Posted on 12:17 pm,
November 18, 2011

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The latest episode of Hypable and Mockingjay’s Hunger Games Chat is here! Listen in as we carry out an in-depth analysis on the new trailer for The Hunger Games along with discussing the latest news!

Joining us this week for this special episode is’s Brooke Tarnoff along with our regular hosts Andrew, Richard, Selina and Kimmy.


– Discussing the latest pictures that appeared in People Magazine.
– Discussion about The Square, where fans can campaign to become District mayors. Not everyone likes this idea.
– Lionsgate COO gives some information regarding the financial targets of the franchise, the Chinese release and the lack of IMAX.
– In-depth look at the newest trailer for the upcoming movie, with a scene-by-scene analysis.
– Does District 12 look like we imagined it in the books?
– Why does Effie have an Capitol accent but other members don’t?
– Does Katniss look too much like Prim’s mom?
– Drunken Haymitch is still missing.
– Tribute clothing: Coming soon to a Hot Topic near you.
– Listener feedback to the trailer.
– … And MUCH more!

To contribute to the show, leave a comment in this post! Feel free to reply/like others’ comments to enhance the discussion!

This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Richard Reid, Selina Wilken, Kimmy West, Brooke Tarnoff

  • Scott Alan Sauberlich Jr.

    FINALLY! Ever since the trailer was released I have been watching iTunes waiting to see when you would put your trailer review episode up.  What took you all so long?

    • bridget


  • Theaterboy1

    I LOVE the podcast and trailer dissection. In regard to Katniss looking like a mom: In a way she is Prim’s mom right? I mean their actual mother has been docile for so long now and Katniss HAS had to assume the mother role and take care of both Prim and their mother. Just an observation.

    • Josh

      Yeah, exactly. 

    • Luna_9101

      plus, katniss describes prim as the only person she’s sure she loves (well, in book 1 at least). that’s pretty motherly, i think. 

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree. In the podcast it was said that her dress looks too “mom-ish”, but this is appropriate since the dress is her mom’s. Here is an excerpt from “The Hunger Games”:

      “To my surprise, my mother has laid out one of her own lovely dresses for me. A soft blue thing with matching shoes.”

  • Akacj18

    i think the Blue overtones are intended to make everything feel really cold and ominous. if it were too warm it wouldn’t be nearly as disconcerting.

    the impression i got from the books was that the capitol accent was not actually a natural accent, it was more something you study and practice as a way of displaying your social status (along with clothing and hairstyles). so effie having the most affected accent makes sense to me. she is the embodiment of capitol high society. president snow is, well, the president, so no need to assert dominance there, and cinna is very down to earth and almost above all that ridiculousness.

    and just a closing thought: katniss saluting district 11 gave me CHILLS!

    • Josh


    • AmyMac

      I think that your point about the accent is a great point.  I have listened to all of the audiobooks, and the narrator (Carolyn McCormick) really emphasizes Effie’s accent, but barely uses one at all for Cinna and President Snow.  It will be interesting to see if Venia, Octavia, and Flavius have the strong accent like Effie in the movie, because I definitely think that they should to be in keeping with their characters and this theory.

    • bridget

      interesting point

  • Akacj18

    i thought the music was really great. its probably not the actual score, but it definitely gave me the creeps. which it should. so i was glad they seem to really be getting the tone right, in all aspects of the film, not just in the music.

    • sdbcurler

      I swear with this trailer I have watched countless times just because the score is so amazing. Its just so perfect, and I dont really know how to explain.

  • Guest

    I can’t get it on iTunes yet…

    • veralidaine

      Try refreshing your podcast screen (bottom right corner). That worked for me!

  • DreamNox58

    Andrew, do you realize you called this show episode 7 in the beginning but have it here as episode 8?  Regardless, awesome show.

    • Jhonny Ayrout

      yeah, I noticed that too! plus, at the end of the episode he also says: “we’ll see you next time for episode 8″ which obviously he means episode 9.

