Posted on 11:09 am,
September 11, 2012

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We’ve got another episode of Glee Chat for you guys, just before the season 4 premiere! Join John, Roxanne and Jessica for episode 43 “This Is Civil Rights”

This Is Civil Rights is full of all kinds of amazing things such as:

  • Roxanne is going to college, continuing with her parallel universe with Glee
  • We announce the Glee Chat Intro/Outro music contest! Find out how you can win!
  •  John met Matthew Morrison at his job and describes the awkward yet fun moment; he also has really soft hands.
  • We announce the winner of the Chris Colfer autographed “The Land of Stories” contest (finally!)
  • We chat about the latest train of Glee posters that have been released leading up to the season 4 premiere.
  • We talk about the Darren Criss meme that Hypable created!
  • We all want a plush version of Harry the Hypable Hippo!
  • Is Damian McGinty returning to Glee or not?
  • We update our view count on our “Shit Gleeks Say” video, however Jess is beating us badly with her Hunger Games archery lesson videos.
  • We discuss a potential Glee tour after season 4.
  • There is reason to believe that Ryan Murphy and company are listening to Glee Chat.
  • We each mention some of the things we are hoping for season 4, including some things Glee Chat listeners are hoping for too!
  • John doesn’t think Will and Emma will get married
  • Did Ryan Murphy tweet a HUGE spoiler about the fate of Kurt and Blaine?
  • Guess what? We bring it back to Lost again.
  • Are you Team NSYNC or Team Backstreet Boys? We announce our sides.

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This episode's hosts: John Thrasher, Jessica Chapman, and Roxanne Clark

  • Fanny

    Omg when i first pressed play i was thinking that you need to change your intro music and you could make a contest to create a new intro then john mentioned it wow :)

    • John Thrasher

      Do we share visions like Harry/Voldy??

  • Rosie

    I totally second Roxanne on Nine. John, you need to watch it!

    And I think I have an idea for some intro/outro music…! Just now to find a way to record it!

    • John Thrasher

      I will definitely be watching it!

      • Rosie

        If you do, I’ll watch an episode of LOST in return!

  • Mairead Nguyen

    Congrats on winning the book, Dillion!!! (Now excuse me while I go cry in a corner.)

    • Dillon Mays

      Thank you. I’m sorry that there isn’t enough books to go around;

      • Mairead Nguyen

        It’s fine. Don’t apologize. I’m really happy you won! :)

  • Thegarbar13

    I may or may not have already started this…. Hoping I winn

  • DrWho-Glee-HP-Fan

    Wait, why is there reason to believe that Ryan Murphy and company listen to Glee Chat?

  • Merina

    You guys are definitely not the only ones uninterested in Damien – I’m right there with you! Excited as I was for his character originally, I felt the writers never took him anywhere. Sure, his accent was freaking adorable, but I found his singing voice just mediocre, and his character…well, virtually none-existent. Still, I do partly agree with Roxanne: better that they bring him back now, than later.

    P.S. Josh & Mitch – forget archery videos, you guys are FAMOUS for your ‘Klaine Box Scene’ reading right now on youtube! The video is just short of forty-thousand views!

  • Cora Dora

    John, I totally second you on The New Normal. Completely underwhelmed. I’ll give it a few more episodes but if it doesn’t get better then I’m afraid I’ll have to stop watching. I have too many shows to watch this year to waste time on a comedy that doesn’t make me laugh.

    Secondly, I am a sophomore in college and Roxanne, you’re breaking my heart! I know being born in the middle of the decade makes it hard to know all the bands but first you hadn’t heard MMMBop and then you think Jesse McCartney is in Backstreet Boys?! I did not let being born in 1993 get in the way of my music knowledge, even when it came to bands like Green Day or Blink-182 (I still remember jumping around on the couch to What’s My Age Again? as the third track on NOW 3). But I still love ya and love to hear you on the show Rox.

    Speaking of 90’s music, The BSB and NKOTB tour was not just a bunch of wash ups. Now, I haven’t actually been but I saw some performances on TV and they still got it. Donnie Wahlberg will always be awesome and BSB still got some moves too! But I would love a 90’s tribute. And definitely some Spice Girls.

    Can we see some major drama in Season 4? And actually see it come to a head? Because I am tired of them building up to things and then it all just sort of disappearing. Please bring on the Klaine drama!

  • Amber Carney

    If you want to impress John Thrasher, have soft hands. This is the second time he’s talked about celbrities having soft hands. haha

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