Posted on 11:46 am,
November 26, 2012

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Though it’s been a while since our last episode, the entire Imprint crew returns for one final show where we review Breaking Dawn – Part 2 and have lots of fun sending off our podcast.

– We talk about ending Imprint.
– Our review of Breaking Dawn – Part 2.
– Laura was led to believe that the characters actually die at the end – we pull the prank for most of the episode.
– Did Stephenie Meyer decide who would die in the vision?
– Did it live up to the expectations set in the trailer?
– Who were our favorite new vampires?
– How did Mackenzie Foy do?
– Did we like the opening/closing sequences?
– What is each of our favorite film of the series?
– Should/could there be a Twilight spin off?
– We recall our favorite Imprint memories.
– Everyone says farewell.
– Follow us all on Twitter to stay up to date on what we’re up to: Andrew, Matt, Elysa, Pamela, Andrea.

… And much more can be found on today’s ep!

Warning: In this episode are a couple instances of adult language that are not suitable for younger listeners.

iTunes listeners: Apple appears to have removed Imprint from the iTunes store. If you were already subscribed to the show, you can visit the Podcast section of your iTunes library (on the left side of iTunes) and refresh your Imprint subscription to get the new episode. New listeners who wish to may do so by using the “Listen Live Now” button on the left side of this page. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the show over the years. We had an amazing group of hosts and listeners during Imprint’s run. We’ve had an absolute blast with this podcast, and we’ll see you down the road.

This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Matt Britton, Laura Thompson, Elysa Montfort, Pamela Gocobachi, Andrea Salazar

  • Corin Boswell

    So sad to see this podcast go away. It was one of my favorites. I’ve spent the last year listening to old episodes.

  • Tucker Conley

    I just wish that they had announced the ending of imprint earlier so we didn’t have to wait months on end for an update.

    • Joan

      Just be glad you got a FINAL episode at all…

  • Ryan Floyd


  • Cassandra

    I guess this means that they won’t be recording a Commentary for the film. I really really enjoyed those snarky commentary podcasts.

  • Wilma

    Thank you all for this last episode! I thought you guys had ditched us ages ago, so it’s really nice to have this one last episode of the greatness that was Imprint.

    Also, I feel like I’ve missed Laura and Elysa for my entire life, and after hearing your voices now it makes me a very sad panda for not hearing you in the future. Sob. You guys are the best!

  • Deneen Cole

    So good to hear Matt again on a podcast. I miss hearing him on Mugglecast.

  • Guest

    So imprint ends and the Harry Potter pod cast lives on well after the end of the books and movies??

    • Tyler Hanisak

      But Harry Potter continues to create news, for example pottermore and The Casual Vacancy.

      • Guest

        Casual Vacancy is not Harry Potter, that is JK Rowling. And Stephenie Meyer has The Host, if we’re counting other books from the Author. Plus it’s been a whole year since the last pod cast leading up to BD2. I’m sure there was plenty of news to share.

        • Lulu

          Yeah… I mean, I love them and appreciate this last podcast SO much… but you’re right. It feels pretty sad.

        • Joan

          I believe it has a to do with the availability of the hosts and the audience size of the shows.

    • Sarah

      Uh. Yeah.

  • Madeline Reyes

    Wish this podcast wouldn’t end. I loved hearing from all of you. Thank you for all the wonderful memories and contagious laughter. Hope to hear you all on another podcast together!!!

    T H A N K Y O U : D

    • Andrea Salazar

      I had heard that our laughter was annoying so I’m glad you find it contagious. Thanks for listening! You guys are awesome.

  • Laura jones

    Nice to have to old crew back! Wish you were gonna do commentaries for the last 2 :p

  • Lupita

    Aww no more movie commentaries :(

  • Renata

    It was wonderful and so funny to hear you guys together again! A very memorable last episode =D

  • Liliana Sa

    so no Breaking dawn part 2 commentary???…did they do one for part 1??….BUMMER those were great!! :( sad to see imprint go!

