Posted on 5:56 am,
June 3, 2014

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Karen, Courtney, Donya, and guest host Danielle come to you live from Indy PopCon, where they discuss the humans of Teen Wolf.

Featured Song: “Human” by Christina Perri

-We have a live audience at our PopCon podcast!
-It’s okay if they’ve never listened to us before because Teen Wolf fans!
-We welcome Hypable staff member Danielle on as a guest host.
-She just finished the series in honor of attending the con with us.
-But our real purpose here is to talk about the humans of Teen Wolf.
-Because Keahu Kahuanui is in attendance, we decide to start with Danny.
-He’s got skills, man.
-We hope he has more interactions with the characters now that we know he knows what’s going on in Beacon Hills.
-Next up is Allison, RIP.
-We miss her a lot, so we honor her memory by talking about her own special skills.
-We love how she’s such a strong female character.
-Speaking of strong female characters, Mama McCall is pretty awesome, too.
-She’s the healer of the group, even if she can’t always fix supernatural wounds.
-And since we’re talking about Mama McCall, let’s talk about Sheriff Stilinski.
-He’s another great adult character.
-We compare how they reacted to finding out about the supernatural.
-We’re interested to see how far he’ll dig back into his old cases.
-We wrap up with talk about Stiles.
-He’s the researcher, the one with all the answers.
-It’ll be interesting to see how he reacts to having been possessed by a supernatural entity.
-We pick which human character we’re most excited too see more of in season 4.

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This episode's hosts: Karen, Courtney, Donya, and guest Danielle

  • Willow62442

    Are we going to get another episode before the season stars about the mythology in this season? I really loved the episode you did on the kitsune last season, cant wait for the next episode!

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