Posted on 3:52 pm,
January 8, 2012

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After a long wait, the latest episode of The Hunger Games Chat is now here! Join us for a discussion of the biggest news stories in The Hunger Games fandom over the past few weeks, a new fun segment, and more!

– Lots of news to catch up and analyze!
– Everywhere we go we’re seeing people reading the books, and the proof is in the bestseller lists!
– Will new footage from the film be screened at the People’s Choice Awards?
– Should we be worried that Suzanne Collins isn’t named as an author on any of the Hunger Games companion books?
– Is The Hunger Games nail polish line a cool idea or a silly one?
– Danny Elfman is replaced by James Newton Howard as composer: Good news?
– We analyze the newest Hunger Games poster and wonder what exactly it’s showing.
– Is Gale a hero? One official poster says so.
– Hunger Games soundtrack news has been rampant lately. We review Taylor Swift’s song and discuss why it’s such a good idea for her to be a part of it.
– Fun segment: Name that cast member!
– Listener comments respond to the discussions we had on Episode 8.

Do leave comments below, and we may include them on the next episode!

This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Selina Wilken, Kimmy, Matt Britton, Becka Grapsy

  • Hurley

    Haha it’s about time

    • HGVictor

      No kidding! But I listen to it on my iPod and its not out on iTunes yet. :(

  • Katniss’s Psychologist

    So excited for this. I’ve been waiting patiently.

    • HGVictor

      I haven’t been waiting patiently, but yeah, I’ve been waiting too.

  • Patricious

    “two and a half months away”
    “less than three” = <3 = *heart* Haha!

    Heroine is pronounced the same as the drug (Heroin)

    Good group dynamics on this ep :)

  • HGVictor

    I was thinking of possible 4th movies, not including splitting Mockingjay, wich I’m against, they could do a movie about the hunger games with the capitol children like they were planning in the end of Mockingjay. I also like the idea of Haymitch’s Hunger Games. Anybody else have any ideas?

    • Elin

      Actually what happened to the idea of sending the capitol kids into the Hunger Games? Did it stop when Coin died??
      I don’t really like splitting Mockingjay either.
      And Haymitch’s Hunger Games would be REALLY awesome, but I think it would feel kinda weird, more like they were just intending on earning more money…
      But maybe they could also shift the split into Catching Fire, so there would be THG, CF, CF/MJ, MJ if you know what I mean ;)
      But I would prefer the three books as three movies anyways :)

  • TwiGleeStarGames34


    • Misswriter18

      I was wondering the same exact thing!

      • deeqa nuur

        BOO-HOO! Where’s our “hungrygamer”?

  • Sydney

    OH! PENN STATE! Becka, your awesome! Can you speak Pittsburgh-ese too?

    Everyone is listed with there first and last except Kimmy…so…Andrew Sims, Selina Wilkmen, Matt Britton, Becka Grapsy, and…Kimmy:( We shall never know your last name…pity.

    • Kimmy Mary West

      Ha, it’s West! ;) Kimmy West. 

      • Sydney

        Whoa. THANK YOU! We may all move on with our lifes now!

  • phoenixjay

    woo! finally :) keep the awesomeness coming!

    are they for sure having a midnight release of the movie? and if so, when do you think tickets would be on sale? it’d be a great way to spend the night of my 21st birthday :)

  • Misswriter18

    Regarding the love triangle thing…

    Maybe it was just me, but when I was reading the first book, I gathered that Gale cared for Katniss right away. His dialogue and interaction with her hinted at it. I didn’t have to get to her worrying about what Gale would think about the Peeta love thing to realize it. The way Katniss talked about Gale and the way he acted around her told me that he felt more than she did and that he might want more than just friendship. I don’t know, maybe I read too much into it.

    • Corin

      That was my thought from the beginning too.  She always seemed to be worried about how to say some things to Gale on the off chance he would take them to mean something she didn’t. 

    • Bridget

      i had the some thoughts, especially when he asked her to run away with him. it was pretty obvious then

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I think it’s pretty obvious from the get-go that there is something between Katniss and Gale more than a simple friendship. Her inner-thoughts about them; Gale’s reactions and his proposal to run away; even the interrupted dialogue with Katniss in the Justice Building when they have to say goodbye before her leaving to the Capitol has a hint of something more.