  • Hibaq Farah

    I think because you guys spend so much time reporting HP and Twilight it coudn’t help but pop up when you saw something a tiny bit similare. I on the other hand didn’t get anything from either of those film while watching the trailer. I’m a huge fan of all three books (not so much the movies) from the look of it HG is following the book to the letter. It works!! Very fun to see a movie that makes the transtion from page to screen so effortlessly. Love the podcast!! I’m suprised by how much i always agree with Richard.  

  • Josh

    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but roll my eyes through out the whole show. Stop with the pointless nitpicking. 

    • Josh

      And I’m talking mostly about Selina. It’s like, “Ohhh… It’s not how I thought it would look”, “I’m slightly disappointing”, etc..

      • Tucker Coney

        well, a podcast is supposed to be about their opinions. And if Selena doesn’t like what’s she is seeing, while I disagree, I think she should have her own opinion about it.

        • Shannon

          Yes she deserves to have an opinion,they all do. But some of the comments are a bit rough, like jennifer being to ‘fat’ in the trailer. They should just tone it down a bit.

          • Selina

            Shannon- In fairness to guest host Brooke, she was voicing an opinion that many fans have been writing to us about: that J.Law’s look wasn’t what they expected. We try to present a variety of views from the fandom in the podcast, and to balance out the positive with the negative. :) I think we were all pretty much in agreement though that the trailer was absolutely brilliant, and that Jennifer Lawrence will be an amazing Katniss.

      • Joey J.


        • Joey J.


    • Eoin

      Hey don’t be a hater on Selina. It’s fine if you don’t like her but don’t leave a mean comment. It’s not helping anyone.

  • Josh

    Oh, and Katniss’s mother is in the Trailer. You can see her in the background when Katniss volunteers. 

    • phoenixjay

      Where is she?

  • Tucker Conley

    Isn’t daughters supposed to look like their mothers?

  • Kelsey G.

    I saw the trailer and immediately bought the book. I finished it in less than 12 hours. So to answer your question: the trailer totally convinced me to read the book. I think it was the countdown that got me. Plus the look of total panic on Katniss’ face as she goes up the tube. Chills.

    • bridget

      wow that’s awesome! that the trailer got you to read the book, i mean. and i thought the countdown was really cool too

      • Jhonny Ayrout

        well, it’s what got me to read it as well! and not just the 1st book, but all three books! I finished them in less than a week. and I can’t wait for March to come!!!

    • Donna

      The countdown in the trailer is pretty awesome and tension-inducing.

    • Samantha

      I did almost the same thing. I had heard of the series before, but I saw the trailer and went out to buy the books. Finished them all within a week and am super excited for the movie.

  • bridget

    great episode!! and i agree with you guys, the difference between twilight and hunger games is that there are no hunger games haters. there are those who love it and those who have never read the books.

  • Alex

    That photo with Effie and Katniss is most likely where Effie asks her what her name is after she volunteers and then says “I bet that was your sister, don’t want her to steal all the glory” or something along those lines from the book

  • jessie

    I seriously can’t take Jennifer Lawrence hate at all. She is a perfect katniss and we really couldn’t ask for anyone better. We have a freaking Oscar Nominee as our Katniss. It really wont ever be any better. Jennifer is a fantastic actress that really cares and understands the story and the characters.

    • Shannon

      I totally agree with you. I mean, I had my doubts in the beginning but then I actually seen how good of an actress she is and I was completely won over. It really annoys me when they say she is to ‘fat ‘ or whatever. I think her health as a person is more important than the role itself. I wouldn’t like to see her starve herself just for the part.

  • Guest

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  • clovefan

    I think you are crazy for saying that everything looks blue like Twilight. You can definitely see that twilight was edited to be blue. The trailer only looks tinted because the scenery was very grey. The buildings in the square are all grey so the light rflected on the scene is grey. The training center was also grey so the light wouldn’t be colorful. Other scenes seem to be very colorful to me, and the scenes that did look tinted definitely were caused by natural light and I don’t think they did it on purpose. 

    • sdbcurler

      Before reading this I was just about to say that the reason everything may give off that color is because of the reflection off the buildings. Also in my opinion during the reaping scenes and all the blue clothes, I think we are supposed to understand that one district makes the clothes so they are not going to make different colors for those not in the capital. I mean they represent the poor, and take whatever they can get which I believe in most cases would be similar for every district.

