Posted on 7:45 pm,
November 1, 2012

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The new episode of Hypable’s Once Upon a Time podcast, Onceable, is finally here! This week sees the return of Selina, who joins hosts Jessica and Karen, as well as special guest host, Zack Luye. In this episode the hosts delve into episode 5 of the show, “The Doctor.”


– Welcome back Selina!
– Introduction of our special guest, Zack Luye. It’s a Game of Owns podcast invasion!
– Henry continues to bond with “Gramps”
– Charming confronts Dr. Whale
– Regina’s transformation into Evil Queen
– Jefferson and The Doctor
– A world without color
– The return of Daniel
– Emma’s superpower
– Do we trust Hook?
– The beanstalk!
– Poll results
– Listener feedback

Next episode:

“Tallahassee” – Emma embarks on a dangerous adventure with Captain Hook as they climb up a beanstalk to snatch a magical compass from a deadly giant. Meanwhile, details from Emma’s dark past come to light when she runs into a fellow thief.

This week’s poll question:

Is Captain Hook telling Emma and the others the truth?

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Share your thoughts on the Once Upon a Time episode “The Doctor” in the comments! Were you surprised by the Frankenstein reveal? Do you love David Anders as much as Selina does? Is Karen right that there hope for Regina’s redemption yet, or has she done too much evil to be able to fully recover from it?

Follow @OnceUponNews on Twitter for the latest news about Once Upon a Time and the podcast! Thanks for listening, and see you next week for the “Tallahassee” discussion.

This episode's hosts: Jessica Chapman, Karen Rought, Selina Wilken, Zack Luye

  • Sarah

    I’ve just started to write things down for reaction as I listen to the podcast.

    I just felt like Charming punching Whale wasn’t fair considering he also slept with someone else while being cursed (Kathryn) and she even thought she was pregnant. It was hypocritical of him to give Snow crap about it when he found out in 2×1 and it’s hypocritical for him to react this way here as well.

    Before I was really irritated with the amount of hate Regina held for Snow over breaking a promise when she was a child, but after this episode I realized it was mostly misdirected rage. Punishing Cora by throwing her through the looking glass wasn’t enough, she also had to punish Snow as well. She could do more damage to Snow, anyway, considering Snow is pretty much helpless in comparison to Cora.

    Jefferson was amazing, as usual, and Sebastian Stan’s facial expressions were my absolute favorite part of the episode. The weird friendship between him and Rumplestiltskin and Viktor was great. Anders even tweeted some photos of the three of them and said they were the album covers for their steampunk band Believe Or Leave, the album being called Twice Upon A Time.

    The crystal ball had a lot of people thinking “JARETH! LABYRINTH!” but it was most likely to do with the point in Wizard of Oz when the witch watches Dorothy with a crystal ball and Dorothy watches her Auntie Em with it. And considering the world that Frankenstein was in is called “A Land without Color” and Jefferson seemed to have gotten the crystal ball on that trip as well as the failed attempt to get the slippers, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that this is the same world Dorothy is from. Not exactly Oz, but in the beginning of the movie when it’s not in color in her world.

    I love that Daniel was on the verge of killing Henry and Regina never even glanced at Henry. I understand that her love was back from the dead and she was utterly desperate to see him again, but her son, whom she claims to love, almost died and she didn’t even look at him to make sure he was okay. She didn’t even flinch. I don’t know, it just made my skin crawl a bit.

    “Can we just make a comment about just how nice Mulan is to look at?” I cracked up at that part. We need guys on this podcast more often. xD

    • Sarah

      Wow. That was much longer than I thought it would be. So sorry. I just have a lot of feeling about this show and love the podcast. xD

    • Selina

      Don’t tell me that David Anders, Sebastian Stan and Robert Carlyle are ACTUALLY forming a steampunk band together?! I really hope that Anders was joking because it if this is true it will EXPLODE MY LIFE!

  • Mrs_Badcrumble

    I can’t help but feel that “Once upon a time” is a missed opportunity.