      And if this is translated to the movie, fine by me. Let’s just hope they don’t over do it for the sake of the love-triangle thing.

  • Cherry_chic

    I think the Taylor Swift song Safe and Sound could be played during
    the scene when Katniss and Peeta are lifted out of the arena. I can see Katniss
    banging on the door that separates them, trying hard to get back to him. She
    knows they are safe but still feels that sense of danger that would be hard to
    shake after the intensity of the games. 

  • Shana Debusschere


  • Ekta

    Sadly, this series is not popular where I live now (India). But I’ve been spreading the news and hype! I’ve convinced a lot of my friends to read it. It may take a while, but I think The Hunger Games will conquer the world eventually. This is an amazing series; well written and kinda scary….it’s like an exaggerated predicition of human evolution. I love the “completing the circle-ness of mankind” of the series, if you know what I mean (as in the similarities between ancient times and the fact that we really haven’t changed much). The barbarism of the Games is obvious, yet, even now, we lap it up.  These issues about dictatorship, ridiculous sport, rebellion, etc. reverberate throughout the series and I think the books can make us reflect on what we have become as a species and where we are heading. I mean, history justy keeps repeating itself and we keep going in circles. I hope this isn’t boring, and I’m definitely not trying to be scientific or sentimental or anything. Just some thoughts… Makes me wonder about the true nature of humans. I love your show and would love to discuss/hear your views about these themes in the series.

    • camillo

      I got my copy of the hunger games series from a pretty big Kochi bookstore( Kerala) where it was the last copy there.They were pretty much sold out. However I did have to dig around the bookshelves for it.

      I’ve also convinced my friends to read the books. and Its spreading in India like wildfire. Its just a matter of time <3

  • Ekta

    Just an FYI, in many Asian countries, “hero” and “heroine” are terms used to indicate the stars of a film…I think they mean important actors/characters. It doesn’t have anything to do with the story.

    • Sarah Sutherland

      still doesn’t explain why Peeta isn’t the one with Hero under it, he is in the book a LOT more than Gale is. 

  • Corin

    I had a though on Effie’s “look” in the trailer.  I get the impression from the book that she is not thrilled about being the District 12 Rep.  Maybe it’s sort of like being the lowly mail room assistant trying to get her foot in the door of a big fashion magazine.  Perhaps her look at the District 12 Reaping is a bit off b/c she’s struggling to do the best with what she’s given.  Maybe as the D12 Rep you don’t get as much glamour/money/attention/etc.  So perhaps her makeup is not top quality and her wig (which is described as looking like it’s falling off her head in the book) isn’t perfectly fit to her.  She even makes a comment at one point that she’s hoping she’ll get a promotion (or something along those lines) to a better district now that D12 is getting so much attention. 

    I had a thought on the Taylor Swift song placement too.  I wonder if it would work for the time when Katniss has found Peeta (after it’s announced there can be 2 winners if they’re from the same District) and he’s all covered in mud and injured and she is trying to fix up his cuts and help him get stronger… or when she drugs him to sleep so she can leave to get the medicine.

    Love the format and variety of podcasts you guys do… I’ve been a listener and fan since the start of Mugglecast.

    • Rachel

      ehh although i am 100% team peeta, i really hope that safe and sound isnt played then. i just didnt see their relationship being romantic or sappy and at that point in the book katniss isnt even sure if she likes him. her emotions are being manipulated by the show shes putting on for the capitol

  • Grace Nzita

    FINALLY! (: 

    I am going to save this until after my exam tomorrow as a treat! (:

  • NifflerFelicis105

    I lent the book to my boyfriend to read (he’s a US Marine, and loves survival stuff, which led me to believe he might like the premise of the Hunger Games trilogy).

    At first, he couldn’t put it down. Come the Games, however, and Katniss’s interaction with Peeta, he was suddenly turned off. He felt that it was a bit too cheesy, sappy, and verbatim, he said, “You can tell it was written for teens”.

    I told him, “Well, if you think THAT’S bad, don’t read Twilight.”

