finally caught up on Teen Wolf, I was like 3 weeks behind which in Teen Wolf years equates to 73 years. It’s been a sad sad time.

    I haven’t had a chance to say my feelings on Malia but I’m pretty much obsessed with her. I’m the type of person who once I get a couple in my head I can very very very rarely change my mind or accept anyone else. Caitlin, Cora and Derek never had a chance in my mind. For me it has always been Stydia forever and ever.

    But Malia has completely found her way into my heart. She’s just hilarious and while I’ll never give up on Stydia I’m a big fan of this pairing.

    I was thinking about what it would happen if Malia and Stilesever break up. She is just SO loyal to him that I think it would be an interesting dynamic to see them broken up (not that I want them to breakup). It could be a case of her completely turning on him and the pack which is something we haven’t really seen with the couples. All of the past breakups have been very cordial for the most part. Lydia and Jackson weren’t the best breakup but it still wasn’t THAT dramatic in my eyes.

    Sidenote: Did anyone think Malia’s coyote makeup was reminiscent of the vampire makeup on Buffy?

    Okay so for the whole Lydia/Mason scene in the banshee I thought their voices were purposely muted and this was some sort of bansheething happening for Lydia. I was like “THIS IS SO COOL!” and I had no clue it was a glitch until I listened to podcast. I had been avoiding Twitter/spoilers so it never even crossed my mind it wasn’t planned.

    I sort of liked it better without the voices though…

    Okay, sorry for how long this is and if I repeated something you’ve talked about already – haven’t had a chance to catch up on all the podcasts yet.

  • Sdoodledeedoo

    That is exactly what it is about Stiles and Maila! All season I’ve had a hard time putting my finger on what it is about them that I love so much (and really the conclusion that I’ve come to is that I like a lot about them), but that’s exactly what it is! It’s like they’ve been together for a long time, the longest time, and they just function like it’s never been any other way. I really, really like them. And I really LOVED the basement scene. The shared guilt they have is just another dynamic about their relationship that makes it so freaking interesting. How do they deal with it, they both have this huge overwhelming guilt about what they’ve done in the past, one that nobody else could even begin to understand. And seeing Stiles finally open up about the Nogitsune stuff with Malia, that was incredible and moving and Dylan and Shelley just nailed that scene and, I’m not gonna lie, there were some tears on my end.

    And on to the question of why Malia is so attached to Stiles…so many good thoughts. I feel like, since turning back to human, Stiles the first person that made her feel…safe? How do I say this…? She was self sufficient, kill or be killed in the woods…so turning back to a human was probably the most terrifying thing for her to deal with. THIS is the world she doesn’t know. She doesn’t know her father any more (and if she’s living there…which…where is she living?) I feel like they don’t really probably have a relationship. But Stiles DOES feel like home to her. Stiles made her warm when she was cold, Stiles looked at her in a way that reminded her of what it might feel like to be loved/cared about…if she could just remember that. After being alone for so long, all of the sudden Stiles is kind of like family. And I can see that starting with Scott too, and maybe Kira a bit…and I hope by the end of the season it’s a whole pack thing. But yeah, Stiles is bring all these things to her life that she probably had no idea how much she actually even needed or missed? Stiles is home. I don’t know how to express what I’m thinking but they make so much sense to me. She’s his protector and he’s her home and what they’ve done and been through, nobody else can understand that…I GET it. And I love them, and I love her more every week and she’s quickly become one of my favorite things about the show. And YES on her hair and clothes! Every week I think they both get worse and I never want her to brush her hair! I want to know who buys her her clothes! Does she let her dad go shopping for her? Does she take clothes from her mom’s closet because obviously her dad is kind of out of it and probably never got rid of stuff? Did she find it at a thrift store? I mean, WHO IS DRESSING HER? It’s so perfect! I love her too.

    I was TOTALLY thrown by the teenager assassins in this episode. DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. And Violet literally just threw that necklace back on, burned crusty skin and blood and all. That’s pretty hard core.
    I don’t know if the show could or would go there, but I can see Lydia and Mason really being friends. Maybe that’ll never happen because of the age difference, but I think it could be really cool (I like him…he might be my favorite of the new freshman kids).

    Also, why are werewolves/werecoyotes so sweaty!?!

    Another great episode ladies! THANK YOU! :-)

  • Matt

    A Deadpool is a common term, and is the same meaning as used in the Comic of the same name. Its not a hit list, its odd’s on who will be next to die. Some websites have celebrity deadpools for example. People in the Deadpool are given odd’s on who is next to die. it explains why Derek and Scott’s odds were larger than say Lydia and Kira’s odds because Derek would be harder to kill than say Lydia so Derek pays out more money. The odd’s can change over time based on circumstances and who dies in what order.

  • House of Black

    New podcast soon??? Or is the site redesign frelling this up? Please don’t do a WhoHype thing and just vanish randomly forever with no explanation.

    • Laura Jones

      Maybe they couldn’t do the last ep as it was comic con? They might rehash both eps in the next podcast

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