  • Veralidaine

    Thanks for the wonderful review show! For those listeners who don’t like that you nitpick, I would encourage them to listen to the end of the episode where you all give ample praise for the trailer. Your comment on how the trailer has replay value is very accurate! I normally watch a trailer once and leave it at that, but I find myself re-watching this one over and over again. It makes me want to pick up the book again!

    I had a thought on whether the movie could reach the $100 million mark. I agree with Richard. I don’t think there will be a problem. I think that The Hunger Games appeals to a wide audience, and the books have been gaining a lot of popularity over the past few months with the promotion of the film. Both my roommates are reading the book right now as a result of the trailer, and if Facebook is any indication, the books have gained a huge following even at my small, liberal arts college. People are already talking about attending a midnight premiere, and the movie is four months away!

    Anyways… I loved the trailer although I agree with Selina that there should have been some more Peeta! I was nervous about the casting of Cinna, because he’s my favorite character from the book, but the trailer has helped alleviate my fears. I can’t wait for the next episode!

  • 7Starrchasers

    Funny enough, I didn’t think about Twilight until YOU guys mentioned it…yeah it is pretty blue, BUT i thought that the colour gets a LOT better when we go to the capitol and the arena..I guess they wanted to make D12 look gloomy. Also, even though Jen looks like a mum,  it was cause of the old fashioned dress and hair I kind of like it. when she goes to the capitol she looks normal. As much as she is not how I pictured Katniss to look like, her “round” face doesn’t bother me…I mean sure katniss was poor but she wasn’t starved guys, not later on anyway. Finally I wanted to mention the salute. I think the scene where the crowd does it back, is actually D12 saluting her…In the book, when Katniss volunteers, and the introductions are made, the whole district salutes her and it takes her off guard, I’m pretty sure that is what it was, and when we see her, it was definitely after rue’s death… All in all, I love the trailer and think i’ve seen it more than 50 times already *no jokes*.

  • julzjulzjulz

    We get a tiny glimpse of the arena, so to say that the arena and the woods surrounding District 12 are too similar is a bit premature. Who knows, maybe that concern will be legitimate once we see more but until then I’m going to reserve judgement.

    As for Cinna’s accent, I don’t know why or where I read this, but I seem to remember Suzanne Collins saying that Cinna wasn’t originally from the Capitol which could explain the lack of his accent.

    Overall, I loved the trailer and it was great listening to this podcast. I’ve been looking forward to the new Hunger Games Chat ever since the trailer was released.

  • Louelle van Rens

    Hey guys! 

    Not too long ago I started listening to all of the Smart Mouths episodes again (I really miss that podcast, you all have done a great and hilarious job on that one), and all of a sudden in episode #10, the first live on Ustream one, in the “WTF news” segment at 1:21:42 Woody Harrelson was mentioned in a pretty interesting story if you ask me. In regards to his role as Haymitch. After hearing this again and making that link, I just thought: “This guy is absolutely crazy. Which means I don’t have to be worried about his portrayal in the Hunger Games. At all.

    Micah Tannenbaum: “Woody Harrelson’s explanation for an alleged tussle with a TMZ photographer at New York City’s La Guardia Airport Wednesday night is said to be ‘Method acting.’ He was quoted as saying: “I wrapped a movie called Zombieland, in which I was constantly under assault by zombies, then flew to New York, still very much in character. With my daughter at the airport I was startled by a paparazzo, who I quite understandably mistook for a zombie.” 
    Andrew Sims: “…What?”
    Penny Gershman: “J… I mean, is that an excuse? And even if it is, it’s a really bad one.”
    Andrew Sims: “Yeah.”
    Micah Tannenbaum: “So he basically beat the photographer up because ‘he looked like a zombie.'”
    Andrew Sims: “Oh my god.”
    Penny Gershman: “He has – We haven’t seen much of Woody Harrelson lately.”
    Matt Britton: “…Method acting?”
    Andrew Sims: “I love how everyone in the chat just goes “WTF?”” [laughs]
    Penny Gershman: “That should be the name of our segment!”
    Andrew Sims: [laughs with Penny] “Yeah, that’s a great idea!”
    Matt Britton: “Why can’t it be like, ‘no one gives a shit about me, so I need to get in the headlines.'”
    Andrew Sims: [laughs]
    Micah Tannenbaum: “Yeah, that’s what I think it was.”
    And lastly Penny Gershman compares Woody Harrelson to Kim Jong-il’s behaviour.

