Posted on 9:53 pm,
March 26, 2014

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Karen and Natalie are joined by our competition-winning listener Madison to recap the Teen Wolf season 3 finale, “The Divine Move.”

Featured Song: “Bad Moon Rising” by Mourning Ritual

– We introduce the winner of our guest listener competition, Madison Aucoin! Her entry was Choice #1 on the anonymous voting form.
– Madison can be reached on Tumblr and Twitter. She also runs the I’m Derek Hale And My Family Is Dead blog.
– Madison may be overestimating our general competence and esteem, but we are glad to have her!
– In our quotes section, we talk about Chris’s compartmentalization, the Sheriff’s giant gun, and the Danny situation.
– We feel it’s best to get our glee and joy about Danny’s reveal out of the way early on. Some of us had exuberant physical reactions.
– Stiles with the Yukimura family – so do they want to save him now, or were you expecting poison tea?
– Stiles has pretty much given up any idea of surviving – is this understandable?
– Chris’s scene with Isaac shows some pretty important development – we think there is a strong place for him in season 4.
– Derek’s “president of the Scott McCall fanclub” speech – awww, we are almost embarrassed for him. When did this Scott-worship begin? Did Derek undertake a vision quest?
– Was Deaton helpful in this episode? Why do you have to drag information out of him? Shouldn’t he just offer it up?
– A discussion about Talia and Deaton leads to some theories about ceremonial druid sexual rituals. Sorry.
– That Bad Moon Rising scene though. Like. Whoa.
– A follow up email? Really? Really??
– Deputy Parrish seems pretty chill about fighting ninjas.
– Our thoughts about Parrish are really deep.
– The silver bullet/arrowhead reveal – or silver as a poison for the Oni – why was this choice made?
– We were very much not expecting the Narnia room.
– Were you counting Oni manically too? Did you know it was a hallucination?
– Would we have wanted longer with Void Stiles? In reality it’s only been a few days – we have a slight tangent about the show’s timeline and how it can be a blessing and a curse. If canon is correct, Scott hasn’t even been a werewolf for a full calendar year!
– Thanks so much for making us research seppuku, Teen Wolf. That was real nice.
– We try to puzzle out the situation with the Bite – was the nogitsune’s body even real? Oh well, it worked, so no use questioning it now, really…
– Is there any lingering romance between Scott’s parents?
– Aiden has died, and we took it pretty badly. You can’t kill one twin, ever! It’s the cruelest thing!
– We talk a bit about the Kate and Peter dynamic – who’s more evil, on a scale of one to ten? Also, there’s a rumor that Kate is Malia’s mother, and the removal of her led to Kate’s vengeance against the Hales? Arrgggh.
– Malia’s going to be around more – we talk about her appearance at the end of the episode and how this character may act and interact with the pack next season. We’re still sort of confused that she’s not evil?
– Kate’s also back, and she probably is evil.
– Like, what even was that final scene? Why is Stiles Derek’s dream guru? Why is Kate a blue-faced Avatar reject?
– Seriously though, she’s probably a were-jaguar? What is happening?
– What are Kate and Gerard going to make of each other?
– Madison blows our minds with a theory about Allison’s vision of Kate earlier this season.
– Next season the pack will rescue Derek from Mexico – will this be the whole season’s arc, or just a few episodes? This season they kind of tricked us.
– In season 4 we request a proper sit-down pack meeting, please. Also a road trip.
– We hand over the Non Sequitur reins to Madison this week – she has a question for us!
– We discuss our plans for the hiatus – we have BiteCon coming up, plans for some Bite Sized episodes, and we also want to compile a list of fan questions for any future possible cast interviews!
– Thanks to Madison and thanks to y’all for sticking with us!

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This episode's hosts: Natalie Fisher, Karen Rought and Madison Aucoin

  • Jeremy

    I am so curious about Kate now. She is the only character that we have seen have a funeral. I actually don’t think she was ever buried and I really think Gerard was involved. With him not being dead I know he is up to something.

    Great episode Ladies and Cant wait for Season 4 :D

  • Teen_Wolf_Addict

    Hi Ladies,

    What you said about Parish was interesting. If they did do vampires I think this show would do it in an interesting way. I watch Grimm and in a previous episode (S3 ep 14 Mommy Dearest) they had a Filipino mythological creature called an Aswang. Mother-in-law fed on the first child of the oldest son. It was a super creepy episode and it was great to have unfamiliar mythology. Or perhaps he is some sort of avenging spirit like El Cucuy (S3 ep 5) a Latin American creature who responds to the cries of people who have been wronged.

    With regards to Kate I don’t understand how she has come back as a Balam (again Grimm did a similar creature La Llorona S2 ep 5).
    Like the population of Sunnydale he knew! It made me laugh in my flat. I don’t think he will be involved with the main group but there will be some fun knowing looks in the locker room if the twin actually tells Scot before he leaves town.
    Anyway enough of my ramblings.

