Posted on 10:29 am,
March 13, 2012

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This week’s Smash episode “Chemistry” excited two co-hosts from Glee Chat so much that they decided to be on the podcast this week: Roxanne Clark and Megan Stoll! They’re joined by Mitch, Jess, and the lovely Coty (the last of whom has just returned from his D.C. trip).

-Coty announces that he won’t be able to be on Smash Chat every week due to an overload of work in school, but that Megan will be taking over his role as a permanent co-host

-Roxanne schools Mitch on what the actor who plays Tom on Smash SHOULD be known for, as opposed to Emmet from Legally Blonde The Musical

-Why does Sneaky Bastard think it’s his job to report on everything that’s going on to Eileen?! Leave her alone!

-We finally get to see the scene of Julia’s “big kiss” with Michael that was teased a while back ago-darn it NBC!

-Tom is still with John the lawyer this week, against the predictions of Megan and Jess that the couple was over last week

-Coty brilliantly comes up with names for the girls when they’re Marilyn:
Karolyn and Ivy-lyn.

-Coty hums a beautiful rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

-We weren’t a big fan of the song Karen sang at the Bar Mitzvah; Coty even fast forwarded through it

-Roxanne makes an acute observation about Ivy’s fall on the couch…

-Bernadette Peters will be on next week’s Smash as Ivy’s mom!

-In the news, we discuss the great increase in ratings, along with the upcoming episode’s official descriptions

Bonus: Coty describes what his very morbid wedding will be like.

This episode's hosts: Coty Chanley-Jones, Jessica O'Neal, Mitchel Clow, Megan Stoll, Roxanne Clark

  • Megan Stoll

    Thank you for putting Coty’s wedding into the bonus. LOLZ

    • Jessica O’Neal

      Hahaha, I thought the SAME thing! Hysterical.

      • Mitchel Clow

        Haha I just really wanted the bloopers to be all about him this episode, for obvious reasons :p

  • Drew

    I really hated Julia in this episode. Especially how after they did the nasty she seemed happy about it when she was talking to Michael. 

    • Megan Stoll

      Me too, Drew. It sucks because she seemed like she was willing to fight for her marriage but now… ugh.

      Also, Michael gives me the heebie jeebies. I don’t agree with my cohosts – that scene wasn’t sensual to me… it was creepy!

      • B Anderson

        Megan, once again, you and I are on the same brain wave. I didn’t find that scene sensual at all. Michael creeps me out, has from the get-go. That entire scene made me feel frankly ill. I didn’t like it, and I don’t really like Michael. I realize that it’s a drama producing plot device, but it had me looking for a bucket to throw up in.

        • Mitchel Clow

          *hands you bucket* =]

          Now just because I thought it was hot, doesn’t mean I didn’t think it was wrong…haha. But sometimes, the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest! ;D

          • Megan Stoll

            It is like we share a mind, Britt! GMTA

      • Jessica O’Neal

        Oh, I completely agree that what they did was wrong and I HATED that she seems to now have accepted the situation and given up on fighting against it. I had really hoped that even though she gave in once that she would continue to at least try to fight her attraction to Michael. But…that scene was still hot. ;)

      • Shana Debusschere

        Yes, I agree, I didn’t like that scene at all. It creeped me out! :-)

  • Mitchel Clow

    Oops, forgot to put this in the show notes :p Here’s the picture from perezhilton that we were talking about

  • Thang Tran

    When is this episode going to be available on itunes?

    • Mitchel Clow

      Andrew is currently looking into how to make it appear in the list of episodes. However, if you “refresh podcast list” in iTunes, if you’ve subscribed, the episode will start to download =] Haha iTunes is just funky sometimes :p

  • Liliana Baptista

    “Gotta put people in they’re place”? Really? Come on! Ivy is a bitch to Karen, because she’s scared of her talent. But she should know better, since she’s worked 10 years in the biz. The way you treat people might come back to bite you in the ass…

    • Mitchel Clow

      Trust me, I’m with you that Ivy doesn’t have any business treating someone else like that! And some day, Ivy may need Karen’s help, but she’ll deny her it.

