Posted on 11:07 pm,
July 9, 2013

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Glee Chat is back to discuss all of the latest season 5 news! Jess hosts in this special hiatus episode with Natalie, Mitch and Roxanne.

-Note: this is episode 63; Mitch goofed in the show’s googledoc, which is why Jess said “episode 62.”

-What’ve the hosts been up to since May? Mitch and Roxanne are together in person after he moved to SoCal!

-Mercedes, Brittany, Puck, Quinn, and Mike won’t return as season regulars. Who’s leaving will affect the show the most?

-Will the new season regulars be able to hold Glee together?

-Jane Lynch is on Broadway; Natalie says that she’d rather her be there as opposed to Glee.

-Dot Marie Jones is concerned that she might not come back, but we think she will.

-Glee will return to it’s 9 pm slot. Natalie isn’t happy about this.

-Lea Michelle tweets out the first look at season 5 with a “family photo.”

-Should Klaine get married? We think that neither of them are ready, amongst other things.

-Four new characters are being added into season 5. This is backtracking.

-Will Ryder forgive Unique? Will Rachel get the big role in Funny Girl? How will Finn be re-introduced?

-We agree that Rachel is the only character that Glee could not survive without.

-We’ll be recording at least one more episode before Glee season 5 starts.

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This episode's hosts: Jessica Chapman, Mitchel Clow, Roxanne Clark, and Natalie Fisher

  • Klaine Is On Fire ♥

    I can’t wait to listen to this podcast! I have had Glee Chat withdrawal lately! ;)

  • Marie

    Natalie and Jess, I basically want to hug you both for everything you just said about Klaine. So true. So very true,

    And I expect all Glee fans are going to be invited to the Mitchanne wedding. ;-)

    • NatalieFisher

      I wouldn’t mind a butch lesbian on the show either, I was just more rolling my eyes at the idea that character would be called Ryan, a boy’s name, and do things traditionally only seen on the show as done by guys, like play guitar. Not the most creative idea.

      • Marie

        I see. It’s ridiculous the show even views guitar playing as a masculine thing. Sometimes, and I know this is a crazy thing, but girls sometimes play the guitar as well. I bet RIB didn’t know that, but it does sometimes happen. Once in a blue moon. -eyes rolling-

  • dillonmays

    I am beyond happy that everyone’s going to miss Puck, but I’m still upset that he’s more or less gone. I also love the destruction of the Klaine stuff. It’s amusing me.

    However, I don’t think Ryder and Unique should end up. A lot, especially the image that Ryder had, was based on a lie. That’s not a good way to start off. While I’d love a friendship, no to a romance. I’d rather have Ryder and Kitty because they balance each other out.

    And Glee can be Glee without Rachel. After all, she was barely in this season and she wasn’t even involved with the best parts. She missed three episodes this season as well. Rachel, this season, had an extremely boring storyline that was predictable and non-enticing.

    And I miss Brody. He was a decent character doing what he could to survive. And for Finn, they’ll probably have him show up to the choir room saying that they were awesome at Regionals and he was talking to other people who thought so as well.

  • Jennifer Marie

    Is The Glee Chat Project still happening this summer? (I haven’t listened to this episode yet, so sorry if this is answered during the show!)

    • John Thrasher

      This project is “on hold” for now until we figure out some of the specifics about the position. We’ll be keeping you updated on the show! :)

  • Amanda Cora

    I do not think that Ryder and Unique should get together. I’m all for loving people for who they are on the inside, but you can’t completely ignore the outside either. When we were dealing with the Tina and Blaine incident everyone recognized that Tina was out of line/crazy for trying to go after Blaine because he is gay. They obviously have an emotional connection, being friends, but he is never going to be able to like her like that because she is not male. Isn’t the Ryder and Unique situation the same? From everything on the show, Ryder appears to be solely interested in cis females and Unique is not a cis female. I’m just not sure how I feel about people getting upset with Tina for not being understanding of someone’s sexuality while pursuing a crush but then them thinking that Unique and Ryder should get together.

    Now maybe Ryder will do some soul searching and realize he can pursue a girl who is outside the gender binary, but like Natalie I do not think that Glee would be able to do something like this justice. However, I definitely think that Unique should get a real love interest next season.

    • Marie

      Interesting points. However, I think the difference is Ryder hasn’t really been introduced to the idea of transgendered girls, and it’s something he’s still learning about. I think Ryder’s still enough of a blank slate for it to be possible, and not seem totally bizarre. And yes, I know a guy who is straight but came very close to dating a trans woman (and his not dating her had nothing to do with his attraction to her). I’m also just really interested in this story, so I’d like to see how it’d get explored.

      And with Tina, she knows Blaine is gay. She was around during that time he kissed Rachel. She has said “Yes, I am gay. Period.” Also, while I can understand Unique’s creep factor, and her dating life is going to be more complicated forever. Tina, on the other hand, has more options, in the sense most people aren’t going to reject her just for being a girl. And her creep factor is just…creepy.

      • Amanda Cora

        Very good points. And I can see Ryder as a blank enough slate but I just don’t think that Glee would be able to do it properly. And I just can’t get over the catfishing, though yes, Tina is infinitely creepier.

        Also, I think I’m still a little mad at Glee for doing that thing where Ryder and Marley where totally going to be a couple and then when he had to postpone their date because of dyslexia therapy she decided to go and date Jake? And besides some soulful glances and the stuff from I Do it’s pretty been like whatever and they’re all friends? I guess I’m just over the inter-dating of everyone in Glee. You can date outside your clique people.

  • Lotte

    Thank you very much for your very accurate and well thought-out response about the Klaine proposal. Especially Natalie who stated the very obvious: why did no one question the fact that Blaine and Kurt aren’t dating. It made my mind boggle. The entire storyline was just so very strange, immature and stupid. It also didn’t represent LGBT rights but just a desperate storyline to connect Klaine somehow. The fact that Kurt’s POV was totally silent during the entire epsiode still makes me mad.

  • Natalie

    What I hope for the Blaine proposal, because I’m a obnoxious Klainer who turns a blind eye to most of the bad stuff and all the reasons they aren’t right for eachother. I was Kurt to forgive Blaine and take him back, then Blaine realises ‘Oh I don’t need to propose and It’s not the right thing to do anyway because we’ve discussed this and KURT DIDN’T WANT RACHEL AND FINN TO GET MARRIED SO WHY WOULD HE WANT TO MARRY ME AT THE SAME AGE?!” And he puts the ring away for a rainy day. Then this cute little plot happens that I’ve been dreaming about which ends up with Blaine singing daylight…….. I need to find another ship because I think about this one to much….

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