Posted on 3:02 pm,
November 27, 2011

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The latest episode of Imprint, our Twilight podcast, has arrived! Join us as we discuss The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 in depth.

– It’s our Breaking Dawn – Part 1 review show!
– We go major scene by scene to discuss what we did and did not like.
– The Wedding – who cried?
– The Honeymoon – was it too long?
– Elysa tries to explain what she thought of the sex scene.
– Bella’s pregnancy – how great did she look/act?
– Bella’s birth – wow!
– Jacob imprinting – was it tastefully done?
– Did the film benefit from only taking on half the book?
– Was it the best film of the series? Does it leave us excited for Part 2?
– Listener e-mails address their thoughts on the film.

This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Matt Britton, Elysa Montfort, Pamela Gocobachi, Andrea Salazar

  • Rachel Gay

    i loved the wedding it was sweet and funny,i didn’t think the honeymoon was to long i thought it was as long as it was in book,the sex scene was okay i don’t think it needs to be made a big deal,kstew did fine with the pregnacy,i thought kstew did a good job with the birth scene i was feeling her pain when she was giving birth and i actually liked how they showd it from her point of veiw and how they showd her screaming when she was being changed but then her body was still,alot of people said the jacob imprint scene was werid but i didn’t think so they did a good job i think of explaining it like how jacob said basically they be anything they need a friend a brother,after have seeing the movie i dont think the had to do 2 movies but im not upset they did i think it will be ok cause now they have time to focus on bella being a vampire and prepairing renesmee to run away, and all the covens training bella and the big show down,i can’t wait till Part 2!!!

  • Imprint

    I can’t wait to start listening! I love all your podcasts! :D

  • blackkiko

    I laughed hysterically at the imprinting part. Mostly cause I was signing dreamweaver in my head

    • Elena

      It’s been taken down since I saw it, but someone had put the imprinting clip on YouTube with “Hello” by Lionel Richie playing once Jacob locked eyes with Renesmee. I don’t think I can ever watch the scene without having that play in my head now! 

    • Inky

      ohmigosh, me too!

  • Elena

    Great episode, guys! I really enjoyed listening to it :) It’s been a while since I’ve read Breaking Dawn, but I had a quick question (for anyone who can answer it) about when Edward changes Bella. Isn’t the reason that there’s no dispute with the wolves at the end, is because *technically* Edward doesn’t bite her? But, in the movie he does so multiple times. Did they just end the dispute by saying the wolves can’t hurt them because Jacob imprinted? Just thought I’d put that out there…

    • Rachel Gay

      To answer your question yes they ended the dispute because Jacob imprinted on Renesmee and they said something like the pack would never hurt a brother by hurting the imprintie

    • Mia

      i actually think jake gave edward the okay to change Bella in the books. Since he was alpha wolf, he got to call the shots. 

  • TwiGirl

    I always get excited when you guys release a new Imprint podcast! Can’t wait to listen :)

  • 7Starrchasers

    The montage was my favourite scene! It was sooo cute, Renee and Charlie with baby Bella made me cry…and guys there WAS a heart beat!….but the beat was slowly dying, you need to really listen to it…….I totally agree with Pamela in saying that Rob was finally “Edward”, he really wasn’t in the other films…
    As for rubbing the stomach..yeah actually most pregnant women do that because the baby moves from side to side..its a way to sooth the baby and ease the kicking… =)

    • 7Starrchasers

      and thank you SO much for mentioning the kiss!! I really enjoyed the movie, but I thought the kiss was waaaaaaaaaaaay too long..they could have scrapped the nightmare scene, and the shortened the wolves…! great podcast guys =)

  • Thecoolguy4ever

    Considering the lack of blood in the birth scene, I saw the film twice and there was a shot that looks at the table where Bella is laying and the camera is shooting it from above her body, you notice a lot of blood aside from that on her dress surrounding her.

  • Gleehead123

    I cryed during the wedding and laughed at the jake imprinting on renesmee scene

    Maybe could you guys mention me on Imprint 

    • Alex

      I did the same as you……. LOL

  • Somebodypersons

    Ugh! WHY DO WE HAVE TO WAIT SO LONG FOR PART TWO????!!!?!?!?!?!? I’M GONNA LOSE IT! AHHHHHHH>;o (yeah, that’s right, my angry face has a twitchy eye!)

  • Grace Nzita

    My favourite character was definitely Charlie. He was incredible when he was saying good-bye to Bella at the wedding, i got so teary eyed. His wedding speech was perfect and when he was around at the Black’s place he just fitted in so well and when Bella called him and she was crying and he was all concerned, i felt his pain too. This film should have been called.  ‘Breaking Dawn and the Epicness of Charlie Swan’ TEAM CHARLIE
    On a more serious not you didn’t mention the Jacob and Bella dance at the wedding, this was also one of my favourite scenes. It was lovely and just how i imagined it.