  • Alice

    My iTunes is having problems, so I have to download these podcasts through the “Download Podcast” option. However, I clicked on that button for this podcast and it just redirected me to THIS page. I can download all other Hunger Games chat podcasts that way, but not this one. Did Richard forget to configure (?) that option when he uploaded it, or is the problem on my end?? I really want to download and listen to you guys talk all about the awesome trailer!! Thanks! :)

    • Gabriela Souza Ferreira

      I cannot download it either… I want to listen too!!!

    • Alice

      Yes!! Just downloaded it! Thanks, ya’ll!! :)

      • Alice

        Ooops! Ignore the pic above. I thought the image button was the profile pic option for non-site-members. I feel retarded.


    You guys keep bringing up that from the trailer, you can’t tell that Katniss and Prim are sisters. Well I disagree. At the reaping, we hear that they have the same last name. Also, the trailer explains that competitors in the games are kids, so Katniss can’t possibly be Prim’s mother. Generally, I don’t think the non book readers had a hard time telling that they were sisters. 

  • Jasmine

    Just two things I want to add:

    1) Did the capitol hovercraft in the beginning of the trailer make anyone else think that they were actually going to show the young couple who try to escape but get caught? I guess the hovercraft could be there for many reasons, but that’s what I immediately thought since I don’t remember the craft being mentioned in the beginning of the book.

    2) Am I the only one who keeps thinking about what happened in Catching Fire whenever Katniss goes up the plastic shaft thingy with Cinna saying goodbye? I always get a little sad at that part in the trailer.

    • phoenixjay

      I was wondering if the hovercraft was maybe Effie arriving for the reaping. I’m not sure of the young couple is important to the overall plot, but who knows..they may get it in there since it’s part of the book.

    • Veralidaine

      On IMDB there is a woman cast as the “Avox Girl” and she has red hair, so I think we will definitely see her character at the capital, if not in the beginning scene as well.

  • Eoin

    I have a few comments on this podcast. 1. Speaking of Character Pronunciations there is a large debate in my class about how to pronounce Peeta. and 2. about District Twelve being to clean. In the first book it says that everyone dresses up nicely for the reaping as to make a good impression on the capitol. They also clean up the district. Hence it looking cleaner than in out imagination. 3. Katniss was definitely doing the peace sign to District 11. Rue taught it to her in the first book.

    • Eoin

      And one more comment is that since they said from the best-selling novels and they show the title of the movie at the end. If a non-fan watches the trailer and likes it they could look up the Hunger Games and then get a synopsis of it on Amazon and Goodreads. They would also see a lot of Five Star Ratings.

  • Somebodypersons

    Yes! Haymitch looks soooo weird! I think he looks like the guy from ‘Sister Wifes’. :)

  • Gkcgirl

    Hey guys, just was wondering if you could talk about a big part of the series for me, the way that Panem resembled the Roman Empire. The Hunger Games focus on gladiatorial games, big part of Roman Culture. The Roman idea of Panem et Circensem (bread and circuses) is a huge part of all the books and is brought up in Mockinjay. The moment when it most sunk in for me was in Catching Fire when it is revealed that the people of the Capitol make themselves vomit to eat for, a large practice in the decadent Roman high class. also I lot of the Capitolites have Roman names like Cinna, Octavia and Flavius.

    • Gkcgirl

      for longer SORRY!!

    • sdbcurler

      I totally agree. The Roman influence is immense. I would also like to point out that during the Roman Empire, the main city was Rome and other territories were controlled by a governor and soldiers. Very similar to districts. I bet we could find tons of other connections, their are just to many to mention.

  • Louelle van Rens

    I don’t know why everyone has forgotten about Avox girl and the hoovercraft. “You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope.” Does this ring a bell?

    • Selina

      Good point, we should have caught this! I actually thought the Avox girl was from the second book – but of course that was the two women who stayed at the cabin wasn’t it?

