Posted on 10:55 am,
March 6, 2012

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Megan Stoll from Glee Chat joins Jess and Mitch for an exciting and hilarious adventure into the world of Smash!

-This episode dealt mainly with the complicated relationships forming between all of the characters

-Mitch takes a reference from the TV show “Breaking Bad” about where Dev and Karen’s relationship may be headed

-Ivy is creating her own worst enemy from being so paranoid

-The performances of “Let’s Be Bad” and “It’s a Man’s World” impressed!

-There was a character in the “Let’s Be Bad” number named Arthur Miller, Marilyn’s last lover. Why didn’t we get a storyline of them casting him?

-We appreciate the different “types” of gay people that are represented on the show

-How can Michael expect to be able to be a family man while cheating on his wife?

-We wonder if Derrick might have some kind of sex addiction

-Mitch makes a connection between Tom and Derrick and Dumbledore and Grindelwald from “Harry Potter”

-It seems like John’s time on Smash as a love interest may be over, but no worries! The Smash Chat co-hosts were able to come up with another plan for his character!

Bloopers about Ivy’s after bed habits are included after the closing song!

This episode's hosts: Mitchel Clow, Jessica O'Neal, Megan Stoll

  • Liliana Baptista

    the podcast in itunes is not downloading…

    • Andrew Sims

      It’s working now!  Sorry about that!

  • ApDiggles

    Yeah, I can’t download it. :(

    • Andrew Sims

      It’s working now!  Sorry!

  • Gleehead123

    I can’t download it:(:(

    • Andrew Sims

      It’s working now!  Sorry about that!

  • Jessica O’Neal

    Hey guys! So sorry about the download issues. I am trying to get in touch with the people who much smarter than me and know how to fix this kind of stuff. Hopefully we will have whatever the issue is resolved soon. Again, I am so sorry for the delay.

  • NYnina17

    its still not downloading on itunes..

  • Kate

    Hey guys! I haven’t listened to the episode yet (will when I’m at work tomorrow…tehe), but I have to say I was confused by Derek asking Karen to demonstrate “vibrato while belting” to Ivy, by singing the Happy Birthday song. There’s no belting in that…so what sense does that make? 

    Also, regarding the ratings discussion from last week: you said NBC having a lower ratings threshold than other networks is a good thing, because even though Smash hasn’t put up amazing ratings it’s still good in comparison to NBC’s other shows. I disagree—NBC NEEDED for Smash to be a HIT. They were counting on it. Since it’s not nearly as big of a hit as they thought, I think they’re very likely to yank it off the air and replace it with something else, if they think something else new would bring in the audiences they crave.  Plus, the pilot of Smash reportedly cost $7 million to produce, and I can’t imagine producing the rest of the episodes has been cheap. They’ve got pretty big stars like Houston and Messing to pay, plus lots of dancers, costumes, etc. Basically, I think they might be losing money on the show, and unfortunately at this point I’m doubting a second season will be greenlit.

    P.S. thanks to Mitch for the shout-out in episode 2 or 3 regarding how I predicted the lawsuit in the pilot :) made my day!

    • Jessica O’Neal

      I am right there  with you, Kate. That is the first point I brought up in regards to that whole scene. It made absolutely no sense.

      Those are all really good points about the ratings. I hadn’t thought about it from that angel and now I am even more worried….

    • Mitchel Clow

      Glad I could make you so happy ^_^

      I see your points, but I’m really hoping for a second season! Maybe they’ll get another celebrity to be on the show, which could help ratings.

  • DH

    After every episode of Smash or Smash chat I end up listening to Marylin Monroe by Nicki Minaj. 

  • B Anderson

    Another amazing episode, guys! It always makes my day when I wake up to an episode. I really loove this show.

    As much as I missed Coty, I thought Megan did a fabulous job! 

    (Just think…it’d make a nice even dynamic, two guys, two girls…yes? *is hopeful*)

    Anywho, thank you for another amazing episode. I’m always so so grateful at how quickly you get the episodes out.  Have a fabulous week, guys!


    • Megan Stoll

      I missed Coty, too! Thanks for the support, Britt! #TeamKaren #TeamAwesome

    • Jessica O’Neal

      Hahaha, thanks Britt. And don’t worry, Megan will certainly be back for an episode where we are ALL there. ;)

    • Mitchel Clow

      Thanks for commenting again Britt =] It’s people like you who write that you love waking up to a new episode from us that pushes me to edit through the night to get it out early :D

  • KristenKranz

    Loved this Episode of Smashchat! Megan was an awesome addition to the already stellar hosts & I really hope she returns again soon… 

    In regards to the show itself: 

    As much as I really like both Ivy & Karen, I really want to see what happens if Karen gets an opportunity to step into Ivy’s shoes (which it sounds like we will be getting soon based on the previews). It makes perfect sense for Karen to be Ivy’s understudy for Marilyn since she almost won the part herself, but that also means that Karen has to have time to learn the part as well, so she could be able to go on at a moment’s notice. Having Ivy see Karen in the part would amp up her insecurities while the rest of the cast would also have to admit that Karen has talent… I just think that would create some interesting storylines.

    I agree with the Sleazy Douche title for Michael. If we hadn’t seen him being the family man in his debut on the show, it wouldn’t be as sleazy, but knowing that he has a wife & child at home & he is chasing after Julia makes me very angry with him… 

    And as far as things go with Derrick… I just don’t know about him. There is a part of me that wants to think that he isn’t just manipulating everyone, but the more we see, the more underhanded he seems to become. 

    Once again, thanks for a really great podcast that I look forward to every week! This show is quickly becoming one of my very favorites & it’s nice to have a podcast that has been there from the very beginning! Thanks Jess, Mitch, & Coty (and Megan too!) for bringing us a really fun discussion every week.

    P.S. I agree with the bonus comments… Just put your clothes back on!!

    • Megan Stoll

      Thanks, Kristen! I really enjoyed being on the podcast this week. Don’t worry, I’ll be back at some point… I have to record a show with Coty! :)

    • Jessica O’Neal

      Megan will absolutely be back. We all love her!

      I agree, seeing Karen step into the Marilyn role, no matter how temporary, would be very interesting. I kind of assumed from the beginning that she would be the understudy. Is there one at all yet? If not, then she may still be cast in that role.

      Sleazy Douche it is!

      I have the same feelings towards Derek as you. In the first few episodes I really wanted to believe that he genuinely cared for Ivy on some level as well as the show. The more we see of him, however, the less I am sure. I still really believe that he cares about the show and wants it to succeed, I just can’t figure out his angel with Ivy and Karen.

      Thank you so much for listening! We really do appreciate it. A lot. :)

      Right?! It drives me crazy! There is no need to pull the sheet off the bed.

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