Posted on 3:19 pm,
May 10, 2013

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Book to film adaptation news runs rampant as we eagerly wait several television show finales and one highly-anticipated science fiction movie in today’s new episode of Hype!

Josh, Selina, Kyle and I discuss the biggest stories getting everyone hyped up during these first two weeks of May.

– The Glee season 4 finale was not enjoyed by fans. What caused the problems?
– Divergent book 3 Allegiant’s cover is unveiled.
– The first Ender’s Game trailer is here.
– The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley is announced.
– Divergent and The Mortal Instruments sequel movies are already in the works.
– Are there simply too many book to film projects right now?
– The Fault in Our Stars movie has narrowed down its searching for the role of Gus.
– Other movie news: Jurassic Park 4 delayed, J.J. Abrams noncommittal to Star Trek 3.
– TV News: Kiefer Sutherland in talks for a new 24, Randy Jackson finally leaving Idol, and Steve Carrell is back for The Office finale.
– George R.R. Martin is working on a new Game of Thrones book, but it’s not what you expect.
– TV pilot news: The CW picks up many interesting new shows.
– Podcast plugs: Our vampire show Vampire Hype and Andrew’s podcast Hype After Dark!

As always, we welcome all of your feedback in the comments below!

This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Selina Wilken, Kyle Herzallah, Josh Nealey

  • Emma

    I find it so strange that you would say that The Mortal Instruments is more oriented towards the Twilight fans because I love The Mortal Instruments and really didn’t like Twilight and similarly I adore The Hunger Games but find the Divergent series to be very very bland. When I read TMI I feel like I’m back in the Harry Potter days because Cassandra Clara built such a rich world with its own sets of rules and politics. Anyway, I’m just rambling at this point. I’ll definitely go see both City of Bones and Divergent in the cinema anyway!

    • zara

      you probably felt that because city of bones was based on a HP fanfiction

      • Emma

        Possibly, I mean I imagine this is where Clare drew her inspiration for world building but I actually I really started getting that sense of a big world once I got to City of Fallen Angels. I enjoyed City of Bones but it is not my favourite of the series. Clary/Jace is my least favourite part of the series and there’s a lot of that in the first three books. You get more of the other characters later on and that’s when I finally felt like this was a huge world that could actually exist right now. Sorry, I’m rambling again…

        • Selina

          I definitely need to give the series another chance. Everyone tells me that the prequel series is much better. I just started reading at the wrong time, and Jace vaguely annoys me. I like the other characters though.

          • Ashley

            I’m in love with the prequel series! If you can’t get into TMI (which I still haven’t gotten completely into) than I suggest reading Clockwork Angel. It’s a great series, and it’s making me greatly reconsider in trying TMI again.

    • Jeremy

      I agree. I am a guy and I did read TMI and I think the reason some people don’t enjoy the first book is its world building. Honestly just with the online community alone I think TMI is going to do very well. Cassandra Clare writing is just gripping and I love every book she writes. There is romance in TMI but I wouldn’t say its like Twilight. The first book is Clary discovering who she is and the world. There is love but there are a lot of different relationships and tons of action.

      I actually disagree with you guys on the fact that Divergent will do better. I think Divergent is going to seem to people who haven’t read the book that it is just a Carbon Copy of The Hunger Games. I’m saying this because When Divergent comes out Mockingay will be either filming or wrapping up filming. I enjoy Divergent but I don’t think its going to be great.

    • Sheechiibii

      I agree. The romance is actually really not the main story in TMI. It doesn’t really even properly develop until book 3 for obvious reasons. The whole romance aspect always seemed like it was in the background in TMI, more so than in Divergent. I also think TMI will do better than Divergent will, I don’t know why, but I just feel like there’s more anticipation for TMI and I feel like it will do better at attracting people who haven’t read the books as well. I mean, the whole reason I read the books was because of the trailer, it does a great job of drawing interest, and there’s so much online about it, honestly I feel it drowns out Divergent by comparison.

      • Kyle

        Yeah, my opinions are just biased because I hadn’t read TMI yet. It’s not that I’m saying TMI is any worse or any better than Divergent, but I just have an odd hunch. That hunch might change when I read TMI though!