    He didn’t wanna borrow my copy of Catching Fire.

  • Mckelvey Mellark

    I’m goning to talk about a lot of different stuff so hear I go
    1. LOL LOL LOL Cato is a model! I died when y’all said that
    2. I love safe and sound i bought it on itunes the day it came out. i love taylor swift
    3. Gale is a hero?!?!?!?!?! what in the world thats crazyness. i dont even want to talk about that murdering boring square what good did he do in the series? kill Prim? TEAM PEETA FOREVER
    4. i noticed that suzanne collins didnt write any of the companions too. whats up with that! but i think i read they would contain new information.

    ok thats about it other than even though i strongly HATE Gale i will listen to the next podcast. TEAM PEETA FOREVER u gotta love Peeta bread!

    • guest

      PLEASE stop with the teams thing….. THis is not twilight. IT WILL NEVER BE TWILIGHT. STOPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    I agree with Matt, I think the Civil Wars wrote the song and Taylor Swift is just singing it. Even the way she’s singing is more towards the style of the Civil Wars, but I like them so I’m happy about it. Maybe using Swift was a way to grab more fans.

  • Crystal
  • Elin

    I don’t really like the idea of the love triangle… first of all: Gale doesn’t play that big of a role in the first book. and secondly, more important, in the end it just feels right for me the way it turns out (it’s like nothing else would have worked out and that’s just the way it is and always was supposed to be)… and also the love triangle just feels WAY too twilightish and Katniss isn’t even really torn between the two of them because she doesn’t really think about love at all..

    I didn’t think that the movie poster w/ the multiple Katnisses and Peetas was an actual part of the movie. and I always imagined Peeta standing like right behind the camera (that captures Katniss from behind) so you wouldn’t see him, and his face would be filmed by some other camera…

    And also were I live (Germany) I didn’t know anyone that read the series or had even heard of them… I was the one that forced my sister and friends to read the books. For me it’s kinda sad, that everywhere there seems to be such a big hype but nothing to feel of it here.

  • hungrygamer

    I just found the podcast, and as a huge Mugglecast fan, I was really excited to hear opinions from familiar voices about my new obsession. Anyways, over the episodes you guys have gone back and forth on Katniss’ compatibility to Peeta and her relationship with Gale as well. I wanted to point out what I noticed when I read the books. There’s one moment between Katniss and Peeta where they’re at the party and they’ve just discovered that the Capitol people drink this drink that makes them vomit in order to eat more. Peeta voices his opinion of it, which reflects what Katniss’ thoughts, but in the same light he voices his acknowledgement that they don’t know better. I think Peeta’s character highlights Katniss’ compassionate side as opposed to Gale, when he was so standoffish and baffled that Katniss’ cared for her former prep team and was distraught when they were being tortured for stealing bread. Gale sees all capitol individuals as disposable regardless of who they are as people and Katniss understands as does Peeta that they are a product of their environment and they didn’t know better, but they were good at heart. This coupled with other moments and actions on Gale’s part highlights what Katniss states at the end, she had enough fire and didn’t need that from Gale.
    I also wanted to comment on the most recent episode and how the book is becoming popular. I think this is absolutely true. During my time off around the holidays, I started reading The Hunger Games and then ended up reading all three books in the series in a matter of days. What inspired me to read the series was my recent purchase of the Kindle Fire, a memory of when it was suggested on Mugglecast a while ago, and hearing that the movie was coming out soon. After I finished I found out two of my friends were reading the series as well, and this is saying something because we’re all working adults!
    Again, love the show. Please keep up the good work!

    • Corin

      Completely agree w/ your take on the Katniss/Peeta/Gale dynamic.  Even Gale says “Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can’t survive without.”  I though from the very beginning it would Peeta. 

  • Ayh85

    I love the Taylor Swift song and here’s why…
    I feel like this song is more about Prim not Rue. Katniss wants her sister to feel safe even after she leaves for the games.
       “The war outside our door keeps raging on: Hold onto this lullaby”
        Rue doesn’t need to hold on to anything, but Prim does.
    I do agree that it does have a country feel, but wouldn’t that be fitting considering that they are in the Appalachian Mts. very nice touch.
    Finally, the song is just so soft and simple. Its completely amazing and I am not a Swift fan.