      • Eoin

        It was. I hope they didn’t cut the Avoxes from the film.

        • 7Starrchasers

          they didn’t…Lavinia is cast already isn’t she?

          • Eoin

            I’m not sure. I didn’t follow every single casting.

          • Kikiann11

            The “hovercraft” scene is a flashback to the Avox thing, so yes, they will be in the movie.

          • Joey J.

            I think she is

  • Sarah

    In regards to Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss not looking malnourished enough:

    “I may be smaller naturally, but overall my family’s resourcefulness has
    given me an edge in that area. I stand straight, and while I’m thin, I’m strong. The meat and plants from the woods combined with the exertion it took to get them has given me a healthier body than most I see around me” (The Hunger Games 94).

    Loved the trailer review! Can’t wait for more podcasts as the movie approaches !

    • Shannon

      Glad you posted some prove on here about katniss not looking malnourished enough. I think Jennifer deserves some recognition. I mean her health as a person is more important than the character; I wouldn’t want to see her starve herself to the bone just for the role.

  • Gkcgirl

    I was worried by the fact that the reaping seemed so empty. In the book it was super crowded. Thoughts? I loved Peeta looking out the train window (first day of school moment as Andrew said) and also his little “smirk” before the shot of Rue. And his LINE!!!!

  • Gkcgirl

    I am still not thrilled by Donald Sutherland as President Snow. I love him as an actor, and think he lends credibility to the movie, but he looks to lovable. I can’t stop thinking of him as Mr Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, not the wizened snake that we hate in the books. However, I am sure he will act the perfect President Snow and that matters much more than his looks. I LOVED seeing the white rose in his buttonhole, suggesting that they will tie in that whole plot.

  • thatdamndrummer

    “How is this any different, really, from World of Warcraft?”

    World of Warcraft is not about killing children.

  • Luna_9101

    LOVED IT!!!! although it was pretty much perfect, i would love to have more backstory on peeta. plus, district twelve looks too fairy-tale-y. prim/katniss are perfect, effie is incredible.

  • Luna97831

    anyone who has any doubts about josh hutcherson as peeta i think has lost them after seeing this. the part where the camera cuts to his face after he was just chosen is heartwrenching. he’s the perfect peeta- strong, caring, kind. josh is just what i imagined peeta would look like. he’s my favourite actor choice of the trio- but jenn lawrence as katniss is great with me. not sure about liam hemsworth, but i’ll save my criticisms until the movie comes out. 

    • Kinkajou


  • Anonymous

    Well, I agree with Brooke(?) in that District 12 doesn’t like grimy/grungy enough.  I will admit that the trailer is good, and the music is killer.

    But I have to say, I think the Hunger Games would work better as a TV series.  In that way, we could actually “watch” the games unfold like we would if we were in Panem. 

  • Elaina Wiggins

    I am probably the worlds newest Hunger Games fan and I’ve been inhaling the books and this podcast for the last three days. Now that I’ve completed my HG “education” I wanted to put forth my opinion as a new fan who saw the trailer before reading the books.
    Immediately upon seeing the trailer floating around the internet I know I had to read the books before I saw the movie. As a full time college freshman who also works an average of 35 hours a week the thought of finding time to pleasure read seemed impossible. However when you get a taste of something truly great it’s hard to stop even if it’s 3 in the morning. Now that I’ve finished the books i’m left in rabid anticipation of the movie which will happily premiere just two days before my own birthday! What a fantastic birthday present right?

  • jordan.d

    I have been trying to get my brother to read The Hunger Games (unscuccessfully) for over a year.  After he saw the trailer he asked to borrow my copy of the books and said that it looks really good. 
    As someone who is not a fan of the books I think this is a good sign that the film will be a success.

  • Kathleen

    I agree about what you were all saying about Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. I think she’s an amazing actress and definitely the best choice for the role – I have no doubts that she will be great.

    At the same time though, and I can’t pinpoint exactly why, (maybe a combination of her height and actual age?) but Jennifer Lawrence gives off a very capable, strong vibe from the get go. In the books, I feel like at first some characters underestimate her abilities, and because of that she was able to catch them off guard. Since Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss seems so bad ass and strong all along, it seems weird that anyone would overlook her.

