Posted on 12:41 am,
October 11, 2013

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The Cory Monteith remembrance episode rocked the Glee Chatters. Listen in to their emotional recap of 5×03 “The Quarterback.”

-This was probably the most emotional episode we’ve seen on TV in a while.

-Amongst all of this, it’s Jack’s birthday!

-Mitch and Jack reflect on their solo episode.

-We all approached our grieving in different ways toward both Cory and Finn’s death.

-The story picked up 3 weeks after the funeral, which helped the show progress a little easier.

-Natalie points out that this wasn’t a plot point; if Cory didn’t pass, Finn most likely wouldn’t have. This was more of a way for the actors to grieve on camera.

-We found it odd that the 2.0’s were in “Seasons of Love”

-Heather Morris couldn’t be on because she was either near giving birth or just had given birth. We still missed her!

-We could tell that Amber Riley was showing more emotion in the scene than she was allowed to keep in the studio recording.

-The scene where they packed up Finn’s things blurred the actor’s acting with reality.

-How did we feel about the way the lamp was dealt with?

-Santana and Sue’s confrontation was too perfect.

-Puck’s feature in this episode was appreciated, for both his relationship with Finn, and the two actor’s relationship with each other.

-We analyze why Finn is called “The Quarterback.”

-How did we feel about Santana’s making fun of Finn?

-Tina’s scene about her black clothes was either really callous or just her own way of dealing with things.

-Who’s following who on Twitter? Or does that even matter…

-We have a fun Hypable connection to the dumpster scene.

-Jack states that Lea is one of the strongest actors he knows.

-It felt like Puck’s storyline was wrapped up for good when he went to go join the military.

-Mitch gives everyone a flood warning.

-Let’s just say that we’re happy this wasn’t a live video podcast episode.

-Why. Did. Will. Take. That. Jacket.

-Glee Chat will be on a hiatus until Glee returns on November 7th.

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This episode's hosts: John Thrasher, Jack Farrugia, Natalie Fisher, and Mitchel Clow

  • alexa

    thank you guys for putting this up so fast! cant wait to listen

  • Colin

    I didn’t like the episode.

  • ComeAlongPond

    I needed this. Thanks for getting the episode up so soon. I feel like I’d probably be spending the rest of the night staring at my bedroom wall if I didn’t have this to listen to. I’ve tried to sort out my own feelings about the tribute, but I’m just numb right now.

  • Samma

    SERIOUSLY with the jacket. That legitimately bothered me a lot and made me angry.

  • ComeAlongPond

    Okay now that I’ve listened, I’m definitely with Natalie on how I took the episode. I went in knowing this plotline is because of Cory and that it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t passed. So with that alone I had a very different perspective than I would’ve if the scenario had been the latter. Because a real person has died, what I’m thinking about and analyzing is the reality that has bled through into the plot and not so much the fictional elements, because they were so molded by the reality anyways. It makes analyzing things like who’s singing what line seem pointless without considering the real circumstances behind them. Though I also do agree fully about Santana, I think her focus made sense. She and Finn had a complicated relationship and her grief would’ve still felt very real to me, even if you were to strip away Naya’s actual grief.
    And just on a personal note, “I’ll Stand by You” was actually the very first scene of Glee I ever saw and so for me, it felt especially appropriate. If I hadn’t been channel surfing at that exact moment, four years later Cory’s death might’ve just been another headline to me. It was like a small reminder of how much this show, Cory, and the other cast members have come to mean to me since then.

    • Marie

      Yeah, had it been a plot point, Rachel would’ve gotten waaaaaaaay more focus than she did, and I think Kurt would’ve gotten a solo.

      It’s a strange episode. I have no desire to criticize it, but even if I did, I couldn’t. It’s far too personal for the actors.

  • Marie

    Yeah, I think ending on Will with the jacket was the one real wrong move. I was actually expecting seasons of love to be the ending number, and I think that could’ve worked. But just to make it ok in my head, I tell myself that Will gave it back to Kurt.

    • Will Lowry

      I liked how it closed with Emma and Will together because the show WAS about Will and him discovering these kids, he’s the reason they’re all so close. I wish that they’d faded into Seasons of Love after that however.

    • Sarah

      I think it makes sense that Seasons of Love was the opening number, as it is the same way in Rent. It set up the episode well.

      • Marie

        It made total sense as an opener. I guess I just wish the end had been more about the group.

      • Ellen

        Actually, Seasons of Love is preformed after the intermission, except for in the movie version. But yes, I thought it worked well as an opener for Glee.

  • Simone

    Beautiful response to a beautiful episode. I have to admit I was a complete wreck for a majority of the episode just because I’m an empathetic griever like John. I haven’t been as emotional about Cory’s passing as some other fans I’ve seen and most of my tears until today were shed the day of and after his death but seeing the cast and characters break got me. I could possibly go to the funeral of someone I don’t know and cry if there are people around me are in that state.

    I was extremely happy with how the episode was treated. Originally I was really frustrated that we weren’t going to find out how Finn died and that there would be a time jump but I ended up forgetting all about that.

    I tweeted earlier that I am SOOOO glad other people are pissed about the jacket thing. Schue’s done some bad things as a teacher but this is terrible as a human. How freaking dare he do that? Such a DOUCHE. Kurt is family and is one of the only people to truly have claim and right to it in the first place. Puck having it I would have been okay with because he had a nice plan for it and he and Finn were such great friends. I’m not sure how well a glee-hood of the traveling jacket would’ve worked but even that would’ve worked better then what they did. As Natalie was talking about it I could only think of this choice quote: “You’re a slut Will. You’re a slut, you’re a slut, everybody should know that!” – Emma. That is all.