  • Grace Nzita

    I think the Hunger Games is getting really popular over in the states but in London where i live, i have asked quite a number of people (mainly late-teens) if they have heard of or read the Hunger Games and many have said no. When i do explain what its about and mention that there are three books in the series they automatically think that it’s going to be similar to Harry Potter (a franchise trying to be as good as Potter) and Twilight – (mainly Twilight’s over-exposure and teen craze). When i’m done explaining the overall impression that i get is that it’s just going to be another ‘franchise thing’ – maybe i’m over-thinking this too much but perhaps it would have been better, maybe even wiser if Lionsgate had waited a few years to release this film. People are still getting over Potter and there’s still another Twilight movie to go.

    But i have to add if they want THG film to be big, they need to up the game promotion wise for sure (i really hope that they don’t follows Twilight’s route and go all Team Peeta Vs Team Gale on us. It worked brilliantly for Twilight but it just wouldn’t be right if they went down this route)Love the show!! – Grace
    P.s i’m shocked that i’m saying this but where is Richard??

  • Ceilidh

    I disagree with Andrew’s opinion of the song “Safe and Sound” being about Rue. I think it’s more about Prim and how she doesn’t want Katniss to leave her when she goes to the games. However, I do agree that no ‘modern’ music should be in the movie, as it does happen in the distant future. A score would work perfectly if it is done well, just like Harry Potter. I also think using a soundtrack would make the movie similar to that of Twilight (pardon the comparison and fandom clash!). If a love song was playing in the background while Katniss and Peeta are in the cave together it would remind me too much of Twilight scenes between Edward and Bella, especially during scenes when they’re alone in the meadow. Music at tender parts between Katniss and Peeta or Gale would play up the love triangle too much, which would deter from the real plot of the story. I can’t wait to hear the score and I hope it lives up to everyone’s (probably high) expectations. 

    • Ayh85

      I agree to a certain extent (see my comment below). I would disagree on the “modern” music though. The districts are very simple so the music should reflect that. Except of course, when they are at the Capital. Every other moment is Katniss’ moment; therefore, it needs to be reflective of her and her style.

    • Gigglebox777

      I agree, modern music should stay out of it, but I don’t think that this song is “modern music”. It is completely different than any of Swift’s other songs, and I think it is perfect for the movie.

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys.
    Something I would like to discuss – *SPOILER*:

    In “Mockinjay”, when President Snow convinces Katniss that President Coin is a cold person, not caring about the ways used to reach what she thinks is right, and ultimately Katniss kills Coin, do you think Snow just wanted to see how far he could manipulate and mentally torture Katniss, or he really believed in everything he said? From what I remember, Coin does seem to resemble Snow more and more in some methods and ideologies, and it’s never absolutely clear if what Katniss did was justified.

    Did Snow ultimately had control over Katniss and made her act against her better jugment, betraying the last of her true self? Was that his final act of cruelty and sedition? Or was Katniss doing the “right thing” by eliminating another dictator in the making?

    Would love to hear some opinions about this!

    • dontletthemugglesgetyoudown

      I think that he was right about Coin. I had a sense while reading the book that 13 was so disciplined. The capitol and 13 are just two opposite ends of the spectrum, two extremes it seemed like. and coin would have wanted to keep everything in that same kind of control and i think katniss knew that. also, if that’s true then why did katniss vote to have one last games? isn’t that counterproductive and hypocritical?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I didn’t remember the “Game’s vote” and Coin’s suggestion of killing Capitol’s children. Indeed she was becoming another Snow, but what I found interesting was Snow’s interference. He is not the kind of person to tell Katniss the truth so she could do the right thing. After Katniss kills Coin he just laughs, like he accomplished another sadistic act; his last actions were helping someone decide to kill another human being.

    • Ekta

      You know, I ponder upon this same issue endlessly. Personally, I didn’t like either Snow or Coin from the word go. I mean, in the end, they were both rigid dictators whose “people” were bound to rebel. If Coin was never assassinated, Panem would have been under her strict control, the difference would have been in rules and regulations. Essentially, the people of the districts would have still been slaves. In some ways, it would have been worse, if the food rations and time-tables would have still been enforced.

