Posted on 4:44 pm,
November 10, 2012

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Vampire Hype is back to discuss The Vampire Diaries episode 4×05 “The Killer”! Elena killed Connor, Jeremy became a Hunter, April is the key to the whole series (no really)… so much to discuss. We brought in Tariq’s Sorkin Series co-host Kristen for this week’s episode, and had a great discussion which we hope you all enjoy.


– Kristen’s Vampire Hype audition
– So. The diaries are back…
– What is Shane up to? Why does he need Bonnie?
– Are the Hunters really evil?
– If David Alpay read the Vampire Diaries audiobooks, we’d be all about them
– Jeremy’s a Hunter now. Called it! We’re on a roll
– Will Bonnie be able to see the Hunter tattoos?
– We want a female Hunter (read: Slayer)
– Five original siblings, five Hunters – coincidence?!
– Surprise! Sonya joins the discussion
– Connor said that April has “everything” to do with this, and she vaguely remembers him, why?
– Listener theory: is April the key to the cure?
– It ended up being Elena who killed Connor. Badass moment! But is she overreacting?
– Damon/Stefan scene: Damon calls out Stefan on not being able to love Elena as a vampire (we called that too!), and says that he’ll help him, but Damon is “fine with her either way”
– Stelena shippers, are you shaking in your boots?
– It’s time for Kristen’s Big Bang Theory reference of the w…wait, what?
-Would Elena turn human only to turn into a vampire again?
– Caroline/Tyler/Hayley: “Yeah, I don’t do teen drama,” Hayley says, and we snigger about The Secret Circle
– Is Tyler telling the truth?
– Promo Katherine: real or not real?
– Stefan is losing control
– Listener feedback: We discuss theories about Elena sacrificing the cure for someone else and Damon turning human, and defend our love for Rebekah.

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This episode's hosts: Selina Wilken, Sonya Faria, Tariq Herzallah, Kristen Kranz

  • K

    Did you guys forget Damon’s huge scene at the 2×12 where he admits that he misses being human more than anything in the world? There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s something he’d at least consider taking and he probably didn’t even want to elusive it was possible too much because a lot of the things he wants turn out to end in disappointment. But yea, here’s the scene on YT: – it was one of his standout character moments and it happened in the same episode that Rose died, The Descent.

    • Selina

      Yes, we did forget that. ;) At least we remembered that he didn’t want to become a vampire though right? So we’re like halfway there.

      • K

        lol true true! I’ll give you that one. :D

  • Shaft Almasy

    I like the Buffy The Vampire Slayer references April as the Key indeed, but I think she indeed will be important to the current story. I have heard from my sources that the ‘device’ that changes vampires back to humans in the book was a flower and that it is Damon who accidentally uses it.

    I have many questions about the tattoo, let us say that of the five the tattoos that when one dies his unique tattoo moves on to another potential. How much of it transfers? So if the previous hunter was a badass will the next hunter get nearly all of the map or will he have to start from scratch because he is knew. Once that is cleared up I think we will know a lot more about the hunters.

    I think Damon confronting Stefan over whether he can truly love Elena as a vampire was huge and telling, after all it is clear that Stefan hates himself because of what he is which makes him truly loving Elena debatable.

    Great show guys keep up the great work.

  • Krista Marie

    you guys seems to have so much fun on your podcast, ive heard others where they barely pay attention to the episodes : / … wish i could be a part of yours its great!

    • Selina

      Aww thank you so much for saying that! We do have a lot of fun with it :)

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