    I think this also applies to her relationship with Gale – the fact that they appear so close in age kind of eliminates the younger-sister-protective-older-brother thing that was present in the books.

    This is just my opinion though! I am definitely not a Jennifer Lawrence hater at all and am super excited to see the movie. Love the show, thanks for all your hard work!!

  • Somebodypersons

    This is a little off the topic of the podcast but, what is up with Finnick and Johanna? Anybody else a little curious?

    • Somebodypersons

      Is Finnick a ginger???

  • Mallory Rose Marquette

    Did anyone else notice how the when they show the tributes running to the cornucopia the jackets were different colors? I think it might be a way for the viewer to distinguish the tributes. I just thought that was interesting and also i agree with Eoin that District 12 was cleaned up for the reaping.

  • Stish1007

    Download Podcast link not complete with the mp3 file name.

    • Selina

      We’ll fix it!

  • susy

    the hunger games fan base is definately growing.. 4 of my friends have asked to borrow my book already

  • rachel

    I don’t like president snow. Hes too old and fluffy and reminds me of santa. In the books i imagined him being … less human somehow. His voice is too mono toned and almost sounds wise. i thought it would be more high pitched, slow and creepy

  • Nick

    First off, I had my doubts at first about Jennifer Lawrence. Boy was I wrong. She is the perfect Katniss. Every actor is perfect for their respected role. The costumes, the visuals, the music, all amazing. A lot of these characters aren’t what I imagined, they’re better than what I imagined. I am praying to god that this series isn’t ruined like Percy Jackson and the Olympians was. I am reassured by this trailer. The only difference I know of so far is relatively small as Madge isn’t in the movie, Prim gives Katniss the mockingjay pin. Other than that it seems that this movie could be a huge success.

  • Anonymous

    I really liked the trailer and it does have a big replay value. And I think that it tells the essence of the story in an appealing way. It’s an amazing thing that they were able to create a complete trailer without showing the actual Games, just building up for them. The spectator doesn’t have to know every little detail, that would ruin the experience later on.

    And the fact that you don’t know that Prim is Katniss’s sister is totally irrelevant at this point. In the trailer you understand that she is someone very important to Katniss and that she would do everything to protect her. Is she is her sister, daughter or cousin is not the point.

  • sdbcurler

    For anyone who is interested in reading more about the political aspects of this book I suggest reading The Girl On Fire (, it has some amazing essays by several different authors. I found it very interesting, and came to respect the books more because of it.

  • TwiGleeStarGames34

    Okay, so I here that LIONSGATE is planning on doing action figures. Now I am going to say this as calmly as posible but THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!! If they do this for Catching Fire….I would pay a lot of money for a Finnick doll!

    And since there has been talk on HG merchandise….Well, I was joking around with my friend and we decided that if LIONSGATE doesn’t do this we will! Picture this, a box of matches with the HG logo or something, with the tagline- “Anyone Can Be The Girl On Fire!” :)

  • Allie Rose Mellark

    Did anyone else notice that when the games begin they don’t wait a minute looking at everyone…..that intro to the explosives is pretty important. Also the tributes arent all wearing the same clothes, one of the districts is gold…..that are all supported to wear the same thing right?

    • TwiGleeStarGames34

      Yeah, they are supposed to match. Huh, I didn’t notice that.

  • Jhonny Ayrout

    I just would like to say that I haven’t heard of the Hunger Games before 2 weeks ago and the trailer drove me to read all 3 books in less than 5 days, listened to all your episodes of the podcast! just amazing!

    About that woman (which you all didn’t seem to recognize) in the middle of the training center in front of all the tributes is of course Atala, the head trainer! She was welcoming them to the trainings and explaining the different stations and weapons. The role is portrayed by the lovely Karan Kendrick (from Madea Goes to Jail).

    and about the Mockingjay pin part of the trailer, you said that Prim is giving the pin to Katniss but it looks like the hands that are giving the pin belong to a man, look closely to the size of the hands (they’re bigger than the hands receiving it) and the veins in the wrists look a little big for them to be belonging to Prim… you know what I mean?but all in all, great episode! and I can’t wait for the podcast to start being a weekly thing, because I listened to all 8 episodes in just 2 days. I don’t think I can wait 1 month for each episode.

