Posted on 10:44 am,
November 10, 2012

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Glee Chat is back this week with an all new episode rehashing Glee’s “The Role You Were Born To Play!”

John, Mitch and Jessica are back this week with a fun and hilarious new episode of Glee Chat! Check out what you’ll get to hear on episode 49 “A Horse In My Throat”

– We reintroduce ourselves incase some of you forgot who we are over the hiatus
– John gives out the information you can use to donate to Super Storm Sandy relief
– We thank Mairead for submitting the absolutely awesome 1-year anniversary episode
– We rehash episode 4×05 “The Role You Were Born To Play”
– Mitch isn’t a big fan of Alex Newell/Wade/Unique, John defends
– We continue to criticize all of these “super seniors” for coming back to McKinley so much
– We’re all desperate to know what the heck Mike Chang did to Tina to get her so fired up!
– By the way, Jess gets fake fired.
– We chat about Hypable’s BattleShips: Glee VS. Once Upon A Time
– We all predict the end of Glee following Ryan Murphy’s ominous comments
– Could we be seeing a Hocus Pocus reunion on Glee right in front of our eyes?
– John commends Jess and Mitch for being on their game during this episode
– Glee Chat Mailbag
– Glee Chat Fan of the Week

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Our avatars thanks to Melissa! In order of the gallery they are: Roxanne, Megan, Coty, Natalie, Mitch, Jessica, John!

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This episode's hosts: John Thrasher, Jessica Chapman, Mitchel Clow

  • Sukai

    hey grate episode as always.

    in regards to your discussion about Finn calling Sue’s baby ‘retarded’, i completely agree that Sue’s reaction was chilling and so much more effective than her slashing him with her tongue. seriously.

    i live in England and i’m a Learning Disability Nurse, newly qualified (YAY!!!) over here learning disability is not someone who has difficulties in academics like dyslexia. we call that learning Difficulties. like i heard you refer to Ryder as having a disability. he may just have a difficulty in learning things and not in other aspects of his life for example, he has no problem with communication or social interaction whereas people with learning disabilities tend to have a real problem with that.

    as well as an overall reduced ability to understand complex information and learn new skills they also tend to have problems coping independently with everyday life, like someone with Down’s Syndrome, autism or global developmental delay. some people don’t understand their needs thats why there are specialist nurses like myself to meet not just health needs but to access available services etc.

    the term ‘retarded’ and ‘handicapped’ are offensive and old fashion we don’t use those terms here or at least within the LD community anyways. thats why whenever i hear Americans refer to someone with LD as handicapped i feel a little weird about it. but i know its an actual term and not meant to be derogatory.

    i’m not shocked Finn used that word he has done that a few times already like the time he outed Santana. if i remember correctly, Santana was constantly teasing him about his weight back then and in this episode, Sue made several references to his weight…i think its fair to say Finn might be a bit sensitive about his weight and although i hate what he said, if thats what makes him tick…..

  • RumbleroarLuna

    I agree with the whole “retarded” thing. It’s so annoying when people use it like that. And in history one of my friends keeps saying it and the teacher’s like “use a better word,” and so maybe after watching this episode she will. And what really, really bothered me about it was that I was skype-chatting my friend and I was talking about how Finn was more accepting now and how much he’d grown since the lamp (it was a lamp, right?) incident of 201(0?1?). And not two minutes later, he turns around and says that to Sue. Ugh.

  • HPfanatic

    YAY GLEE CHAT IS BACK!!!! (excuse me while I have a party)

    • Mo

      Woop! We shall party together and rejoice in Glee Chat happiness!

  • Dillon Mays

    Did you guys forget that Sam had dyslexia and Ryan Murphy went nowhere with it? Do you fear a repeat?
    Also, doesn’t Mercedes play a male role as Dr. Frankenfurter? I know she’s not transgender, but Sue didn’t care about it.

    • Saskia17

      I’ve been wondering about the whole Sam and dyslexia thing since they brought it up with Ryder…have they just forgotten or…? Though it almost seems like they’ve take Sam from being dyslexic to just being ‘stupid’ in a way…I find it a little strange

      • Dillon Mays

        I think they didn’t want to make him seem to stupid for Quinn, so they docked that off. Which is stupid. I really wish it was Sam sharing this message, but maybe the world wasn’t ready then.

