Posted on 11:02 am,
April 29, 2013

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Glee Chat is back this week with John, Natalie and Jessica as they rehash Glee episodes 4×19 and 4×20 “Sweet Dreams” and “Lights Out!” Plus some of the bigger news in recent Glee memory!

Here’s what you’ll get in episode 60 of Glee Chat, “2 More Years of Glee Chat”

– Natalie and Jess return!
– Glee is back for 2 more seasons!
– …Which means Glee Chat is back for 2 more years!
– Does this renewal mean season 6 could be the end of the road for Glee?
– We talk about other shows that have been renewed for multiple seasons
– We talk a lot about Lost and how awesome it is; John and Jess talk Natalie in to watching
– We talk briefly about Cory Monteith checking out of rehab and wish him well
– John and Natalie are going to try to meet up for the Darren Criss concert in NYC
We want you to help us spread this story about a paralyzed Naya Rivera fan who wants to go to prom with her!
– We rehash 4×19 “Sweet Dreams”
– College isn’t really like what Finn and Puck are seeing
– Also, University of Lima? Yeah right.
– Surprise: we all hate Will in this episode (how dare he yell at Marley)
– You know that original song “You Have More Friends Than You Know” …not so original we find out while recording
– We rehash 4×20 “Lights Out”
– We’re all personally disappointed with the way Glee handled Will’s reaction to Ryder’s confession
– One of us admits to pausing and rewinding Blaine’s aerobics scene
– We make a big announcement!!

BONUS: Jess is recording from the moon!

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This episode's hosts: John Thrasher, Jessica Chapman and Natalie Fisher

  • Susan Lyons

    Did you notice that Ryder’s spelling had vastly improved since the first time we see him talking to Katie?

  • Dillon Mays

    Actually, college is like that in some places. I’m at a small community college and we have tons of parties like that.

  • plischt

    About „You Have More Friends Than You Know“: I knew the song before and that it was for „It Gets Better“ and I really really love it! So at first I was kind of shocked and annoyed that it was shown as an original Marley song. But I guess (or hope) that they asked Jeff Marx‘s and Mervyn Warren’s permission … especially after what happend with Coulton.
    Anyway, they did a really great job, it’s my favourite song of the episode and maybe this helps to get the song more popular!!!

    Anyone else liked the Becky/Blaine/Roz-scene? The way Coach Roz talks is quite annoying to me so I loved how they mimicked her during the vow. I thought that was really funny!

    I totally agree with you in that Ryder-molestation-plot.
    Will was awful as well as Artie and Sam. I wished they would have given that storyline more time, because I really wanted Sam and Artie to realize how inappropriate their reactions have been. That scene felt rushed to me, I prefered to have less „At The Ballet“ and more of … yeah … Will acting like an actual teacher and not like a jerk.

    • NatalieFisher

      Oh, TRUTH, re: Blaine and Becky, their recitation did actually crack me up.

  • Marie

    Guys, I think you’re awesome, but your episodes are stronger when you’re doing one episode at a time. A lot of little things that really bothered me, you guys skipped over, like Unique taking birth control. I honestly don’t know how safe or unsafe that it, but it really upset me because people may try that and potentially hurt themselves. And Sam’s multiple personalities was kind of offensive to people with actual mental problems after a traumatic event.

    Also, I’m kind of annoyed at the molestation plot. Just because when it happens to Brittany, it’s funny, but with some people it’s serious. It also feels like they’re trying to make us like these characters based on horrible things they’ve been through instead who they are, as people. I love Kurt because despite looking weak, he’s actually really strong. I don’t love him because he was bullied. I don’t love Sam because he’s poor, but because he handled the situation really well. Likewise, I don’t love Finn because he never knew his father and he’s struggled finding himself. I actually only like Finn when we see him helping out the Glee club. He’s largely kind of whiny, and even though he’s in sucky situations, I still don’t like him overall because of who he is. Likewise, I don’t love Kitty because she experienced abuse. She’s still endangered someone’s life, and I don’t understand why. She’s apologized, sure, but why did she even do it? She just seems beyond redemption to me, and regardless of her horrible circumstances, I don’t like her. Likewise, I think having Sam and Artie say those things without really learning why they’re wrong is really damaging to their characters. I know some people think that way, but even then publicly voicing that opinion was awful. It definitely makes them harder to love.

    • Colin

      I agree with you about the character issues, except I’ve never understood why anyone thinks Kurt to be a particularly “strong” person. And yes, I do know you meant emotionally.

  • Will Lowry

    No more biweekly episodes. No more biweekly episodes. No more biweekly episodes.

    • John Thrasher

      No more now that the season is closing down. Plus listen for our big announcement about the finale!

  • Klaine Is On Fire ♥

    I am not surprised that Artie and Sam reacted that way to Ryder saying he was molested by his babysitter. I’m 15 and I took a health class this year, and when this topic came up some of the boys were like, Well why is this bad? Most guys would love this. But then my teacher talked to them more about it and they eventually understood how horrible it is. So Mr. Shue should seriously of talked to Artie and Sam about it.

    • John Thrasher

      Great insight, thanks for this!

  • cheesey_mack

    Ok, here’s my theory on season 5&6… I think FOX had to committed to two seasons because they are going to be investing a lot of money in new sets as Glee says goodbye to McKinley next year, maybe for good. I think Glee is going to morph into a Smash/Pitch Perfect combo with some Broadway and college glee club action after graduation mid season 5. I’d be pretty fine with that actually, only really missing Sue. Maybe Sue could get a new coaching job at Lima University and help Finn lead a college glee club there?

    • plischt

      That would fit to what Ryan Murphy said earlier this year: “I loved going back and forth, and I think we’ll always have one foot in both, but I would like a big chunk to follow one particular story that we’re getting ready to launch at the end of this year,” At first I thought he meant Rachel, but it could also be Klaine considering the latest spoilers (definitely something going on in NY). I’m just not sure if they would really say goodbye to McKinley’s kids for good … maybe a time leap after the mid-season-graduation?

  • Antara Chowdhury

    “I remember the first gap between episodes 8 and 9 or something, and there was a three-week hiatus, and I was like, dying. Every day was a struggle to get through because of this three-week hiatus.” hahaha oh my god, Natalie, I’m cracking up.

  • Simone

    Just the title of this episode makes me happy :) Congrats and yaaayyy!!! Both for Glee and you guys. I have to agree with others that covering one episode per podcast makes for a better recap but I’m still loving the show. I know it can be a b**ch just to find a time to record at all.

    I was definitely shocked by Sam and Artie’s reactions, I didn’t know that way of thinking was a thing among guys? Can’t wait for the hangout! :)

  • dlskin

    I love Glee Chat but the first half of this episode really bothered me. I am from Lima and we are not some little po-dunk town in the middle of no where. There are actually 3 universities in Lima, OSU-Lima, Rhodes State College and University of Northwestern Ohio. Rhodes is a community college but students from come all over the state and country to attend UNOH and OSU-Lima. A lot of students commute from home as well, but the party scene is intense at the latter 2. I know I’m being sensitive about the issue but I guess the past comments on top of this episode really pushed me over.

  • Miranda

    Natile, Darren didn’t go to his prom! He was grounded, so I don’t think you could’ve heard about him going to to prom.

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