  • shannon southworth

    this trailer was much better than i ever thought it could be. im always excited for a trailer of films im interested in seeing but this blew me away. When i first heard of liam and josh being cast i always pictured liam as peeta and josh as gale and couldnt get my head round the idea of it being the oppisite way around. this trailer has done just that, i think josh looks amazing as peeta and im so excited to see him. Im also very surprised with jennifer, i wasn’t sure about her casting (ive seen her in other movies) but she looks as if she is gonna be amazing. I think the cast fits there roles perfecty. Roll on march

  • Alice

    I didn’t think the blue overtones were NEARLY as bad as Twilight! The effect was done just enough to create a very somber and ominous mood (like Akacj18 said).

    And my thoughts about the blue reaping costumes… During the American Civil War, the Southern soldiers wore blue-grey uniforms because that color material was the cheapest to manufacture. So it would make total sense for all the District 12 people to be wearing those blues and greys since they are from a very poor Southern district. Maybe that’s what the costume designers were thinking when they went with that color scheme for the scene. That would be a good question for a Gary Ross interview…*hint, hint Andrew!* ;)

    • Caroline

      I’ve never thought about it that way. That does make sence, though.

  • Razor8

    Hey guys love your show. Hey thought of this name for Hunger Games Fans a couple days ago when listening to your podcast, Hungertakers, like undertaker. Once again love your show& Team Gale


    When do you think there will be a test screening for the Hunger Games like Harry Potter, if there is one?

  • Gkcgirl

    I don’t know if you guys have been to but they must listen to the show and like Selina’s ideas because there is a sign asking if we are Team Peeta or Team Katniss.

  • Emmabean7

    i agree with richard on most of your discussion points because i don’t like Peeta either but i also don’t like Katniss. My top 3 fave characters are Finnick, Cinna, and Gale. i also feel like a wierd fan because i don’t like Prim either. i am not a hater of hipster those characters just never clicked with me. i wasn’t very sad when prim died.

    • TwiGleeStarGames34

      OMG! Me too, sorry prim.

      • Joey J.

        Finnicks my favorite

        • TwiGleeStarGames34


  • Owen44borus

    why isn’t there a new episode it’s the second monday of the month and i was so looking foward to it

    • HGVictor

      Yeah, what happened?

  • EliseP

    I loved the trailer. I’d heard of Hunger Games for ages, but the trailer was so awesome I just had to read it and now have read all three books. Can’t wait for the film!

  • Rachel

    whens the next podcast? its been a month

  • Winterowl

    I’ve read the series five times, my mom’s read them, and even my little sister is reading Catching Fire.  My dad is one of the only people in my family, besides my little brother, who hasn’t read the books.  When he saw the trailer he remarked to me, “Yeah, I saw it.  It was pretty good in the beginning, but then it got kind of cheesy towards the end.”
     Now, I’m completely biased, but I was wondering if anyone had the same thoughts.  Did anyone think the Capitol was almost too fake?  I mean, it’s supposed to appear falsely beautiful and stuff, but the whole Training Center was, I don’t know, cheap-looking?
    Anyone agree?  Disagree?

  • Mei Papilionis

    Where is the new episode??????? :O

  • TwiGleeStarGames34


  • Ally

    You guys need to be faster with the new eps, it’s been over a month now. Maybe i’m a bit to excited for a new episode but hey they’re great, but there needs to be a regular schedule!

    • Caroline

      While I’m eagerly anticipating the new episode, it is the hodiday season, and everyone is probably bust. Plus, won’t the episode be better if the hosts aren’t rushed?

      • Somebodypersons

        very true. but it has been a very long time! over a month!? I  actually havent really noticed but now it is a little disappointing…But good podcasts come from those who wait!

        • Somebodypersons

          *to not from. GOSH! I just ruined an inspriational comment.

  • Amy

    I think you need another guy or two on this podcast. I wasn’t bothered by the ratio of females to males until I started listening to MuggleCast and realized there is a lot of distracting giggling in this podcast. I think Richard’s voice amongst all the girls is interesting but it is overpowered. Other than that, this is the best THG podcast I’ve stumbled upon so far!