  • Anna

    I think i’m one of the only people who preferred Bella’s nightmare wedding dress and hair, she looked flawless!! Wish she was wearing that dress instead. I thought they dragged out the honeymoon a little too much, though it was nice for the film to be happy for once instead of so tension filled all the time. I thought the wolves looked good, Sam’s wolf was freakishly scary!!, not so big on the telepathy bit, but i liked the imprinting scene – i wonder if that was actually Mckenzie Foy’s real future-self or whether they used another actress for that? What do you guys think?
    I totally disagree with all of you!! I’ve read Breaking Dawn twice and i felt like it was so gory-ish. Bella’s dead body was just too much for me and Edward trying to revive her looked disturbingly too real. UGH anyway.
    Best part had to Bella’s transformation, the score for that was amazing. I also thought Billy Burke was my favourite in this film. Oscar? Haha extremely unlikely but he was awesome! You guys didn’t talk about the dance with Bella & Jake. Love the show, it was nice to hear Matt’s voice again! :)

    • Elena

      I liked her nightmare wedding dress as well, however, for the actual wedding, I think they were trying to stick to the description of her hair and dress from the book. 

      I heard that they used another actress for older Renesmee and then CGI’d Makenzie’s face onto it…? Idk, if that’s completely accurate, I don’t remember where I heard that either, maybe from a red carpet interview??

    • Bellablue1010

      they did drag out the honeymoon to much they probably used a different actor lucky u i have three chapters left i want to c the movie really bad

  • TwiGirl

    *NOTE: Tried emailing this through the site but the server wouldn’t let me though*
    I’ve seen Breaking Dawn at the cinemas twice now but I plan to see it again. It is so far my favourite of the series but that doesn’t mean it came without its faults. Obviously, the wolf mind thing was painful to watch and listen to and there were a few awkward lines we can’t forget about Carlisle’s atrocious wig but other than that, the film was spot on.

    One thing I noticed while watching the movie, particularly the honeymoon scene, was the number of times Edward was in the sun and the lack of his sparkling. There was a point where I thought he was glowing or something but maybe that’s just what my mind expects to see.

    Another thing I wanted to mention is the much debated movie spilt. I personally think this was a good move, if Breaking Dawn was just one movie, a lot would have had to be cut or crammed in with much shorter scenes and in a fandom where the absents of particular scenes or even lines could create an out roar, this might not have been a good thing. Also, not to mention, wanting this franchise to last longer. But that’s my opinion. 

    I love your podcast and the site. Keep it up :)

    • Somebodypersons

      YES! I noticed the lack of vampire sparkle too! Sigh…

    • Bellablue1010

      I want to c it so bad i have like 3 more chapters in the book

  • Somebodypersons

    My favorite character? JASPER!!!!TEAM JASPER FOREVER!!!!!!!

  • Rose you guys need to see this hahahah

    • Bellablue1010

      This is so freaking halarious…I was laughing so much,…..He is like so gay..hes all edward looks hot in his tuxedo….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • guest

    yall didnt mention the part when it flashes back to edward when he was recently changed and he was at the movies and killed the killer. i loved that part and think it deserves some praise

  • Bellablue1010

    they should be excited aboujt part 2 the have 2 do it anyways

  • Bellablue1010

    I cant believe they make it to where jacob is imprinting on a baby thats so wierd

  • Bellablue1010

    I dont really know what team im on i think im on everyones side…..? 

    • TwiGleeStarGames34


  • Bellablue1010

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!Will anybody talk to me!~!!!!!!!

  • Bellablue1010

    u need 2 watch rose’s video HALARIOUS

  • Bellablue1010


    • TwiGleeStarGames34

      lol! I will talk to you!

      • TwiGleeStarGames34

        Well then, i guess not

  • Arial_29

    Hey what happened to the hypeable pod cast?? I just noticed that you don’t have it up anymore!!! What’s going on???

    • RabbitRabbit

      i think you mean hype podcast. it’s at a different website;

  • Concerned

    Have you guys forgotten about your imprint podcast?

    • Imprint

      Yeah I miss you all! :( I wish you would make more podcasts!

  • guest

    I think I remember you people saying you were going to do a podcast once every month. It’s been just over two months.. 

  • Aimee

    No Imprint?? 

  • Carissa

    Are you guys going to do a DVD commentary?

    • Trisaratop34

      I was just going to ask that! I love all of your commentaries! Wish you would hurry up with the podcasts though!

  • Trisaratop34

    When you guys finally add a new podcast, will it be a commentary? I just was curious because I was hoping you could talk about the DVD features…They weren’t that great. And maybe you could talk about the sceane released at the DVD premeire thingy.


  • Very Concerned

    Is this the end of imprint? (I sound so dramatic lol)

  • Guest

    So… Is there going to be a new episode soon? Now is a great time for a DVD review episode! (Just saying…) I do not mean to sound impatient or anything, I know you guys are very busy. I just miss you guys! (How is Laura by the way? I miss her insight on the podcasts).