  • Jael

    It sucks that we’re seeing the end of a great podcast. But, alas, all good things do come to an end.

    Andrew, Matt, Laura, Elysa, Pamela, and Andrea, thank you so much for four years of Twilight podcasting excellence. I tip my hat to you guys and I hope you guys reunite to work on another new podcast series soon.

    • Andrea Salazar

      Thank YOU for listening :)

  • Selina

    I just listened! So fun! Just needed to add that like Stephenie Meyer, I too am a massive Jacob fangirl and therefore enjoyed New Moon the most out of all the films. I don’t know why, but I didn’t like Eclipse – halfway through I got super bored and kept checking my watch (which I NEVER do in the cinema). Though again, I expect it was just cause I was a bitter Team Jacob fan. ;)

  • Alice

    I’m surprised no one talked about the fact that movieVampire!Bella was not as self-empowered as bookVampire!Bella. The Seattle trip, the training of Bella’s powers, the usage of Bella’s powers (CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT TOO???), the fact that Bella can encompass and shield more than one person for an extended period of time, all of this in the book lends evidence to Bella’s self-empowerment and self-sufficiency as a … person, vampire. The fact that Bella wasn’t the one to approach Jenks and request for paperwork, that they cut the Bella’s training and not show the fact that she’s progressing. It portrayed movieVampire!Bella as characteristically weaker than bookVampire!Bella. That was one thing in the books that didn’t turn me off, the fact that there was character growth. To me, I didn’t see much character growth in movie!Bella, but that could be Kristen Stewart’s acting.

    I also hated that Bella couldn’t shield more than one person, or that she could shield while doing other things (walk and chew gum, dearie).

    This all being said, I’m sad that Imprint is gone. Even though I’m not a Twihard, I’m still sad.

  • Hana Ansari

    This was a great final episode! I am so glad you all came back to do one last podcast! It was so nice hearing Elysa and Laura again. Matt was hilarious, I was cracking up through the entire episode.

    Thank you guys so much for putting together such a wonderful podcast throughout the years! I always enjoyed hearing your fun, but realistic commentary about everything in the Twilight world. Thanks again! We will miss you all!

  • Deb

    Thanks for a terrific final episode! (No DVD commentaries for Parts 1 & 2? – hint, hint) I think it’s sad that Summit decided to lag a year before releasing Part 2. If you’re going to squeeze the public for every dollar, at least do it in a timely manner. I think the year between releases was a huge mistake. Great to hear all of the old Imprint gang.

  • Awa Maifirey Lamare

    I don’t really see why everyone says that the end is such a big twist. It is exactly what happened in the book except because the book is from Bella’s point of view we never get a discription of the battle but we know that Alice had a vision of it and uses that info to stop Aro from fighting. I see that to be able to get an actual battle in a twilight movie is something to cheer for but I was disappointed with all the hype. It was nothing different, new or surprising. If an actual battle happened even if it was a smaller one the vision and that people got hurt (since they are vampires they would not die and heal) then that would have been something

  • Lookat

    Thanks to all the hosts for your efforts on producing the Imprint podcast! Like everything else on Hypable/Mugglenet/etc. it was well done. I’m a little sad to see it go because I’ve listened to it for so long. I shall always remember that “somewhere Bella’s stove is on.”

    Here’s to the same success in future podcasts!

  • guest

    So did this end because Matt and Andrew broke up?

  • Abbie Owen :)

    I was wondering whether you would do another Imprint episode! :( I’m sad that you are not doing anymore, but I’m glad you came back to do one last one! I recently just finished The Host… (LOVED IT SO MUCH) I was hoping you guys were carry own with Imprint, but focus on Stephenie Meyer’s work after the Twilight saga films finished! Oh well! Thank you for entertaining me :) :) (At least I still have Mugglecast and Hunger Games Chat)

  • Laine Brown

    Kinda disappointed that there will be no more episodes or even commentaries.

  • Guest

    Hey, Is there somewhere where I can find the older episodes? I lost them all and would like to download them from the beginning! Please help!

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