        • zara


          I agree with your hunch because I feel divergent offers a different concept. sure it may be seen as THG 2.0 but what makes anyone say TMI won’t be seen as similar to twilight or BC? I have read the TMI books and I think it is nothing like twilight but on the surface it just looks just another average fantasy film about werewolves, vampires,and demon hunters- something that has already been done before. what if people who never read the books gets turned off by that? I believe that an adaptation has to not only appeal to fans,but also people who never read the books. Can TMI achieve that? can divergent? I have no clue.

          I know this discussion is old now but I want to know what you think of my viewpoint. :)

  • Sandra

    I’ll be watching Teen Wolf this summer. you guys should check it out! it truly is an awesome show. i even follow the hypable podcast. the worst thing about Teen Wolf is its name!

    Kyle why would you change your name to Kyle? no offence to you or others with the same name but it is just such a common name. i’m sure you have your reasons. i’m just being nosey.
    love the podcast

    • Ashley

      Teen Wolf is definitely more than it appears.

  • sherry905

    Will you guys do movie reviews besides The Hunger Games? Not about every one, but the bigger ones like Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness etc. I really miss those, since you’re no longer do CinemaHype and HeroHype.

    • Selina

      I think the concern is that it’s hard to fit in with all the news – but I definitely think we should begin to talk about the recently released movies and say what we thought! We’ll try to incorporate it in future shows. :)

  • Maria Wang

    I wish I could still get the old HYPE! episodes. The once that were free before Hype+ and before Hype After Dark…..

  • Jeff Dodge

    I take great offense to what one of you said (Josh, I think), questioning how American Idol impacted the music industry. You say only two have been successful. While it’s true that some aren’t as big as they used to be, many winners/finalists have made huge impacts on the music charts and in the industry.

    Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Fantasia (her 4th album just debuted at #2), Jennifer Hudson (not just music, but won Golden Globe and Oscar), Carrie Underwood, Constantine Maroulis (nominated for a Tony), Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, Adam Lambert (his most recent album debuted at #1), Scotty McCreery, Phillip Phillips (has the most successful winners song), I could keep going on.

    (During your discussion of Idol, it sounds pretty obvious none of you watch the show anymore or else the facts would have been correct.)

    You’re all making fun of Idol (and I know some of you probably watch and love The Voice), but when you bring up the impact on the music industry, Idol is the only singing competition show to make an impact in that way. The Voice, while extremely entertaining and is doing well in the ratings, is a huge dud in terms of impact on the industry. They haven’t produced a single successful singer–the show focuses more on the judges than Idol even does. (I would like to see The Voice find a successful singer, and I think they could have Usher help produce the album–I could really see him having a hands-on role and being the only person to make this happen.)

    Randy was right when he said Idol hugely impacted both the TV landscape and the music business. The Voice wouldn’t be on TV right now if it weren’t for Idol. And look at the list of names I provided above. Those plus some others have done great.

    Yes, Idol’s ratings have been going down for several years. But it’s not because it’s a terrible show. It’s what happens with pretty much every single TV show when they start to get up there in years–it’s just natural for an aging show to decline in the ratings. The only exception is, yes, this year where certain things we’re seeing on the show are why people aren’t watching. This year is the only year you can seriously say people aren’t watching because of it lacking in quality.

    There’s no way Idol will go off the air anytime soon, at least not in the next few years. It’s still a huge cash cow and brings in a lot of money for the network and the production companies.

  • Ivi

    I think Selina mentioned that a certain actor (I can’t remember his name sorry!)ame from Yugoslavia. Just pointing it out, but it doesn’t exist anymore :P Just the Former Yugoslavian countries of Macedonia, Serbia (and now Kosovo), Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Montenegro…Quite a broad area! Maybe you meant to say Eastern Europe? :P
    Great episode though – loved it!

    • Selina

      Haha wow this is terrible, I’m so sorry. I have been living in 1978 (doing a research project) and they write about Yugoslavia a lot in the papers I’m reading, so I totally forgot it didn’t exist anymore.

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