  • Grace Nzita

    Still no new ep. Boooo! :(

  • bbfy7

    when you were talking about the merchandise i remembered how in the book the capitol people made pins and necklaces and that clock out of her mockingjay. i think in the books we were made to hate the capitol from the beginning, but in the movie they’re playing off a different perspective because (especially from the websites and stuff) they’re making us be the capitol. So we see the opposite perspective as the book which i think makes the theme of the capitol seeing killing children as entertainment more relate-able to real life. and i forget if it was this episode or the last one, but if peeta wasn’t in the games, there would be nobody to keep katniss grounded, because she was ready to kill him before he pointed out that “they had to have a victor” which gave her inspiration to beat the system.. she would never have spared anyone if he hadn’t pointed out that he didn’t want to be a piece in their games.

    but seriously they made a water to go along with this movie? and one of the main points was katniss’s disgust at people’s excess and luxury? it’s kind of like their trying to get way too much money out of this film and it’s tainting it a little bit

  • Shana Debusschere

    I’m a girl, and I don’t like Peeta. I can’t really tell why I don’t, I just don’t. Oh and, new episode coming soon?

  • jp

    its been a month… oh well, its the holiday season, i can’t expect u guys to make an episode in such a busy time.

  • TwiGleeStarGames34

    Still no new podcast, therefor I weep:'(

  • Anonymous

    This is to the fact of making the final book into two movies.  Do you think that since the last one is kinda boring if they change the plot.  Possibly making there be more action parts in the video tours.  And possibly make the Capitol fight more fast paced.

    • Caroline

      Of course, we were never told which book would be split; we just know it isn’t one. My thoughts are that CF will be the split after the Quell announcement, we’ll get more of the victory tour, and the Games will be expanded.  

  • Joey J.

    When’s there going to be a new podcast?!?!?!?

    • Eoin

      I’m betting they are coming back with one next monday and are going to switch to bi-monthly.

      • Courtney Gibson

        I think now that we are only about 3 months away, the timing of the pod casts may not be as steady as they hoped, simply because news will probably leak and be released so wildly and will start to speed up that they can’t cover it all in one podcast. but i am sad that it has been so long since the last podcast 

  • Grace Nzita

    new episode??????

  • Monibekk

    Don`t know where to post this, so I guess I`ll ask here. Where did HYPE go? I cant see it on hypables podcast list anymore. 

  • TwiGleeStarGames34

    I just heard a rumor that the Hunger Games entire movie was leaked online?!? Is this true?!?

  • loyal_fan

    I am concerned about this podcast. I understand the podcasters live busy lives, however, if they wish it to be a successful and long lasting podcast more regular episodes are needed or at least a schedule. The Hunger Games is in the crucial pre-release stage and there is news galore – you guys are missing out!

  • Marissa Tedford

    There is a four note tune at the end of the trailer. Rue’s tune maybe?

  • Richard Reid

    Good news everyone. We are recording a new episode this weekend! It proved to be a bit difficult getting everyone here over the holidays. Regular service to resume as of now!

  • HGVictor

    I was thinking of possible 4th movies, not including splitting mockingjay, wich I’m against, they could do a movie about the hunger games with the capitol children like they were planning in the end of Mockingjay. I also like the idea of Haymitch’s Hunger Games.

  • PotterJay

    Hi guys! I was wondering, how many of the deaths do you think they will show in the movie? Me and a friend were discussing it, and were getting a bit worried that if they show too many, it will desensitise the audience to a certain extent, as with  ‘300’; however, if they show too few, do you think the pacing would get quite boring, especially if they play up Katniss’ isolation during the games? Obviously they will have to show the main ones, eg Rue, Cato, and Marvel, and the others Katniss sees, but do you think there will be a limit to how much death they can actually show? Great podcast, and love the show!

  • jkrfan33

    I have to disagree on the topic of Katniss looking like Prim’s mom. I think she looks young, and they make it clear in the trailer when Snow says that the districts have to offer up one boy and girl between the ages of 12-18. So I doubt anybody who hasn’t read the books will think that Katniss is Prim’s mom.

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