Posted on 4:11 am,
May 9, 2013

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In the sixth installment of Commentary Specials by Game of Owns, Tyrion stands trial near a moon door as Ned commands with justice in King’s Landing. We’ve traveled past the midway point in HBO’s Game of Thrones season 1, a pivotal point in the story as characters begin to move into place, or out of place forever.


– Wear it in silence
– The happiest gift giving
– Danger in the woods
– Learning with Syrio
– Dothraki food challenge
– Viserys and Theon
– Tyrion confesses everything
– Hunting party
– Ned commands the Throne
– Bronn fights for Tyrion
– Ros leaves Winterfell
– A golden crown
– Owns of the show

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This episode's hosts: Selina Wilken, Micah Tannenbaum, Eric Scull, Zack Luye

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