      As for Snow convincing Katniss, I don’t know if it was as much convincing as it was actually triggering Katniss to come out of her stupor and act. Sometimes I think what Katniss did was almost whimsical or perhaps her body reacted to some subconcious thoughts about Coin, whom she never liked or trusted. I stand by Katniss’ decision to get rid of Coin; I never saw a bright future for the citizens of Panem under her rule anyways. Also, Snow was practically on his deathbed. In the book, Katniss decides to kill Coin, but just say, hypothetically, she hadn’t considered killing Coin and missed Snow. I think, someone would have finished him off, and I don’t think Katniss would have been in Coin’s good books. This would have further lead to a different sort of ending, in which Katniss may have been bothered by Coin’s Capitol her entire life and because of the trauma, maybe she wouldn’t have even ended up with Peeta…I don’t know, there’s so much there and really, there isn’t any canon I can put my finger on to justify Katniss’ actions or whether she trusted Snow. I think it was Snow’s way of getting at Coin more than Katniss (two birds in one stone)…his last hold on power, and he was, in a way successful. Katniss was his instrument, his best shot at getting at Coin.
      What do you all think about this theory? Just one off the top of my head…  

      • Anonymous

        Yes, that’s what I think. Snow’s interference wasn’t for Panem or Katniss’ well-being. Indeed I think it was “his last hold on power” as you say. His way of destabilizing things one last time.

        I’m not bothered by Katniss killing Coin, but was it her right to take matters into her own hands and do the deed on her own? If it wasn’t for Snow’s insinuations, would she have done the same thing?

        • Ekta

          I don’t think she would have killed Coin in this case; as I said, Snow kind of “triggered” her. Glad you agree. And, in fact, I was pleased Katniss got Coin. I was proud of her and it wasn’t anyone’s decision what should have been done. Panem was essentially in chaos. One dictator pushing over another, no democracy. I don’t think the rebels would have been too pleased with Coin, as they didn’t know much about her, yet had already sacrified so much blood for her. If any person had a choice, it was the mockingjay herself. Apparently, no one reacted too badly afterwardds, which implies other people were weary of Coin. Obviously, Katniss saved everyone from a pretty bad fate.  

        • Absentminded Scientist

          As Ekta says, Snow’s insinuations were a trigger for all the suppressed hate Katniss harbored in her subconscious. Remember how the smell of the mutt-roses incited her enough to come out of her stupor? If not Snow, then it would’ve been someone else (maybe Coin herself!) that would have done the job. Katniss would’ve either self-destructed with all the rage and the guilt or Killed Coin anyway, but too late to do her any good anymore.

  • snitchseekerloverrilikecats

    I think the song will be when peeta and katniss are in the cave after she saves him and before she leaves to get the medicine while he’s sleeping

    also i think it’s so cool that they’re marketing this so that we are the capitol and the movie is the actual games

    • dontletthemugglesgetyoudown

      “i remember you said don’t leave me here alone” ya i think you’re right

  • Joey J.

    Why didn’t you talk about Peeta and all the comments in episode seven?

    • Selina

      We didn’t have time! Sorry! We might try to incorporate some of them in the next ep when we’re discussing Gale.

      • Joey J.


  • Tova Rich

    I think the song is for when Katniss says goodbye to Prim before she gets on the train. The lyrics make me think about keeping someone you love safe, and that is the whole point of Katniss going into the games in the first place.

  • Lindsay

    “Is The Hunger Games nail polish line a cool idea or a silly one?”

    For the sake of being controversial I would say it was an obscene idea. When I heard they were making a big budget movie series, one of my first thoughts was how the hell can they do the usual frivolous merchandising and manipulative advertising campaign that comes with every high profile movie release now? These seemed to be at the core of what the books’ message was against: frivolous consumerism in the face of poverty and the manipulative soundbitey advertising and promotion. I was surprised that this wasn’t so much as touched on in your chat – where are Laura and Elysa when you need them? ;-)

    • Anonymous

      personally think that hunger games nail polish is a good idea but not just
      because “OMG its HUNGER GAMES NAIL POLISH!!!” Firstly because, as was
      pointed out on this podcast, no one would be able to notice that it was from
      the hunger games. Secondly like Lindsay said, the book was against this kind of
      consumerism, it was one of the key concepts of it.

