Posted on 3:43 am,
July 2, 2014

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Natalie and Karen are back to discuss Teen Wolf season 4, episode 2, titled, “117.”

Featured Song: “We Are Young” by Fun.

-What did we think of this episode?
-Natalie has a lot of feelings about Deaton’s lack of abilities.
-Peter is a drama queen.
-Also, he’s super manipulative.
-Does the triskelion mean something more than what was shown in this episode?
-Nat thinks the gas station owner looks like Tony Abbott and didn’t feel bad that he died.
-Why did Lydia decide to stay with Derek?
-Do we care about Agent McCall?
-We love Malia so much.
-Will the scratches have more of a significance later on?
-Is there an explanation for why Malia isn’t completely screwed up?
-Derek visits his torn down house and it gives us feelings.
-That scene in the police station with Sheriff Stilinski was amazing.
-Why did Scott lie to Derek about his family?
-Young Derek is so sassy.
-We love how they show Lydia’s powers working.
-What does Peter think about Malia now that they’ve met?
-We really need to know how old the werewolves are.
-Karen forgets to talk about the dinner scene with Agent McCall, but Nat reels her in.
-We’re SO GLAD this show is funny again.
-How long have the Hales been in Beacon Hills?
-The Berzerkers are so cool!
-We talk about the thing that no one wants to talk about.
-Was there supposed to be a parallel between Allison’s death and Kira fighting the Berzerkers?
-Nat’s quitting the show, btw.
-Will Malia be turned into a Berzerker?
-How did Derek turn back into his older self?
-We tell another set story involving Tyler Hoechlin.
-Who’s the guy with the shoes?
-Why are Derek’s eyes yellow? We…have no idea.
-Why was teenaged Derek in Mexico so often?
-Could Allison’s death be Kate’s anchor?

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This episode's hosts: Natalie and Karen

  • Anna F.

    You guys are joking about Natalie quitting the show right? I’d be too sad LOL XD

  • Kayla

    You guys really jumped around, and focused on the parts of things that didn’t need extra attention, b/c then you wound actually not discussing everything. Not that most recaps discuss everything, but you guys usually do a better job of being organized and giving attention to at least every aspect of what you’re going to discuss, instead of glossing over everything that didn’t make you laugh.

  • Me

    Spoiler Alert for Avatar: The Last Airbender (I know Rewatchable is doing that next and I don’t want to potentially spoil Karen or anyone else)

    Derek needs to go on a life changing journey and find a new anchor like Zuko in Book 3 had to find a new source for fire bending besides anger. Basically, Derek = Zuko.

  • Sdoodledeedoo

    There was so much going on in this episode…and I have no idea why Derek’s eyes are yellow now! Is he Scott’s beta? But wouldn’t his eyes still be blue because…Paige? Did his time jump erase the Paige thing? WILL HE AGE SUPER RAPIDLY NOW (that’s my fear!) Also, Derek won a fight!

    I’m still loving Malia so much. She’s already not here for Peter so I can’t imagine how she’s going to react when she DOES find out he’s her father. I’m thinking she ain’t gonna be too thrilled. AND HAVE WE REALLY SEEN MALIA GET MAD? That could be scary! Also, they placed so much emphasis on her Berserker cuts, I’m scared. I’m sure there is going to be some kind of consequence so…I LOVE HER SO MUCH, PLEASE DON’T HURT HER TOO BADLY TEEN WOLF. ALSO, I’m with you girls…I loved seeing her assertiveness in this episode. Especially her already jumping in to protect Scott, her Alpha. I LOVED THAT. I have such a deep need for a Scott/Malia pack sibling relationship. Am I alone?

    I also noticed the split second of sympathy towards Malia when Peter first met her, but then I was all confused when he just up and ran away from her and Scott as they were facing off against the Berskerkers! STRAIGHT UP LEFT HIS ONLY CHILD WITH A MONSTER. I have no idea how this father daughter thing is going to play out!

    Another great episode ladies. Thanks so much for doing this every week. I always look forward to listening!

  • Julie

    Yeah, totally refreshing to see a female being sexually agressive against one of our main characters who seems not really happy with it… totally refreshing and healthy…

    • Grey Wolf

      *roles eyes* how do you even….?

  • House of Black

    This week’s TW had problems for me. I agree with the points the podcast brought up and here’s a few more.
    I don’t mind some “hand-waving” to get past implausibilities, but driving up from Mexico with a comatose kid who doesn’t match his passport picture (assuming passport was in his pocket) was a biggie. Where is Beacon Hills anyway – how long does it take to get there from Mexico?
    The psycho deputy was too much. Using that kind of violence would get him fired. But then, as the podcast noted, Eichen House also employs the psychotic. Beacon Hills is evidently a town where such outcasts can find gainful employment.
    Your podcast noted that Young Derek oddly accepted Kate’s aging, but I figure Agent McCall had explained that the Hale house burned down years earlier, so Derek would then accept her new age lines, though maybe was sorry to see them! :)
    I didn’t like the fight scene with the Berserkers, Scott, Malia, and Kira each went up against them, then were content to lie down and watch the fight without even struggling to get back up.
    What’s with the bare midriffs on the Berserkers? Do they assume their abs of steel will intimidate opponents? Maybe it worked and that’s why the kids just gave up!
    I think the writers had an off day with this episode, but I know they can bring it, so I look forward to next week.
    P.S. I think we should refer to the shoe guy as Mr. Shoes

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