Posted on 2:15 pm,
October 30, 2011

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The latest episode of our Twilight podcast Imprint is here! Listen in as we break down the latest news, including some particularly interesting stories!

– Breaking Dawn originally received a R rating? Why? And should they have kept it that way?
– We review various tracks on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack! Faves, Oddballs, and more.
– Andrew visits the Breaking Dawn editing bay with Bill Condon and interviews him!
– A Breaking Dawn concert tour will be launching in November.
– Kristen, Taylor, and Rob will have their hands and feet cemented at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Are they now Hollywood legends?
– Stevie Nicks was so inspired by the Twilight films, she wrote a song and an album. We review the New Moon song!
– We discuss the new Twilight Time Capsule and what it means for the fandom.
– E-mails address some show-related topics.
– We’ll be liveblogging the Breaking Dawn junket and fan convention with Rob, Kristen, and Taylor this week!

This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Pamela Gocobachi, Andrea Salazar

  • Rachel Gay

    i really like the christina perri song…

  • DreamNox58

    That song is amazing.  Andrew first played it on his HYPE podcast he does with Ben Schoen.

  • Grace Nzita

    Yes! a new ep looking forward top it!

  • Somebodypersons

    haha i love how nobody is leaving a comment because their waiting to see the movie, and it won’t get read on the podcast due to the movie news:)

  • Somebodypersons

    Hello! I wanted to share what I felt about the movie! the beginning was soooooo amazing, the acting was awesome and I loved it! But the wolves….I just…well….honestly, I laughed during that whole confersation. It was really bad…And the ending was……graphic….I almost puked with the sound efffects when Edward was getting the baby out. Bella looked so nasty, which is good and all but it was to much for me…Oh, and don’t get me started with the transformation! It looked like an episode of Jimmy Neutron! I mean, really? I just can’t over these things, just got out of the theater, so I am still in shock…I need to know who thinks the same!
    But I LOVED the wedding! The speeches were hilarious but I didn’t get why they were there…And as a true Team Jasper fan, I was very pleased with the amount of screen time he got;) I really liked when he and Emment went to get Edward from Bella’s room:)
    By far the best one yet, but, ick. It really didn’t seem like Breaking Dawn at the end. I kept blinking,trying to wake myself up, and looking around. I just, can’t believe that happened…

    • Josiah

      Yes! The wolves were awful! I wanted to close my eyes but couldn’t! Lol about Jimmy Neutron that’s EXACTLY what I said! :D

  • Josiah

    God, where do I start (about BD)? I’ve read all the books and seen the other
    movies, of course, so (I thought) I knew what to expect from this film.
    BOOK Breaking Dawn just felt like the concluding Twilight novel, and fit
    perfectly in the family of the Saga. But I came out of the theater
    literally dumbstruck. Did I really just see a Twilight film? Yes, it had
    the characters I know and love, but we were in Brazil! There was practically nudity! There was sex (with thrusting, no less)!
    Bella got pregnant with a CGI demon child! There were anime wolves that
    spoke like Darth Vader, and bad acting, and trippy shots from
    characters’ perspectives! (Let me clarify, bad acting from many
    wolf-pack members; Kristen Stewart gave the performance she should have
    been giving all along, props to her). Maybe I’m just naive, but I was
    hoping for much less of the honeymoon. Believe me, this scene isn’t the
    dirtiest I’ve seen in film, it was just that in the book I imagined it
    exactly how it was written, which is that it was IMPLIED. I never
    actually saw anything more than the night swim and a passionate kiss that faded to black.

    In general, Bill Condon, an Oscar-nominated director, had my hopes very
    high. I was quite disappointed when we saw these Catherine
    Hardwicke-like shots that had me checking to make sure there was no LSD
    in my waterbottle.

    There’s so much more I could say about what I didn’t like, but the movie
    did make me laugh, misty-eyed, and cringe (at the appropriate birth
    scenes). I’ll need to watch it again to make a definitive decision, but
    for now, Breaking Dawn is my favorite book while New Moon is my favorite

    • Josiah

      And pregnant Bella looked wonderfully sickly! :D Renesmee with Rose by the fire was just plain weird CGI, and I heard Wyck Godfrey say the last shot would be Bella’s opening her eyes (I was thinking she’d’ve bore the baby then opened her eyes at a cry or something) but they really did that part justice and the suspense gave me goosebumps.

    • Somebodypersons

      Yes! I can imagine some non-reader fans to be confused because this movie was so different, all the movies should have been like this!

  • Somebodypersons

    Ok, so I was curious, did you guys have to go to the movie with a bad movie partner, ever? I don’t have any friends that have read all the books to go to the movie’s with so they were very…Well, let’s put it this way. The person i went with was Team Edaward all the way, so she talked over Jacob the whole time, and when he imprinted (which was well done!) she was calling him a pedifile (did I spell  this right? I don’t care…)and stuff, so I tried to explain that it’s not like that but they ignored.

    Did anybody else cry when Bella died and Jake was crying and Seth was all like “She didn’t make it”? Well I admit I did. It was sad! Well, this person isn’t going to let me forget it, they were pointing and laughing at me…sigh. But oh well!

    I was all like, “Omg best Twilight yet!” and they were the total oppisite:(        I guess only true fans understand…

    • Somebodypersons

      Sorry for that gap, I was trying to get it on one line. Should have just hit the enter button…

  • Brandi

    I saw BD last night and I wanted to share my comments. Overall, the film was fantastic! Pregnant Bell looked like death! I was shocked! At first I didn’t like the fight scene toward the end, but then I realized that it really should have been in the book! It was much better than the talk that Bella mentioned took place. The humor in this movie was way better than the other movies’ humor, like the awful cougar joke in New Moon. I also really enjoyed the slower pace of this movie. The first movie was way too rushed. And Rob and Kristen’s chemistry was a major improvement. I thought that their make-out session at the alter was a little weird though. And maybe I’m just not a fan of Carter Burwell, but I didn’t care for the score throughout the movie. I cringed when Bella’s Lullaby started playing, though I figured it would make an appearance. It was better than the Twilight version though. 

    And a question: Did anyone notice any vampire sparkle throughout the movie? Because I can’t recall a single moment when a vampire’s skin glittered in the sun. I just thought it was odd that they wouldn’t include a couple moments of diamond skin in the movie since it was included in the first three movies and it is an important vampire quality in this series.

  • 7Starrchasers

    Btw guys…pleaaase put out a new podcast cause I wana hear your thoughts on the movie…and PLEASE PLEASE talk about the wolf telepathy scene…I really liked it the first time, but after I read someones comment about them sounding like power rangers, I couldn’t stop laughing the second time…so I wana know your thoughts!

  • IsaD

    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the BD movie! Looking forward to a new episode =)

  • Somebodypersons

    Okay, so I just saw BD for the second time and noticed a few more things:
    Hey, look! Stephanie Meyer!
    And I still laughed throught the wolf sceane…Its pretty bad

    But It was much much better the 2nd time around. It wasnt that grosse and I appreciated it more. BEST ONE YET!

    • Somebodypersons

      Oh, and did anybody else stay for that extra sceane at the end?!? Almost the whole theater started to leave and I was like, “NO, there’s more!” But I guess its there loss…

  • Grace Nzita

    Still no Ep.63. You guys used to be so much more enthusiastic back in the day!

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