      The real
      reason that it’s good is because the way they are promoting this movie is to
      make it an immersive experience- we are the Capitol watching these games. By
      making a hunger games nail polish it promotes the idea that these citizens are
      treating it like a grand event, and dressing up even though it is actually a
      fight to the death. This contributes to the overall idea of this immersive experience.

      Most of
      this was covered in the podcast I believe but like you said I think Laura and
      Elysa would have covered it more thoroughly. 

      • Anonymous

        Sorry about the really weird spacing, my computer was messed up.

    • NarniaPotterGoneHungergames

      Personally, I like the colors. They’re cool. But yeah, it is ironic that they constantly keep coming out with new propaganda. The whole point of the series was against stuff like this. I guess we’ll just have to see.

  • DreamNox58

    I loved this episode

  • KayRou

    I’m not able to read through all the comments (so glad to see this podcast is getting so much love!) so I hope that I’m not repeating anything, but I just wanted to talk about the nail polish line.

    At first I didn’t like it. I thought they were just trying to get as much money as they could out of this. But, really, I think they’re being quite revolutionary. Now that we’ve seen the Capitol fashion and we’re getting so many updates from the Capitol (twitter, facebook, etc.) I’m really beginning to enjoy this. I like how they talk about the countdown to the movie like its the countdown to the games. They’re really immersing us in the world of the Hunger Games and making it feel absolutely real. For a fan of ANY series, that’s more than anyone could ask for.

  • Sarah

    Hey guys!

    Absolutely LOVE the podcast, you’re all awesome!

    And speaking of music, did you hear versions of Rue’s Lullaby and the Hanging tree on Youtube. Sirensong21jca (or Jess Antrobus as her name apparently is) did great version of both, they’re so amazing I think they’re gonna be hard to top, actually. Just wanted to hear what you thought, or of you have heard any other good versions?

    Hanging tree’s here:
    and Rue’s Lullaby here:

  • Shauna Gallo

    Everyone keeps saying that they think this song is related to Rue’s death.. And while I agree that it works with the sad/mellow-ness of that part in the book, I can’t help but notice how well it also works for another part. It fits with Katniss tricking Peeta into taking the sleeping drug so she can sneak away to get the antidote that will save his life.. Just my thoughts! — I also agree that any actual “lyrical” songs during the film would just detract from Katniss singing.. The two separate albums sounds like a great idea to me!

  • Potter lover gone hunger games

    who is all on this show? i itunes is overloaded soi couldn’t listen

  • potterperson


  • Pbjcrazed

    Where have you been Matt:)

  • Pbjcrazed

    “where are Laura and Elysa when you need them?” yea where r they:(

  • Pbjcrazed

    i think that the taylor swift song would be perfect for when Rue is sleeping with katniss! all they need now is Adele to sing for them!

  • katniss-potter

    Serious lack of Richard on this episode. That is all.

  • Somebodypersons

    I think the Taylor Swift song would be good for the cave sceanes or maybe after the games are over and Katniss and Peeta are having nightmares

  • katniss-potter


  • katniss-potter

    I don’t know if it’s just me but every time I leave a comment on a Hypable story it’s disappeared the next time I come back to the page to see further comments. Does this happen to anyone else or am I just not seeing it and everyone else can see it?! I’m so confused!

  • Lauren Gizzi

    I just discovered the podcast a few days ago (and have listened to all of the episodes so far :D). About Taylor Swift’s song: I can see Katniss singing Rue’s lullaby as she’s dying, then maybe a few moments later, “Safe and Sound” might start playing as we see Katniss collecting the flowers to place on her body, and as she salutes to the cameras. They could drag that sequence out long enough to fit the length of the song. I understand what others are saying though, about how it could ruin the moment, but I’ve played that part over and over in my head (even though I haven’t seen the movie yet, obviously) and it seems to flow well in my mind. But who knows. Just my two cents. What do you guys think?