    • Megan Stoll

      I definitely understand where you’re coming from, Domi and Liliana. It’s exactly how I feel. Hopefully we’ll see Karen start to stand up for herself. Especially now since Karen has caught the eye (or ear) of the Tommy Mottola-like music exec. Like we’ve said before on the show, I think Ivy’s bitchiness is more of a defense mechanism. I’m sure that when Ivy first started in the biz and was treated that way, she longed for a change in the cycle… but sometimes it’s easier to blend in when you act a certain way (in this case, when act like a bitch-diva.)

    • Jessica O’Neal

      I do agree with you that Ivy is in the wrong with how she treats Karen – I am just able to understand it and see the motivations underneath the behavior. I elaborate a bit more on my feelings on this after Domi’s comment.

  • Domi Ed

    I would like an explanation for why you don’t like Karen.
    “Gotta put people in their place”

    What a awful thing to approve of. Its not like Karen is trying to get in Ivy’s way.

    I do like Ivy but she’s a BITCH. I know why she’s a bitch but that doesn’t excuse it.
    As someone who wants to be an actress ( not so much in theater) if I was Karen I’d be the same way in a sense.
    Trying to learn and stay out of the diva’s way. But you can bet your ass I wouldn’t let Ivy get to me and I may even say something.

    The way Ivy treats Karen isn’t acceptable and if she’s a good a actress as she thinks she is she should just fake nice and cut the attitude.

    I know it may seem like I don’t like Ivy but I do. It’s only because I can see behind her mask…but understanding her fear doesn’t mean I think her attitude is acceptable.

    • Jessica O’Neal

      “but understanding her fear doesn’t mean I think her attitude is acceptable.” – I actually agree with this. I love Ivy! I think that she is incredibly talented and the right choice for Marilyn. I feel like I understand the reasons and motivations behind her attitude, but I also DO think that her behavior towards Karen is wrong. I would never treat someone like that and I don’t think it’s okay for others to. In real life I would like Karen over Ivy, but because it is a TV show I am able to root for Ivy. I really hope that her character will develop so that she is able to eventually be nicer and more mature.

      • Domi Ed

        I understand. Part of that is the only reason I still like Ivy.
        (though I kinda go back and forth rooting for Karen and Ivy)
        My comment wasn’t really towards you, I remembered you saying that.

        My comment was more to…everyone.

        • Jessica O’Neal

          Oh, I didn’t think you were calling me out or anything (I’m not the one who said the thing about putting people in their place am I? I don’t remember saying it if I was.), so no worries. :)

  • Rachel

    hahaha roxanne is the best! nathan lane is my lover every time he comes on my broadway station… eargasms” and I totally agree about sneaky bastard. really creepy. and Julia is NOT a cheating ho. sooooo rude. Karilyn and Ivylyn super cute!!! oh and tom and the others are totally jerking karen around. seriously they need to just make her an understudy and stop dangling the carrot. 

    • Jessica O’Neal

      Roxanne is fabulous – we all love her! Agreed about Karen. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before she is named official understudy.

  • StarKiddie

    AAAH!! So many Broadway nerd thoughts on this episodeJ


    First, I (and I kid you not) burst into hysterical tears
    when I found out Bernadette Peters was going to be on Smash. She has been my
    idol since I was nine years old. (And as side note, some of her important
    credits you didn’t mention were Gypsy and Into the Woods.)


    Secondly, Will Chase played Roger in the Broadway
    performance of Rent that was filmed live and released in DVD format. (If you
    haven’t seen it, you should, it’s amazing) and I thought that his Bruno Mars
    performance was more of a nod to that, if anything.


    Love you Coty! Thanks for all your work on Smash chat and
    Glee chat, I will miss hearing your voice every week!

