Posted on 6:06 am,
December 4, 2013

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Glee Chat is back for a double recap for season 2, episode 6 “Movin’ Out” and episode 7 “Puppet Master.”

-Caitlin from ReWatchable joins us for this double episode recap!
-We discuss The Hunger Games: Mockingjay movie split. Naturally.
-Congrats to Grant Gustin on his CW pilot!
-Aaaand then back to The Hunger Games.
-All Natalie knows about Black Friday is that people get good sales and kill each other.

Glee season 2, episode 6 “Movin’ Out.”

-Carmen’s had a tough year, apparently, and couldn’t make it to Lima for Blaine’s audition.
-Jake predictably tried to win Marley’s hand.
-Was Blaine’s “Piano Man” meant to show that he wasn’t going to get into NYADA?
-Are they trying to get Ryder and Marley together because of the real-life chemistry and relationship their actors have?
-Sam bombed his interview for the modeling industry horribly.
-Wait. They still don’t have the numbers for Nationals? Lawl.
-Chord’s abs have progressively gotten sexier as the show’s gone on.
-Sam/Rachel. We could go with that.
-Ryder’s song gave us the motts (according to Natalie).
-Kurt’s reaction to Blaine’s reluctance to apply to NYADA creates an interesting divergence between Caitlin and Natalie.
-Is there a reason Becky treats people so horribly?
-Tyra Banks’ guest starring was a thing? Her character’s demands are the complete opposite of how she acts in real life.
-Klaine is becoming less and less believable as we see the actors’ true feelings coming through in their performances.
-Will’s power is dwindling, as is evident from his performance of “You May Be Right.”

Glee season 2, episode 7 “Puppet Master”

-Blaine’s assumption of power is diluted.
-Demi just didn’t show up for Kurt’s meeting? “Into the Groove” gave Adam Lambert a good feature.
-Kurt manipulation came out of the woodwork when he gave Blaine advice on the phone.
-So Sue was perceived as a gay man? That was a unique way for Glee to deal with a gay character.
-The Sue/Becky ice-cream conversation had some good material.
-Poor Brad. Blaine had zero interest in his issues.
-Natalie has a theory about why they’re talking about Nationals so early.
-Puppets? Puppets. We’ll take it!
-Jake’s mashup was more awesome than we could handle.
-Where’s the Avenue Q???
-“Cheek to Cheek” was classic and wonderful.
-Will’s definitely money laundering. Or had a sugar daddy. Or both.
-An abortion storyline finally happens on Glee.
-The Kurt puppet came to life?
-Was the gas meant to be what always makes the Glee Club hallucinate?
-Blaine’s cheating is brought back up again with his conversation with the Kurt puppet.
-Why was Unique so willing to give Sue a makeover after the bathroom fiasco?
-Should Marley forgive Jake after that bleeding heart apology?
-I’m dreaming of a white cronut.
-“What Does the Fox Say?” We’d rather not know.

-Glee‘s moving to Tuesdays, Amber Riley won Dancing with the Stars, and Glee is doing a special remix episode for their 100th.

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This episode's hosts: John Thrasher, Natalie Fisher, Caitlin Kelly, and Mitchel Clow

  • Marie

    I’m forever disappointed the Glee football guys never sang “If You Were Gay” to Karofsky.

    Also, Natalie, yes to everything you said about Chris’s opinions on Klaine. It’s very problematic if the show wants me to be into Klaine, if Chris is going to make the acting choices he does with Darren. Something should change. I don’t care either way, but the script needs to line up with the acting better.

  • Klaine Is On Fire ♥

    I don’t think it’s fair to make Klaine and Criss/Colfer fans out to be that type of people. I love Will and Mia so much! I have never said anything bad about them, and most of the people I have seen on twitter (I have over 6,000 followers, the vast majority in that Klaine fandom) have not said hateful things about them. And for the few that do say something bad, thats only a little portion and the rest of us don’t approve of their behavior. Also, Chris and Darren have mentioned before that they are close friends off of the camera. They have come out to support each other in various projects. Also whenever one has been asked about their friendship in interviews they say how close of friends they are. Chris was one of the first people Darren was close with when they started… I just don’t want Klainers or even people who ship CrissColfer (there are various degrees of shipping) to be looked upon as badly as was said about them..

  • Marie

    Wow, I did not realize how crazy that side of the fandom is until I googled whether or not Chris Colfer has ever publicly expressed his feeling towards the Klaine ship. Found an article claiming Darren and Chris weren’t that close in real life, and every single comment on it (of about 50+) except for maybe three were by people trashing Darren’s girlfriend and assuring beyond a shadow of a doubt that they’re in a secret relationship. And they were all bashing the author of the article for not being smart enough to know about this conspiracy. I’d be annoyed if I was Chris as well. I thought that crazy was reserved for the dark part of Tumblr.

  • Natalie

    I know the other comments are about this too, but I just want to say the Klaine and Crisscolfer fan bashing in this episode made me really annoyed, I know it’s just your opinions, but the truth is that fans of Chris and Will are even more fan-abusive…I guess the term is. They’ve made Chris’ events about his relationship instead of his work. And it’s not fair that you scold an entire fandom over a few incidents from a few people. It’s okay for people to like crisscolfer, most of us keep it where crisscolfer should be, we don’t tweet directly to Darren or Chris about it. There are a few people who do that. But that’s just a few people. now i’m certain that Chris and Darren don’t hate eachother and they are friends in real life, they just don’t show being out together because of those FEW people who go crazy, but they do go out together as we saw from that news headline earlier in the year when they went out to a bar or something together. Chris said back in season 2 times that he has watched Starkid productions and loves Darren’s work and they are close and they have a lot in common. They tweeted a lot to each other ect. Just because this stuff doesn’t show happening anymore doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. I’m sure Chris doesn’t HATE klaine or the fans. Yes he might not agree with certain parts of the plot but those comments along doesn’t prove that he hates it.
    Also Mia will get hate, same as Darren, Chris, Grant, Tyler Oakley or even just regular tumblr users will get hate. It’s a part of being social and being out there where people can see you. You can’t say because SOME people give her hate mean that we are all mean douches. Unfortunately with the media and with the internet it’s going to happen to everyone, they have to be used to it by now because I am with the hate I get and I’m just a tumblr user with less then 200 followers.

    I’m sorry for the long message but it’s late and I just finished the part in the podcast where you talk about Crisscolfer and the HORRIBLE things that fandom does. It just annoyed me and I needed to rant. Continue with your day :)

  • alameda auntie

    Really enjoyed Caitlyn’s (Kaitliin? Catelin? )contributions; think she adds a lot.

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