Posted on 12:43 pm,
November 4, 2012

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Vampire Hype makes a proud return after our last episode, where we made a random prediction about The Vampire Diaries which turned out to be completely accurate! In this episode Selina and Sonya discuss the events of 4×04 “The Five,” including the show’s surprising (or… maybe not so surprising) revelation that vampires can turn back into humans, Professor Shane’s first appearance, and the awesome Rebekah flashback.


– Selina gloats. Sonya is unimpressed.
– Why we don’t like Bonnie: explained!
– Damon’s dorky dancing
– Stefan and Elena need each other, but is it for the wrong reasons?
– Professor Shane. Or more like Professor Shame, partying with the students, whaaat!
– The Shane/Connor mystery: it can all be explained using Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
– Shane/Bonnie romance y/y? And where the hell is Jamie?
– Will Shane lead Bonnie to the dark side? We hope not. Morgana does it better
– Oh hey look, it’s a Talks of Camelot podcast plug!
– Should the flashbacks have been more Rebekah-centric?
– Why did Rebekah’s hunter love not try to cure her instead of using the dagger?
– Rebekah and the other vampires are stuck in self-destructive cycles they can’t escape
– Klaus’ feelings for Rebekah did change forever in that flashback though
– Stefan’s betrayal: is it the beginning of his descent into Ripper-mode?
– Stefan is doing it all for Elena, but is that selfish?
– We discuss whether or not Elena and Stefan would last as a human couple
– We take a short break to appreciate the fact that Stefan actually made a joke in this episode
– The cure for vampirism: yay or nay?
– We’re both skeptical, mainly because of the all too convenient timing of the reveal, and that it feels too much like an easy undo
– We clear up the ratio of American human years to Danish human years (…okay, it’s the same)
– This week, Selina’s Buffy reference is actually an Angel reference, and it’s really more like a rant
– Would the cure have been better kept for a season finale reveal?
– The Big Question: WILL Elena actually turn back into a human?
– Brilliant listener theory: what if the cure can only be used once? And maybe they won’t use it on Elena
– Jeremy is so taking Connor’s place as a vampire hunter! But why is he still wearing his ring?
– Did Klaus orchestrate Connor’s escape?
– When will Rebekah be undaggered already?!
– Elijah! …We have absolutely nothing to say about him.
– Listener feedback: Yay our predictions, a note on Elena’s rage, and an appeal for Tariq
– We discuss Stelena vs Delena a little bit more because we just can’t help it

We also want to bring your attention to Hypable’s BattleShips tournament! Delena has made it to the next round and is gonna battle Castle/Beckett, and we’re scared! Start gathering forces, it’s gonna be a tough battle!

Follow us on Twitter @VampireHype, and let us know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, and of the things we discussed!

This episode's hosts: Selina Wilken, Sonya Faria

  • Tariq

    Ahaha Splinter, that part got me cracking up. Great episode, guys! I loved it.

  • Emma

    The dynamic between Caroline and Stefan reminds me of Angel and Cordelia in the first couple of seasons of Angel, and those of us that watched Angel know how that ended.

    Elena’s journey reminds me of Buffy’s journey coming to terms with being a slayer and it’s darker nature, highlighted in her relationship with Faith complete with dancing scene at the Bronze. For Buffy it was her relationships with her friends and family that kept her connected to humanity rather than allowing her predatory nature to take over and isolate her from living a normalish life.

    In regard to the ‘cure’…I’ve only read the first 5 books, struggling through the sixth at the moment but from reading the blurbs I know that….

    Spoiler Alert

    Damon turns humans in one of the later books, accidentally instead of Stefan. Elena’s not a vampire at that point in the series.

    If this is followed in the show it would create an interesting dynamic given that Damon has stated that he misses being human and Stefan’s obviously jealously should his ‘evil’ brother beat him and Elena to the prize.

    If only one can become human and it happens to one of the brothers, I see it going the way of Angel or Darla in that they would choose to turn again to be with/protect the ones they love.

    • Selina

      Ugh, you know what? If they’re going down the human again route I bet they’re gonna go the magical vampire child route too, ala Angel and Twilight! They really do pull a lot from the Buffyverse don’t they?

      I also like your point about the Angel/Cordy and the Stefan/Caroline relationship similarities, but I think the difference is that Stefan’s still got his Buffy on the same show. If Stefan and Caroline had a spinoff show and it was established that Elena and Stefan couldn’t be together, I could totally see them developing feelings for each other… but the writers won’t let them, I doubt they’d let Stefan develop anything other than lust (and they haven’t even done that except for referencing his past liaisons with Katherine and Rebekah) for any other character than Elena.

      • Lupita

        The only way I would be ok with vampire babies on TVD is if the parents were Damon/Elena or Caroline/Stefan :D

      • Emma

        Depends if they want to get accused of completely ripping off Twilight. But given how slowly the show progresses, 3 seasons roughly equaling 18 months, I don’t see a vampire pregnancy being pulled off unless they do a jump in time as in Season 4 of True Blood.

        The slow progression of the timeline is a major fault with the show as while the characters go through a lot and the plot-lines are fast-paced it doesn’t allow time for the characters to really grow and change. By season 4 Buffy had moved onto college, TVD won’t get there until the start of season 5 and the characters were a full year older with the show started. We keep wanting the characters to develop, Bonnie for example, yet it’s unrealistic to expect real character growth when defining moments for their character, Gram’s death, happened just over a year ago.

  • Lupita

    I love when Selina talks about Buffy or Angel on the podcast I just wish the other hosts knew what she was talking about lol!
    If the vamp cure only worked once how crazy would it be if Matt turned into a vampire & elena had to give it to him. I’m pretty sure Stefan & Damon would be crazy mad that she had to sacrifice herself once more for Matt.

    • Selina

      Hahaha aww I’m so glad at least some people appreciate the references! :P ONE DAY we’ll get in more Buffy fans and actually do a podcast episode devoted to that show. :)

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