    • Jessica O’Neal

      OMG!! You are so right about Will Chase! How did I not realize that?!?!?! Ugh, I am so ashamed of myself… *hangs head*

    • gleeky-potterhead

      There’s also Wesley Taylor who’s been in Rock of Ages, West Side Story, and The Addams Family.
      Oh, and other musicals too, but I mean those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head…
      He plays Bobby btw…

      • Jessica O’Neal

        I knew I loved Bobby for a reason! ;)

        • gleeky-potterhead

          Sigh, I love Bobby…

  • Dillon

    Roxanne is amazing. Full time co-host please.

    • Jessica O’Neal

      Don’t worry, she will be back. :)

  • Dillon

    Basing off of Coty’s idea of Season 1 ending with the curtain rising, it would be epic if Season 2 started with the curtain closing and its the end of the production run. And throughout Season 2, we’ll see the aftermath of everything that happened with flashbacks to the musical like Lost. It would be pretty cool. That way we wouldn’t know everything that happened.

    • Jessica O’Neal

      Cool idea! I like it. :)

  • Shana Debusschere

    Is there a link to the Katharine as Marilyn Photo? Thanks for the episode guys, great as always! Loved having Roxanne on, and will certainly miss Coty!

    Can’t wait for next week! 

    • Mitchel Clow

      I forgot to put it in the show notes, so I commented with the link a little bit before. My bad! Here it is:

      • Shana Debusschere

        Oops sorry, should have noticed. That picture really is horrible, but it’s clearly just an on set picture… (I hope) 

        • Mitchel Clow

          Haha no worries, it was my mistake in not putting it in the show notes. You shouldn’t have to go through all of that just to find something we said was going to be in the hypable post :p

          • Shana Debusschere

            Well ok then.. It’s all your foult! :-) 

  • Hannah

    Amazing episode as usual guys :)
    This might be an unpopular opinion but I actually really like Michael! It’s horrible that he’s lying to his family but in terms of a dramatic story line I love him and Julia together, and I agree with what he said, if Julia didn’t want to be there with him she wouldn’t have turned up, despite her excuses! I’m hoping Smash gets renewed for a season 2, because its really fulfilling its potential as a great show that given half a chance could do very well. I’m seeing posts on Tumblr a lot now about how people are trying out the first episodes because they’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about it, so fingers crossed the ratings will continue to grow! Keep up the great work, love the podcast!! :)

    • Mitchel Clow

      That’s very exciting that you’ve been hearing more about people tuning into Smash!

  • Jeff D.

    I have a bunch of thoughts to get out here:

    First, when you had Roxanne introduce herself, at first I was like, wait, we already know her; then I realize I’m not listening to Glee Chat but Smash Chat.Second, after Derek found out about what sort of side effects Ivy could get from taking the medication, did anyone get the impression that he wanted her to take the meds so that he’d have an excuse to replace her with Karen?Third, I know everyone on Smash Chat loves to hate on the Sneaky Bastard, and I love when you do it. But I really like his character. Yes, he’s a sort of “villain” type character, if you will. But every time he comes into a scene, I love it because I can’t wait to see what he does or says next.Finally, I know this may be a bit premature, but I was thinking about this the other day. Do you think anybody on Smash has a chance at getting an Emmy nomination? For me, I’m not sure if there’s anybody outside of Megan Hilty, Debra Messing or Anjelica Huston that the voting members would choose. Then again, Glee’s Matthew Morrison has been nominated, and fans seem to not like him. What categories/people do you think Smash could be nominated for?

    • Jeff D.

      Sorry about the huge paragraph above. I tried to separate them into different paragraphs, but it pressed them all together when I posted it.

    • Mitchel Clow

      Yeah, that is odd how Matthew was able to get an Emmy nomination, because honestly, he’s nothing special haha. I could see Debra getting one on Smash though.

    • ATW Chat

      Oops…wrong twitter account. Lemme try again. ~ Jess

    • Jessica O’Neal

      Take 2:

      Sneaky Bastard is definitely someone I “love to hate”.

      Not sure about the Emmy’s. I think it’s crazy that Matthew Morrison was ever nominated and, to be honest, I’m not sure anyone on Smash is Emmy worthy at this point. Maybe Anjelica….

  • John Thrasher

    Glee Chat 2.0!

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