  • Dillon Mays

    If Glee does go on, there will be no more Christmas episodes because lack of songs. And they can’t win Nationals every year. It’d get boring. And only bring old characters back once a Season, not every other episode. And Matt Morrison said his contract was only for a few more years, so they’d have a complete new cast. No original cast unless Jane Lynch stays on.

    • Mitchel Clow

      All very great points!

      • Dillon Mays

        Thank you.

        • Mitchel Clow

          Late reply is late. Hahahahahha

  • Joey Mangum

    I feel like Sue’s vendetta against Unique is completely hypocritical… Wasn’t Sue the one trying to get one of the guys dress like a girl to perform at Nationals last year? She didn’t have a problem with it, then. Why would she have a problem with it now? Usually I can get around this stuff, but this is just such a glaring continuity issue that I just can’t stand it…

    • Mitchel Clow

      Yeah you’re right, that doesn’t make that much sense… good point!

  • LilyLuna

    Great show you guys! I think I may have been more excited for this than Glee’s return. Xp

    I completely agree with everything you were sayin with regards to Finn’s use of ‘retarded’. And it’s unfortunate it happened at all because he really should’ve learned his lesson two and a half years ago with the ‘faggy’ incident (I’m cringing just typing that!). At least Sue’s reaction was perfect, that cold stare says more than any of her rants ever could.

    And I totally gasped when you guys brought up about Doctor Who and the males playing female roles in Shakespeare’s play. My mind went there immediately when Shue said that, and it was just such a random thing and then you guys mentioned it on Glee chat and I got those warm, tingly, fandom crossover feels. <3

    • Mitchel Clow

      That episode of DH was (obviously) right where my mind went to too! :p

  • Tara

    So happy Glee Chat is back!!! :D

    OMG, my heart broke fro Blaine during Hopelessly Devoted to Your, but I agree there was definitely some OTT reaction, but that seems to be where they are talking Blaine, plus Sadie Hawkins dance…..

    Umm Glee Club not needing a teacher… uhhh isn’t Will no longer a Spanish teacher since Ricky Martin took over… anyway….

    Finn taking over is interesting, hopefully he does a better job than Shue.

    Thanks for another awesome Glee Chat episode :D

  • Tara

    On Glee being around for another 4 years, they make a lot of money out of Glee from the albums, the DVDs, the sold-out concert tour! I think it would take terrible ratings plus them not making a lot of money for them to cancel it.
    It also depends on the characters they have, because I think if people aren’t invested in the characters they aren’t going to buy anything!

    • John Thrasher

      Good point!

  • ilovescarves89

    I haven’t finished listening to the episode yet, so my apologies if you address this later on:

    I’m sorry but I have to comment on this continued referencing to Unique as “he”. I can understand that it might have been confusing before, because the show hasn’t really been that clear on the matter, but after this episode I think it’s pretty damned clear that Unique identifies as a girl, and therefore referring to her with male pronouns is inappropriate and comes across as transphobic, whether you mean it that way or not.

    As for Sue – I found her perhaps a little too over the top, but unfortunately it is reality that just because a person embraces LGB people doesn’t mean that they accept trans people. In fact from what I’ve heard and experienced a lot of transphobia comes from within the LGBT community itself.

  • Zach Natre

    Looking at next episode’s song list, and the album released, I was disappointed by the absence of “We Go Together” which is one of my favorite songs from the production.

    • Mitchel Clow

      Yeah, I was upset by that not being there too…

    • Simone

      I’m not gunna lie, when you mentioned “We Go Together” I immediately thought of the song David Tennant and Catherine Tate sing in Much Ado About Nothing

  • Fiolla Korenica

    These avatars are so cute! And some are so similar to the hosts, especially Jessica & John’s!

  • Simone

    I love Mitch and Jess for repping Doctor Who and OUAT (also I voted for Klaine). I pretty much agree with you guys about how long Glee might last for, it has some good staying power thanks to the music, merch and concert sale profit but to get longevity they need to raise and stabilise their ratings.

  • Jeff Dodge

    You mentioned that there was a lot going on during the “Born to Hand Jive” performance. If I’m not mistaken, I believe they were copying some of the things that happened during that number in the actual Grease musical, when there were fights starting to break out and all that. And when Kitty was picked up and she was kicking and fighting to get down, didn’t that happen to Blanche or one of the other female adult characters?

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