  • guest

    This podcast has been seriously ignored. I am livid. 

    • Guest

      It’s infuriating.

  • Gracie

    I guess we’re going to have to wait until Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out for the next episode of Imprint…

  • Emmalou

    Is this podcast deceased? 

  • Lindsay

    Have you seen the twilight fanfiction spinoff ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ has topped the NY Times bestseller list?
    The Original Fanfic can still be found online – ‘Master of the Universe’ by Snowqueens Icedragon…

  • Guest2

    I heard they were going to do another one once the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer is released. Seriously though, I miss all the discussions and in depth analysis along with the general news and hype.

  • Sportscenterfan1

    Is Imprint still alive? Are you guys going to come back anytime soon?

    • Guest

      I’m honestly about to give up, I’m tired of just waiting for months with not even a thought given towards the podcast or it’s fans. They could at least put out a post letting us know what is going on. 

  • Annelise

    Guys come on, if you’re not going to make any more new episodes, let us know or something, we deserve that at least. There are some of us who do actually really enjoy this podcast. smh

    • Guest

      I agree. I know they have a lot of other podcasts, but this one was one of the more successful ones.  Ever since hypable started I feel like we are the forgotten podcast.  They don’t care, and they’ve lost a lot of respect from a lot of people by not even letting us know what’s going on. Poor decision on the site’s part.

      • GleeHaterExceptForDarrenCriss

        maybe ‘they don’t care’ is a little harsh – i mean 63 episodes is a lot to make for people who ‘don’t care’

        • Guest

          They don’t care about the people who listen to their podcast is what I mean. They should have at least put up a post about what happened to it, and that would only take 5 minutes. Even a few sentences would be enough. That isn’t much to ask.

  • Kelly Barker

    Can we at least get a Breaking Dawn commentary? Please? Or are you guys just not bothering with this podcast anymore?

  • WhatTheGrace

    Andrew, Matt, Elysa, Pamela, Andrea!!! You’ve really let this podcast go. I miss your discussions and trailer reviews etc. It’s been almost 6 months! Can we get some sort of update please!

  • Ashleylanebound

    Hey what happened to you guys? You didn’t even cover the BD: Part 1 DVD release in February and not even a heads up as to what’s going on. C’mon I know you guys are better than this, did you just fall off the planet? Also a BD: Part 1 DVD Commentary would be great, i love all the others. Here’s hoping you having stopped this podcast. *fingers crossed*

  • Lucien

    What happened to Imprint?

  • Marissa

    Imprint, Imprint, Where art thou Imprint! 

    I really miss this podcast, why haven’t we received any news? I’ve checked Twilight Source and you’re still updating there with News. This was one of the best podcasts out there what’s going on? I don’t even care if i sound dramatic – i deserve to be! It’s been 7 months!!

  • Bella

    Okay now you guys have to release a new Imprint episode. The official teaser trailer is out!!

  • Laine Brown

    Trailer is out are we granted an imprint podcast now?

  • Guest

    What the heck is going on with you guys?

  • Josiah

    I remember way back when they actually released new episodes.
    Good times

  • Erica

    So Hypable is supposed to be by fans for fans, right? If all of the Imprinters are fans, why aren’t they at least telling us why they haven’t been podcasting? There’s no need to keep the Imprint fans questioning when this could all be resolved with a podcast, or even a statement. It just angers me that they haven’t even bothered telling anyone what has happened. Even if they didn’t want to do the podcast themselves, I’m sure others would pick up where it left off. There are plenty of Twilight fans on the site, and I feel like we are getting covered up by all the unnecessary, ignorant, and hateful comments on our fandom. Maybe all this hatred is getting to them? I don’t know, but a simple statement to put all of Imprint fans at ease to know what happened would suffice. It’s not asking too much.

    • Erica

      Another thing, I am wondering if they have even seen this page. They haven’t deleted the podcast page so I’m sure they are planning something. However, wouldn’t this show up to the moderators of the site that this page is getting a lot of comments? I’m just worried no one on the site has looked at this page, and seen that something needs to be said about what happened to Imprint.

      • Courtney

        I totally agree. I have asked the same question many times. Why no new episodes since November of last year.

  • Lauren

    I thought this was a great read about a new perspective on Stephenie Meyer’s writing.  Since it doesn’t seem imprint is doing anything, I figure I might post this here for Twilight fans who keep checking this page. 

  • Brittany Rockey

    WE NEEEEED A New Podcast!!!! …pretty please! :)

  • Alex

    Yessss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imprint isn’t done… Pamela said it on Vampire Hype….. I can’t wait for the new podcasts……

  • Gemma

    Imprint is such a let down!

  • Josiah

    Holy cow it’s almost been a year since the last show

  • Martha V.

    I missed this podcast during the time up to the movie coming out. I really hope you are planning on doing a review podcast!!

  • Lucien

    The final episode is being recorded today apparently! BooHoo!

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