  • Juliana

    Ok so first of all about Parish, was I the only one expecting him to do something supernaturalish when the Oni were attacking them? Like, I feel Parish might not know if he’s a supernatural being or not, kind of like Lydia, and that at that moment when the Oni were on top of him he would somehow activate a subconscious supernatural ability in order to protect himself. But when nothing happened I was even more suspicious about what he might actually be, or if he’s anything at all. It’s just the whole “I was drawn here” thing was too on the nose for Parish not to be something!
    Also, I just read the new article about how Lydia, Kira and Malia will become more of a girl power trio and that makes me kind of a little bit more excited to see Malia’s development. I know a lot of people are quite iffy about her character but I feel like although there’s not really a lot of reasons to like her yet, there’s also not enough reasons to hate her either. We just have not seen enough of her to truly make out her character, so I’m hopeful that they won’t screw it up. I did see the Lydia/Malia kind of friendship developing, not because of that last glance between them, but because I felt like Lydia would be approaching Malia to try to keep an eye out for her. After all, Lydia is the only one who knows Malia is Peter’s daughter right now and I feel like she might feel some guilt from giving up her name to Peter and putting her under his radar. Lydia more than anyone knows what a creepy, manipulative bastard Peter is and I think Lydia might feel responsible for trying to keep Malia from falling under Peter’s influence.
    The only thing I do have to admit I don’t like that much is the Stiles/Malia thing they are doing. Hear me out though, I don’t hate the idea of them developing a relationship, I’m not particularly enthusiastic about it, but I don’t hate it. What I hate about the whole thing is that even though they knew they would be bringing Malia back, they didn’t held off on developing their relationship in a more natural progression, but instead they decided it was somehow a great idea to give us that incredibly weird, out of the blue scene with the two of them in that basement? Just why? that thing made no sense! they’d know each other for like a day, Malia had just hit Stiles like a few hours ago, and Stiles had just apparently told her he was possessed by an evil spirit (as Malia did ask if that was the Nogitsune when they discovered the body behind the wall). And yet it seemed like a great idea that they would allegedly hook up right there in that nasty ass basement just out of the blue?! It was ridiculous and no one thought that through. Had anyone done so, they would have left it at some interested glances between them, or even maybe a kiss, and then they would have worked at developing the relationship more naturally as they spent more time together and at least got to know each other better. It just would have worked SO much better in terms of both character and story development instead of giving us that weird ass scene that I firmly believe only helped to negatively predisposed people to their relationship. There wasn’t ANY rush! Why didn’t they just wait! That’s really all they would’ve had to do, especially since we don’t even really ACTUALLY know if they went all the way or not because that scene was not only awfully random but also terribly ambiguous.
    The last thing I would say about the finale is that I also was hoping they would address the whole “open door in their minds” thing. I think that is one of the biggest plot holes of the season. I almost feel like they filmed the first two episodes with an entire different idea of where this season was going, and then for who knows what reason they decided to go in a almost completely different direction for the rest of the season. The problem is not so much that they didn’t resolve this issue, because they could have establish it to be like a long running problem they would have, but the fact that they just completely dropped it! they didn’t even mention it ever again! they just dropped the ball completely on that one, and I REALLY hope they will work at trying to address all those things that were just left without any explanation.

    • Zeo

      See, I think most people in the fandom missed when the open door in their mind thing was resolved. It was the episode where they saved Malia way back in episode 2 of 3b. Scott closed his door when he was finally able to shift into the Alpha despite his reservations and roar at Malia to get her to tranform. Allison’s door closed when she was able to anchor herself with the new Argent Code and steady her hands enough to shoot the dart at Malia’s dad. Stiles’ door closed when he was able to overcome his not-being-able-to-read problem and get Lydia out of the trap on her foot (this last was confirmed when he was able to read the text on the mirror or his dad’s cruiser). By that point, the Nogitsune had taken up residence in Stiles, and in Galvanised it used Barrow and Kira’s Fox Fire to jump-start and boost his powers.

      Everything else you said is spot on though and you’re pretty much putting my thoughts into words.

      • Juliana

        Oh wow yeah I think you might be right about those being the explanations for the whole thing. The thing is that you are also right that almost the entire fandom missed it and I think that’s the problem. If it had been only me or a few people I would have understood that I was the one who didn’t catch it. But you are literally the ONLY person I have seen who has put these things together to mean that they all closed the door. So I think that if you are right, and I think you definitely might be, it was still handled very poorly. This had been
        such a big issue at the beginning of the season that if they were all able to close the door in their heads at those moments they should have at least throw in a little sentence in there to confirm that indeed that was resolved. I think the lack of this confirmation is why it made it so hard to understand whether this was still going on or what because you are totally right, by that point Stiles had already been taken over by the Nogitsune and his consequent issues were because of this, however because no one really said anything about the “door in the mind” anymore a lot of people thought this was still about that problem and so no one really understood that this was something else, therefore making it seem as if he was still battling the “open door” thing. Like instead of being like “oh they all clearly closed the door in their minds but there’s still something wrong with Stiles, what’s going on?” we were left with “they really didn’t say anything about this issue anymore but there’s still clearly something wrong with Stiles, so does that mean this isn’t resolved at all but no one is even talking about it?” Omg, I hope I’m making sense lol. But yeah I think you might be totally right, but couldn’t they have just SAID SO! Because they just made this problem out to be something SO big and complicated and then apparently they just resolved it in like 15 minutes without letting us know that actually yeah, that’s all they had to do to be done with it. I just feel as if the whole “open door” thing was such a big consequence that came from them messing with the nemeton thing and for a
        while there it did seem as if the consequences would be dire and long lasting and then they just kind of dropped it. Anyways, I doubt we will get any other explanation about all this so I’ll just go with yours and move on. :)

  • SweetKerosene

    Maybe its too late for this…but what was the deal with Barrow? At first I almost thought Barrow was the Nogitsune or he was somewhat involved. Great podcast, btw . And what are your thoughts on Meredith? Although its cool that there is another Banshee, I feel like she doesn’t fit with the rest of the cast. Also…there was a preview or something that said “Lydia will have one last scream” or something along those lines and when Aiden died, she didn’t scream. What’s up with that? Did she lose her powers one way or another?

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