Posted on 10:14 am,
July 25, 2012

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In the latest exciting episode of Hypable’s HeroHype, Jeff and Jimmy return from their long slumber as Mark Costello joins in on the longest and most important episode so far.

-Jimmy owes Jeff five dollars because Spider’s web shooters were broken in his final confrontation with the Lizard.

-We put on our critic faces and discuss The Amazing Spider-Man.

– Old man Jeff misses the old days when popcorn was a dollar and a sequel wasn’t guaranteed.

-We jump into Marvels Phase 2 announcements and talk about why ditching sequel numbers is a great idea.

-Bucky is going to be how old for ‘The Winter Soldier’?

– Edgar Wright showed test footage from Ant-Man and Mark thinks he knows what’s at the end of Iron Man 3.

-Jimmy owes Jeff another five bucks because Catwoman made a cat joke in Dark Knight Rises. Damn that handsome man.

– We take the last forty minutes discussing The Dark Knight Rises, its many flaws, and why Mark and Jimmy still had a blast watching it.

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This episode's hosts: Jimmy Bean, Jeff Martin, Mark Costello

  • The507thDoctor

    At last!!! Excited to listen to this, as I finally saw TDKR last night!!

  • Brianna

    Woo! Finally! interested to listen to what you guys have to say about TDKR and Spiderman of course! :)

  • LaraLikesShawarma

    No need to bash Tobey McGuire, he was a slightly different version of Spiderman/Peter Parker, just because his interpretation doesn’t match that of the comic books doesn’t mean he sucked! The Amazing Spiderman, though i enjoyed it, did not surpass my favourite Spidey movie – Spiderman 2, i was waiting for a scene that wa going to surpass the train scene (and the whole “he’s just a kid” part – that was freaking awesome!. It was good, just not ‘amazing’.
    Onto the Dark night Rises, you guys need to chill out about the whole revelation of Robin’s identity, you have to remember the average movie goer doesn’t have all the information about comic books and characters background stories, i thought it was a rather a cool easter egg and there were a lot of gasps and ohhhhh’s etc. at my cinema screening which was packed! I do however agree with what you (i can’t tell your voices apart) said about Bane. I kind of think The Bane would have been more fitting in The Dark Knight and the Joker a better villain to wrap up the trilogy – as the guy simply didn’t have a single good bone in his body – at least the Bane gives you a quick death, The Joker would probably torture you for days on end. 
    You guys definitely need a girl on the show once in a while.

    • Cora Dora

      I’m a girl and I was right along with them about the Robin thing. I even had a mini curse out to my friend during the midnight release. 

  • Cassie Drake

    I REALLY didn’t like how they did Bane’s voice. It didn’t feel connected to the scenes at all. I mean, I know that’s what they did [recorded his voice, distorted it, and then edited it back into the scene], but I wonder if there was a way to do it so that it didn’t feel so disjointed. Not once did I feel like the voice was coming from Hardy himself. Maybe the mask is super-restrictive, but I swear, I stared at his face every time he “spoke” and I didn’t see his face move at all, except for maybe his eyes.

    He DID deliver his lines in the actual scene, right? I mean, when they were filming, the other actors in the scene would’ve needed some sort of cue as to what Bane’s lines were and approximately how long it would take Hardy to deliver them, so I imagine he must’ve been saying those lines for real when they were filming, and then they just re-dubbed it later. What I’m getting at is, we should’ve been able to see Hardy’s face move in time with the lines, to give us a sense that this mysterious voice we’re hearing does indeed come from him.

    During the action scenes, it felt like I was watching a video game, cuz Bane’s lines seemed to have come from some off-screen, omniscient perspective. I dunno. It was really distracting.

    That, plus the fact that the voice they did choose was a little hard to understand xD

  • Cora Dora

    I’m a huge Tom Hardy fan but I have to agree that his performance wasn’t everything I wanted it to be. I went to a marathon event so I was coming off of Heath Ledger’s amazing performance. I honestly felt kinda bad for Hardy because there was pretty much no way he could have surpassed Ledger’s performance and on top of that he has a mask covering a majority of his face which must have made acting even harder. You definitely got it right that it’s hard to connect without seeing the face. 

  • Lexi89

    Hi, I know in the past you’ve only covered movies, but I was wondering if you’d start covering superhero tv shows, too? For example, the CW’s new live-action Arrow, which is about the comic book character, Green Arrow. Many people that will watch it were probably Smallville fans, who saw Green Arrow for the last five seasons on Smallville, but this is a new version of the character, so it would be cool to compare Smallville’s Oliver Queen vs Arrow’s Oliver Queen vs comic book’s Oliver Queen. I think it would make an awesome episode of HeroHype. Arrow premiere’s on Oct. 10th on the CW.

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