  • Guest

    Thanks for this episode!
    i’m so totally with Natalie with every word in this episode! I’m sorry to say but i did not care for Mitch’s opinions this Episode. he just made me angry every time he misses the point or go off on a tangent about things that doesn’t matter. hands on heart not trying to be disrespectful to Mitch but i just wasn’t here for that in this episode.

  • merulio

    I loved and cried with the episode, it was perfect. But I was mad, really really MAD when I saw Schue had the jacket. I know this is his own way of grieving but… AHH!.
    Now I’m angry because the end of the episode made me angry, and I didn’t want this.

  • Will Lowry

    Mitch’s comments really didn’t seem appropriate in the majority of this episode. We don’t need all of the tangential comments he brings up because it throws off the pacing of the episode. It’s harsh, but I just need it to be said.

  • Will Lowry

    Finn was the Quarterback in a sense that goes PAST football Mitch. He was the quarterback of the Glee club as a captain as well as a teacher. He was the quarterback of the SHOW.

    • Sarah

      Agreed. The quarterback is the leader. The playmaker. He’s the one everyone looks toward to make decisions. That was Finn.

  • Will Lowry

    My final thoughts on what could’ve been a perfect ending to this episode. After Will and Emma are crying at their apartment with the jacket they fade into Seasons of Love (without 2.0s hopefully). Then we’d see Carole, Burt and Rachel sitting in the audience watching the performance and have Will, holding Finn’s jacket, walk in with Emma behind him and walk up to the three of them. Will would then offer the jacket to either Carole or Rachel, they’d accept it and then cut to black.

  • Martrel A. Howard

    Was the fact that Will stole the jacket really surprising? I mean I felt he took the moment santana brought it up…that was literally wills bff and he wasnt showing any kind of emotion at all… i guess that instantly struck a chord with me. Clothing jackets in particular hold the impression of embraces and hugs, even when kurt put it on he enveloped himself in a hug…idk for those of us who know the loss of losing someone really close to us, im sure we all understand what the jacket meant..

  • dlskin

    I liked that the 2.0’s were in Seasons of Love. They still knew Cory, just in a different light. I think in Natalie’s recap she pointed this out. It would have been extremely awkward for them to ignore the 2.0’s. They didn’t have them sing a tribute (like Santana and Mercedes) but they acknowledged that he knew them. I really enjoyed this episode, even the Schue stealing the jacket part. I thought it showed what kind of crazy things grief does to you, especially when you are bottling it up. I imagine that Schue realizes what he does is wrong and gives the jacket back.

    • Marie

      I was good with what they did with the 2.0s. I’ve kind of been in their shoes when someone I kind of knew died, and you still can mourn the loss.

  • Gary65

    I realize that no one wants hate on this ep and I respect that but, Will Scheuster, you are the biggest creep ever.

    RIP Cory :(

  • Caitlin Kelly

    I agree with most everything that was said, minus the bits about Tina. Tina is someone who has always had a strong correlation between her clothing and her identity, and by donning black, she, in essence, crafted her entire identity for those three weeks around her grief. But that is *exhausting.* For the sake of her sanity, I think, she was asking Emma when it was okay for her to start moving on–to stop having her entire identity based on her grief. Everyone has a different timetable on grief and when an entire group is grieving the way the glee club is, no one wants to be the first person to move on at the risk of looking, as Emma’s pamphlet said, callous. That doesn’t take away from Tina’s sadness or her connection to Finn, as her tearful reaction to Rachel’s song shows. It just makes her confused and hurt and trying to sort through her emotions.

    • ComeAlongPond

      I agree about Tina. That’s where I thought it was going before Emma gave her the pamphlets. I have faith in Tina’s character. I believe there’s something else going on there. Like on Doctor Who, we all thought Donna was a callous bitch too in her first appearance. Turns out she had severe issues with self-worth and purpose. She was “shouting at the world because no one’s listening”. I see that in Tina. I’ve had this suspicion for awhile that her newfound bitchiness is a cry for help that no one’s answering (getting her a prom date doesn’t count, that actually was kind of offensive like “here Tina nobody likes you so here, have a pity date”). I just wish I had faith in the writers to properly address this.

  • Sofia Malik

    I completely agree about the whole Will stealing the jacket thing. It just makes me angry thinking about it. I’d like to think that after Will finished crying himself to sleep on the couch, Emma took the jacket and called Kurt to tell him that she had it if he wanted to come pick it up.

  • Hayley

    That Finn quote is from a Night of Neglect and is perfect. So there are redeemable things about that ep ;)

  • ImperfectPepper

    I wanted to mention something about Tina’s character in this episode. Someone (I think it was Mitch?) said that they thought Tina had had some depression during the early seasons of the show, when she dressed in black. However, I always thought Tina, during this stage in her life, dressed as a goth because she felt that she needed to fit in somewhere. When watching the first few seasons, I was able to relate to Tina’s shyness. I definitely feel pressured to fit in somewhere in high school. For shy introverts, it is a big deal to have a label. Tina was looking for somewhere to belong, and before she found glee, she was happy to be recognized even as something she wasn’t. Glee helped her to come out of her shell, and be seen for who she truly was. I’m curious to hear other’s thoughts…

  • Arthur

    Cory /Finn Tribute Was good And some of the stuff…we could tell was going to happen..Puke taking the tree and Will finally braking down at the end…. I think it should have had more of Finn family And not so much on the glee club….

    After hearing the podcast it made me under stand why they did that way……But then it made me think of sue…… ” WHAT DID SHE DO WITH HER BABY ?”….

  • Mary Murphy

    I think the moments of Santana making that crack about Elvis and Tina sitting in Emma’s office were the writer’s way of giving us some much needed comedic relief in an otherwise emotional tribute to Cory/Finn.

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