  • RueLovegood98

    I think that Gale might have cared for Katniss before the games but it was a kind of don’t-know-what-you-got-till-its-gone thing where he didn’t realize how much he loved her until he thought she loved someone else. Also, I thought of a perfect scene for the Safe and Sound song! After Rue dies, Katniss could start to drift off to sleep and say to a mockingjay “Its okay, she’s safe. We don’t have to worry about her now. Good and safe.” (actual line from the book) then she slips into her dream about Rue and the song continues to play. Just my thoughts.
    P.S. I missed Richard on the last episode:( but I’m still team Hunger Jays with Selina!

  • Dee4THG

    I am obsessed with the Hunger Games! I’ve downloaded the quiz app on iTunes, Watched the trailer about 200 times and read the books 3 times since July! I really like the Taylor Swift song but I would imagine its played when Peeta and Katniss are waiting on the Cornucopia for Cato to be killed by the mutts because if you listen to the lyrics it says: 

    “Just close your eyes,
    The sun is going down
    You’ll be alright
    No one can hurt you now
    Come morning light
    You and I’ll be safe and sound”
    and doesn’t that scene take place during the night? I think it says in the books that the night felt like it would never end…. Just what I thought when I heard it….

  • Anonymous

    Great episode, PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING

  • Laura Jones

    Hey! I dunno how many people will see this post now but- there are these guys on youtube- channel mainstaypro- who have made a mini web series based on the Annie and Finnick story- dating back to when they met to when Annie gets in the games. It really is beautiful and fantastic so y’all should check it out or maybe you guys could watch/talk about it on hunger games chat? but i needed to share it

    • TwiGleeStarGames34

      Omg! I have been following that! It really is amazing:) Too bad it had to end, nad the ending was soooo great!

  • Fan87

    The companion book I would like to see is the book that Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch write at the end of the series. It would neat to events from different perspectives and Peeta’s drawings.  

  • Angela Yannes

    Maybe I missed something, but in all the pictures being released, it looks like Josh Hutcherson has his natural brown eyes. Peeta’s eyes are blue! I will be quite disappointed if they aren’t blue in the movies.

    • PotterJayKay

      Ya I noticed that too, I don’t think it is that big of a deal though. It is not like how in Harry Potter they didn’t make Harry and Lily’s eyes the same which was kind of a huge deal. :P

    • Giggelbox777

      So what is he supposed to do about it? Sure, he could wear colored contacts, but I’m sure their is a reason why he didn’t.

  • Caroline

    Okay, I challenge you all to go one episode without mentioning… the T-word.

  • camillo

    Matt is right. In south asian countries, Hero and heroine denote the protagonist.Generally the good guys.. Its a common term, used all over the media.

  • PotterJayKay

    I am not sure if you guys have noticed this, since you haven’t mentioned it, but at the end of both trailers there is a 4 note whistle which I would think would be Rue’s “call”. Thoughts?

  • taylore thompson

    Just wanted to say I agree completely with Matt about the score in movies. I really like Taylor Swift’s song but I do hope they use it as a companion cd or for the credits. I just can’t take a movie such as the Hunger Games seriously with actual songs in the background during the pacing of the movie. The only thing I have to compare it to is Breaking Dawn pt1. That movie had so many breaks of just songs playing and them panning around to different shots. I got bored, and distracted. In the Hunger Games they need to have a score that influences the mood of the movie but doesn’t draw attention to itself. 

  • Anonymous

    i’ve just started listening to this podcast (long time muggle cast-er) and i’m on episode 2! so far, i’m loving it, and i seem to be team richard since we both are team gale and team hunger gamer. i actually thought that would be a good name for the fans before i heard that hunger gamer was being considered. well keep up the awesome podcasting, and hopefully this continues to be good past ep. 2 :)

    • Gigglebox777

      NO MORE TEAMS!!!! Sorry this is really bugging me….. we all know who she ends up with and we can’t change it so just role with it!