    A series based on Fairy Tale characters has so much potential, but episode to episode I feel like the writing is getting worse and worse. Things happen because they are convenient to the story and with no logic or consequence. Things like the evil Queen desperately not wanting to be like her mother who killed the love of her life, and then, from one moment to the other, becomes totally evil (when 5 minutes ago she was all sweetness). She just agreed to use magic (like her mother) because she thought she could save Daniel. What was her justification to become just like her mother when that chance was taken from her? All she ever opposed was her mother’s evil journey to get power no matter what, and in 5 minutes she goes exactly the same way…

    Each episode is centered in one plot line, and it feels that everything is conveniently positioned to resolve the particular issues of that plot line without giving us something to think about. Without real complexity both in characters and in the story itself. Maybe I’m just used to tv series that are a bit more complex or well-written, or “Once upon a time” is aimed at a younger audience, but I feel it could be so much more…

    What do you guys feel about the way the story is developing?

    • Selina

      I think you make some very excellent points, and I have thought a lot of the same actually, especially in the second half of season 1 as they just started answering questions they’d set up in the first half one by one, like they were checking off items on a list.

      One of the things that keeps me back from loving Once Upon a Time as much as I feel like I could do is how very linear and convenient it all is. There are twists, yes (even if they’re spoiled in the previews), and I usually like when they take a fairytale story and gives it an exciting new angle, but the overall storylines pretty much play out exactly as you expect them to.

      I was SO excited when season 2 started and Emma and Snow arrived in fairytale land though because I thought yes, I wasn’t expecting that and what a way to break open the story! But now, five episodes in, it’s clear that their journey is going to be very easy. They go on a quest. They get the compass. They find a way back. Meanwhile, Aurora and Mulan (who had such a great introduction) are left to prettify the background and make idle comments, waiting for their turn in the spotlight. And it’s funny that the producers didn’t realise that Lost had the exact same pacing problem for the exact same reasons.

      The show is fun though, more than anything else, and that’s why I enjoy it. It’s a fairytale, and fairytales ARE to some extent very formulaic, so it kind of works in that way.

      One final thing I did want to comment on that you said is “and then, from one moment to the other, becomes totally evil (when 5 minutes ago she was all sweetness).” Because YES. I totally felt the same way. I’m really enjoying Regina at the moment but that moment made no sense to me, and was clearly just an easy way to push her to the evil side. But I didn’t get it, and in my opinion it didn’t justify her transformation at ALL. It was a shame – that reveal of how she turned evil could have been, in my opinion, much more of a game changer than it ended up being.

      • Mrs_Badcrumble

        Yes, exactly! They have been building up to her “change” to the dark side for so long, and then the gap between “evil Queen” and “sweet Regina” was just inexistent and unjustified. I was expecting some major event in her emotional life, and it felt so… empty.
        And yes, Emma and Snow turning up in fairy-tale land felt like a great change in the pace of things, specially how Emma was going to face the strangeness of this fantasy land. But again, the difficulties seem non-existent. What a pity…

        Thank you so much for your reply! =)

      • Lhopko

        I actually don’t agree that it felt rushed between Regina and becoming evil. Everything was bottled up from her mother, her feelings to snow and then finally losing her fiancé again. We’ve seen sparks of evil throughout the whole beginning of this episode from pushing her mother into the mirror and her dreams of killing snow, so therefore they were pushing her towards the evil side. Something just snapped. I think it was perfectly logical.

      • Elise Vanderhooft

        I think the reason Regina finally snapped into the Evil Queen was because she lost all hope. Kitsis and Horowitz have repeatedly said that hope is the central theme of the show. Even when Regina pushed her mother into the mirror and agreed to learn magic from Rumple, she had some hope in the back of her mind that she could bring Daniel back, that she could be happy again. When that hope was shattered, she had nothing left inside but rage and vengeance, which is exactly what Rumple wanted to happen. Now she has some hope back, hope that she can be a good mother for Henry, and hope that she can love again.

  • Bridget

    Did anyone else think of voldemort’s death in part 2 when Daniel died?

    • Sarah

      At least Daniel didn’t turn into confetti. Just dust.

  • Brandy

    I know this is completely random, and a way out-there theory but it just suddenly came to me-with ‘Oz’ hints randomly throughout the eps could there also be a correlation with Belle/Dorothy gale and/or possibly Rumpelstiltskin/Cowardly Lion? One thing that got me was one of Belle’s dresses and not to mention her hair here, she looks like Dorothy! Anyone else think this?

    • Brandy

      Though now I remember Belle from the Disney movie wore that same outfit, and my theory is thus foiled :(

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