Posted on 5:43 pm,
September 4, 2011

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The latest episode of our Twilight podcast is here! Join Matt, Pamela, Elysa and me for a great discussion on the latest Twilight news as well as a Character Discussion on Renesmee Cullen.

– Are the Twilight actors held to a ridiculous box office standard?
– A new Breaking Dawn photo is bittersweet but raises a question.
– Who do we hope to see on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack when it’s released?
– Break out the camping gear – Summit has announced the Breaking Dawn premiere date.
– The runtime for Breaking Dawn Part 1 is revealed.
– The Twilight Guy (Kaleb Nation) produces a Pottermore spoof called TwiMore.
– But wait. COULD TwiMore exist? We come up with ideas for the site.
– Character discussion: Renesmee Cullen.
– What is Renesmee’s function in the story? How crucial was she to Breaking Dawn?
– Was there any foreshadowing in previous books to suggest a child was imminent?
– The Official Guide has no information on Renesmee’s future, so does this suggest Stephenie may write a story for her?
– What would have happened if Jacob didn’t imprint on her?
– Did Renesmee lead a tragic life?

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This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Matt Britton, Pamela Gocobachi, Elysa Montfort

  • Dyingstar87

    So, I was just listenign to this episode and tehy got to the vampire name part.  I went to and hit the button. I put down I have loved Edward for 25 years.  My vampire name is: SPARKLECRIMSON_vamp

  • Edward’sGal

    My vampire name is DrinkMeEdwardSHINY9 LOL

  • Confused

    This is a joke right? RIGHT?

    • Thecoolguy4ever

      yes of course, there’s nothing called Twimore

  • Rachel Gay

    lol my twimore name is BLOODSLURPER WEREPIRE x lol

    • Rachel Gay

      lol my new one is DrinkMeEdward IVORY 8 i like that one better

  • dreamer7

    VEGANPIREMOOTdarknezz haha…twimore… lol

  • Emilee Marie Self

    I think Deer Tick should write a song for BD. I also went to Twimore and it generated SparklepireEvanescent8 haha.

  • April Arrglington

    I think the imprint is going to look like a bit how is described in the book. She describes it as threads of energy that pull Jacob towards Nessie. Maybe they will do sfx where we see this pull happening… not sure how that would look like… maybe threads of light or maybe airwaves fx pulling him. Maybe the pull would be more noticeable through a sound, not unlike the jedi lightsavers for example, that maybe only Jacob can hear/see/feel. You know what I mean?

  • Grace Nzita

    FINALLYY!!!! :D

  • Yana

    Sooooo,, when is the new one coming up :D :p

  • Laurie

    You haven’t done a trailer show in years!!!

  • Ink

    ohmigosh, this mad my day. Especially the “dreeeamweeeaver!” at the end. BTdubs, my name is HEARTFELTSCINTILLATEx. I hate it-think i’ll stick to being a wolfgirl…

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