Posted on 2:00 pm,
November 9, 2012

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This week’s episode of Merlin was jam packed with so much, the Talks of Camelot crew have got an extra long show for you all this week! Join us as we discuss every aspect of episode 5, “The Disir” as well as the trailer for the upcoming sixth episode of Merlin this season!

show notes:
– Selina’s back on to guest host this week because she just couldn’t stay away from all the Merlin talk!
– We catch you up on all the latest news in the world of BBC’s Merlin
– The hosts discuss our first look at a new guest star set to appear in 5×08
– The BBC have released the episode synopsis for 5X07 which reveals that Morgana’s plan to move forward involves a “puppet queen”– could this unnamed queen in the description be Gwen??
– Eoin Macken and Tom Hopper have both nabbed roles in new upcoming pilots! We fill you in on all the details we know
– Could the end of Merlin be near?
– Jess leads us through one of our best episode discussions yet as we take you through 5×05, “The Disir”
– Mordred’s a knight now and a rather brave and loyal one to boot but can we REALLY trust him yet?
– Did Merlin make the right decision in telling Arthur he can’t ever accept sorcery? What could possibly have been going through his mind when he decided telling Arthur this was the right thing to do?
– Patricia leads us through our weekly teaser talk for next week’s episode, “The Dark Tower”
– What kind of dark creatures could the knights encounter on their journey to save Gwen?
– If the Dark Tower is a place that “haunts the dreams of men”, is there a possibility the Knights will be faced with their worst nightmares on their quest to save the Queen of Camelot?
– We wrap up the show with YOUR thoughts on 5×05 and answer a few listener submitted questions as well!

Got a comment, question, or theory related to Merlin?

Be sure to leave them for us in the comments below or reply us on Twitter @TalksCamelot so we can include YOUR thoughts on upcoming episode of our podcast!

This episode's hosts: Pamela Gocobachi, Jessica Chapman, Patricia Spence, Selina Wilken

  • ravenclaw1991

    Did anyone else notice the lack of triskelion tattoos on Mordred in The Disir? There was a scene when he was shirtless in bed when he was hurt and there weren’t any on him He had them in series 1 when first appeared when he was injured in Morgana’s chambers.

    • Stacie

      You know what, I totally forgot about his tattoos. Thanks for mentioning them. That’s so true though. Where are his tattoos? Haha! Everything about Mordred this season isn’t very consistent I feel. Shouldn’t Arthur know that Mordred is a Druid for one thing?

      • Selina

        I totally forgot about his tattoos too, but considering that he told Merlin something about having to go to great lengths to hide who he really is, I’m thinking hiding/removing those tattoos is probably a part of that. Could also be part of my theory that he has repressed his magic. As far as Arthur not knowing, er, I don’t think he assumes that all Druids have magic? I’m pretty sure someone said on the podcast at some point that in Arthur’s mind, magic is learned, so if Mordred didn’t have magic back then (which Arthur didn’t know he did), he has no reason to assume that he has magic now, you know?

        • Pamela Gocobachi

          Yup! I actually said that about Arthur possibly believing that magic can only be taught which seems to be the general consensus of most characters on the show– even Gaius asks Merlin where he studied magic/who taught him in the first episode and can barely believe it when Merlin tells him he was born with it.
          But I think Selina’s right– it’s very possible Mordred might have repressed all of his magic for fear of being hunted down.

          This is a very interesting point about the tattoo though– thanks for bringing it up– we’ll definitely be reading your comment on tomorrow’s show! :)

  • Kiah Fischer

    I have listened to your podcast since day one and I love it, but this is my first time posting so it might be long! When Bradley was interviewed about A Night Less Ordinary he said something that I really think people need to remember! He said that there has to be a period where Arthur knows about Merlin but Merlin doesn’t know that Arthur knows. Bradley said something to the effect of – Arthur can’t be played as stupid forever because then he wouldn’t be a worthy king. There has to be a point where it is his decision to accept magic in Camelot. And it’s so true! When Merlin did his bit (with amazing acting!) during their fireside chat in this episode I couldn’t help but notice how they flashed back to Arthur’s face and it just looked like he was understanding! He really isn’t THAT stupid and he knows what Merlin looks like when he’s upset (obviously ’cause he’s always checking on him)!

    • Pamela Gocobachi

      Thanks for bringing this up! I had completely forgotten about this interview until you brought it up but Bradley’s theory is very interesting and totally plausible. It’ll be interesting to see if the writers choose to go this route! Also, we read your comment on Ep 8 of our show (which will probably be released sometime tomorrow) and it made for a very interesting discussion! Thanks for writing in! :)

  • Selina

    Having just watched ‘The Dark Tower,’ I am soooo glad we named this episode of the podcast what we did……

  • Melissa West

    Does anyone else hate the shock scare tactics they’ve been using? I mean I think I jumped/yelled about 7 times during this episode from the screams to the ghostly Merlin scaring Gwen. My nerves can’t stand much more of this.

    • Pamela Gocobachi

      YES! I totally feel you! Then again, I pretty much stay away from scary movie type things in general so Merlin and the scare tactics are totally getting my blood pumping!!

  • Shanna Luster

    OMG episode 6 it was way to much for me I was crying the whole time because I live in the US so the episode has came out yet, but I decide to read some of people wrote about the episode….. it would have helped if people wrote SPOILER ALERT. Anyway when I read the comments I started to cry like a baby (I’m getting teared up right now!!!) This episode was shocking and amazing it left me breathless. I fell so bad fore Gwen she last her father and her brother, and she has allied with Morgana this is not looking good. I’m afraid that Arthur will think that Gwen betrayed him like last time, and then she might loss his trust forever…. AMAZING ACTING BY ANGEL IN THIS EPISODE!!!!!! Love Merlin, Merlin ftw and amazing podcasts

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