Posted on 7:22 pm,
June 11, 2012

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The latest episode of our podcast discussing all of our favorite heroes has arrived!

-Jeff and Jimmy kick off the discussion by talking about the Justice League film in the pipeline over at Warner Bros.

-Can Justice League work without standalone films ala Marvel Studios?

– What characters should make an appearance in Justice League? How will casting work? Will Henry Cavill play Superman?

-Jimmy drops a huge potential spoiler about The Dark Knight Rises while discussing Justice League casting. Who would play Batman?

-We segway into the new Dark Knight Rises footage shown at the MTV Movie awards.

-We love Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle and don’t understand where all of this hate is coming from.

-Rumor tells us that Black Panther is the next film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Jeff is super excited.

-We speculate about who could play Black Panther, as well as who could direct the standalone adaptation.

-Jeff talks about why the MCU needs Black Panther on the team.

-We play through and discuss four clips from The Amazing Spider-Man and marvel at how far we’ve come since 2002.

-We ask you to write in and ask us questions so we can answer them on the show!

Go ahead and send us a line at if you have any questions, comments, concerns, hopes dreams or fears!

This episode's hosts: Jimmy Bean and Jeff Martin

  • GeekGirl101

    But didn’t they confirm that the black panther wasn’t in development?

  • James

    It’s rhys ifans not rice Evans its pronnounced reese eevans and he’s welsh not Scottish or Irish

    • Frankie94

      I was going to write in with this exact point. They would definately get him to hide a Welsh accent because if you can’t differentiate between an Irish or Scottish accent, then you won’t understand a Welsh one. You briefly touched on whether Americans are more receptive to the ‘Queen’s English’ accent, and this is definately true. Cheryl Cole was axed from the American X Factor because of her accent.

      Also, in pronouncing Rhys’ name, think of the Peanut ButterCup makers. :D Otherwise, a great episode, I love all the speculation. Even though I don’t know much about comic heros and all of that, I find this podcast often satiates my geekiness.

  • MillerT1

    Jimmy has sold me on his Dark Knight Rises theory.

  • Amanda J

    My friend and I were discussing the episode and we agree that Jimmy’s theory would definitely be an awesome way to end the trilogy. They could bring the story line of Bane being the man who broke the bat into the movie and have a person to take up the mantle of Batman with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character. And we agree with Jimmy that the major theme throughout the movies has been that Batman is a legend and a symbol instead of just a specific person. Nolan has set it up perfectly, in my opinion, to have someone else take up the mantle of Batman at the end of the movie with something happening to Wayne. 

    Also, congrats, you have just made it even harder to wait for the movie after listening to the episode and then spending like an hour discussing it. 

  • notenoughpuff

    Are any of you guys going to be at Dragon Con? I’d love to be able to buy a HeroHype shirt at some point.

  • Amanda J

    Also, just thought of this, have you guys discussed at all the Untitled Batman Reboot scheduled for 2015? I don’t recall you guys talking about it, but I could be wrong. If you haven’t though I’d love to hear your thoughts. Especially with the news of the Justice League. 

  • Meg

    Rhys Ifans is Welsh! It is pronounced Reece If-ans

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