      • Anonymous

         whoa, didn’t know i was banned from ever using the word “team” in reference to anything.

        also, roll*

        • narniapottergonehungergames

          just not team gale or team peeta……. it’s annoying. This is not twilight. It is the Hunger Games. and sorry for the spelling error. :)

  • Max1

    Really guys, you are way to closed minded about this movie! For example, your discussion about having songs in the movie I find was bad. Just because they did not have songs in the Harry Potter movies does not mean it will not be good. Many movies have had songs in and it has worked very well. Just because you like Harry Potter being the way it is doesn’t mean the Hunger Games has to be a carbon copy of it. It is its own movie, and Gary Ross can express it how he feels will be the best, not what Harry Potter/Hunger Games fans want it to be. In the end, he is the professional, not you guys. Also, please please please stop comparing the Hunger Games and Twilight. They are their own books and are very very different from each other. Thanks, Max, UK

  • Nieriel

    First off I love the show and can’t get enough of it!! I just had a comment about the Taylor Swift song “Safe and Sound” I think if they did decide to use it during the movie they might pick the scene where Katniss and Peeta are the last two standing in the arena just before they take the poison berries. What do you think?

    • Sydney

      That would make waaaay more sence!

  • Daniel T. Guerrero

    Hey Hungerjays! Absolutely loving the new podcast! I have a reply to Richard’s perspective of Peeta. I completely agree with the fact that Katniss had to endanger her own life to save Peeta’s and keep him alive during the Games. Maybe the fact that I’m not a girl means that I have a hard time seeing why so many people love him. Which is why I really didn’t like the ending of Mockingjay. I too thought she had settled when she and Peeta ended up together. I don’t think she ever loved him the way he loved her. In my opinion, I don’t think she ever had a very good example of what romantic love looked like. Her father died, and her mother is now in a practically zombie-fied state, plus she admitted that she never loved Gale anymore than in a brother sense. I’m not saying that only children who come from “successfully happy and loving” families have the capability to love romantically when they’re older, but in Katniss’ case, she never really knew anymore than very strong friendships with anyone she cared for, including Prim, who may have been her best friend. She should have just stayed close with Peeta instead of marrying him. I don’t agree that she “needed” him to live, I think they were endangering each other’s lives by being together, with the exception of both of them surviving the Games.

  • Suri Meipapilionis

    So one thing I definitely want to be brought up in the next podcast episode, (and it kind of covers a little on what you guys talked about on episode 9 with Gale being named as the hero), is how Josh Hutcherson/Peeta seems to be receiving very little attention in all the major media spots.
    Putting aside the absolutely obnoxious ignorance of many media/news shows, do you think this might be beneficial for the surprise secret that Peeta drops in the Games interview in the story? Do you think the marketing team is doing this purposefully so that when *spoiler* he declares his love for her it will come as a huge shocker to the general public?
    Also, do you think this destroys the charm of Peeta when many people will already be rooting for Gale before the movie hits theaters?

    Personally, I wasn’t too upset by the playing up of Liam Hemsworth/Gale, but it’s becoming a great worry of how much attention he is getting for this film when he barely shows up throughout the 1st book (although not the movie as I suspect they will be cutting back to him a LOT). Many people have already voiced an opinion that I want to reiterate: Peeta is the one that is in the Games with Katniss. He plays a huge role in the development of Katniss’s character as well, not to mention saving her many times. (Also Peeta has loved her since he first saw her whereas Gale only met her when she was 11 and realized that he liked her only a few months before she went into the arena, which I am only pointing out because I am totally a Peeta person). So why in the heck is Gale being played up so much?

    Even a Gale person like Richard has to agree that Peeta was in the Games with Katniss and they are fighting for their lives for in the arena. (Afterall, that is not opinion but a FACT). 

    Again, this would be a great ploy by the marketing team if they don’t reveal Peeta’s declaration (which I HOPE they DO NOT DO! honestly, it could ruin a lot). I know Josh has mentioned a little of it, and anyone who has read the books know, but I am hoping for the general public that Lionsgate decides to not put this in the trailer.

    Love the show, although I do wish you recorded more frequently. Super stoked for March! 
    ~Suri :D

  • Kelli Howard


  • chrissyhg

    Great episode, I loved the dynamics between the hosts and the girl power! I look forward to following the podcast over the next few exciting weeks!

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