Posted on 11:15 am,
February 28, 2012

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Smash episode 4, “The Cost of Art”, featured special guest star Nick Jonas. The Smash Chat hosts chime in with their thoughts about the hyped up episode!

-Coty had a bad cough this week, but was able to tough it through for his love of Smash!

-Starting with the episode recap, Ivy is being a grade-A diva to Karen!

-There was a Dan Radcliffe “How To Succeed” poster in Eileen’s office-did ya catch it?

-Coty begins to howl every time Ivy’s name is mentioned

-For the first time on Smash, we get to see Debra Messing in a more comedic situation with the convo about Tom’s date

-We analyze the differences between actresses like Karen and Ivy

-Tom handles Ivy with care; Jess explains

-Stemming from the mention in the Smash episode, Mitch makes a comparison between Ivy’s storyline and Roxy’s in “Chicago”

-Jessica explains what the whole “points” system in the entertainment business is all about that Lyle and Eileen discuss

-What’s this we heard about Tom and Derrick being best friends at one point?!

-And just how old is Lyle supposed to be? 12, 15, or what?

-The news covers a lot of exciting stories, including an announcement of the length of season 1, a very special guest star that has been casted as someone’s daughter, and much MUCH more! It was a busy news week!

Bonus: hump week is discussed, and Coty names his co-hosts wolf names

This episode's hosts: Coty Chanley-Jones, Jessica O'Neal, Mitchel Clow

  • Megan Stoll

    Great episode! I actually really like Karen’s character… I identify with her the most. I know she’s really green, but I think that her perspective is going to be the mirror for the audience to look into to get the whole picture of how a Broadway musical is created. When she experiences new things, audience members like myself, who are not super Broadway-savvy, get a glimpse into the terminology, process, etc.

    SNEAKY BASTARD SUCKS. It’s weird. cause it seems like they set us up at the first episode to hate him… I wonder if that will turn around or if he’ll just piss us off even more.

    I understand why Ivy was being a bit of a diva… but it was a bit too much for me. She’s super insecure and letting Karen get to her. Should make next week’s episode that much more interesting!

    • Mitchel Clow

      I like how we get to see the ins and outs through a newbie’s eyes with Karen too!

      • KristenKranz

        This is why I like Karen so much. She is so incredibly naive most of the time that we get to play with that as an audience. Because she has to have things explained to her, we get deeper insight into why the show functions the way it does…

        As far as the diva moments… Why did Karen sit right behind Ivy after all the diva-ness from the earlier number? Why not sit as far away as you could? 

        I didn’t have a big problem with Ivy being upset about Karen being loud. She’s insecure. It happens. It was only the first week afterall… I did, however, have a huge problem with the ensemble people treating her like crap for basically no reason. I understand that they know Ivy, but… Karen lost the part. She isn’t Marilyn. Ivy is. Why treat her badly? It just didn’t make sense to me why they would be so mean… I’m glad they worked it out in the end, but it just seemed petty & low to treat her so poorly.

        • Jessica O’Neal

          It was petty and low. It was also self-serving. My guess is that they all thought to kiss up to Ivy since she is the Queen Bee, and if that meant being rude to Karen, then so be it. What will be interesting to see if how they will react if there is a scenario where Ivy and Karen are more openly pitted against each other.

          • KristenKranz

            For sure. Now that they are “friends” with Karen, I wonder what their response will be if Karen has an opportunity to steal (or share) Ivy’s spotlight? That will make for some good TV…

    • Jessica O’Neal

      I agree with you that Karen’s character is an excellent tool to educate the audience on the world of Broadway. The fact that she is green isn’t what I sometimes don’t like, it’s her perfect Patsy image. I do like Karen, she just sometimes bores me because she so goody goody.

      Can’t wait to have you on with us next week Megan!! Should be great!

  • Eoin

    Why isn’t there a news category for Smash on hypable?

    • Mitchel Clow

      That would be a question to ask Andrew, but I’d assume that hypable is waiting to see if the show maintains/grows in popularity.

      • Eoin

        That makes sense. Thanks.

  • B Anderson

    This is my main (and considerably small) complaint about the show…The promo’s are frustrating me! Week after week they show the promo at the end of the episode, and a lot of the material in the promo isn’t even in the episode. Has anybody else noticed it? Am I just weird?

    • Mitchel Clow

      That was exactly what I brought up at the end of the recap in this podcast! I’ve never been a fan of when they don’t show scenes they advertise as being in the next episode.

      • KristenKranz

        I am totally with both of you on this… I just expect stuff from the promo to be in the show, & when it isn’t I always feel like: “Was I supposed to just forget that she kissed him in the promo last week…” That’s not a little detail that can be overlooked…

  • B Anderson

    I just finished the episode, and I am in absolute hysterics. I will never be able to get over how much I love this show. Your episodes are by far the best part of my week. I love the smaller format with the hosts, I love that I can hear all of you. 

    I’m really intrigued by the “Eileen and Ellis” friendship. I don’t know how I feel about it yet. I think I have to reserve judgement for when I see it play out. I just do not like that sneaky bastard, and I don’t know how I feel about my favorite character interacting with him…. if he screws her over, I’m going to have to roast him, though. And that sounds a little messy, so I’m hoping he doesn’t. 

    I really wasn’t a fan of Ivy in this episode. While I do have sympathy for her character, I don’t think it necessarily gives her the right to “diva out”. (I feel the same way when Rachel or Mercedes does the same thing on Glee.) 

    Speaking of Glee, I have a feeling it may be partially responsible for that article you mentioned, about Karen? Unfortunately, Smash and Glee are being compared all over the place, and I feel like it’s doing the show a disservice. Glee is more of a character driven show, while Smash is more heavy on the “politics” and running’s of Broadway. 

    Fans that are coming over to Smash from Glee aren’t enjoying the show for what it is. They are looking for characters, ships, and more musical numbers. The Glee fans that are big Theater fans are loving it (such as myself) but the Glee fans looking at Smash as the “new Glee” are being disappointed. I feel like that may be part of the ratings drops, and the reviews such as that one. 

    In my mind, it’s similar to the never ending debate of Harry Potter vs Twilight. Really the only thing connecting the two is the genera. I think the best comparison between Smash and Glee is that Smash is potentially where Glee would leave off on the character’s hypothetical futures. (The relationship between Tom and Julia makes me imagine what Kurt and Rachel’s relationship may be like as Adults. What would happen to the kids after college, living in NY, trying to break into the “biz”, Things like that.) 

    I’m really hoping this “competition” thing dies down between the two fandoms, but I have a feeling it probably won’t. 

    • Mitchel Clow

      I don’t know if the fandoms of Glee and Smash are really feuding yet, but I guess I could have missed the feuds so far. 

      We simply compare the two, since it had been stated many times by those who created Smash that they wouldn’t be able to create a show like it if it wasn’t for Glee.

      • B Anderson

        Oh, Yeah, I know. I wasn’t saying anything bad about it. I’ve just seen a lot of people around both fandoms that rant about the “competition” between the two. I don’t see them like that. I love both shows, and I do think that Glee laid the ground work for Smash. I was just saying that may be the reason so many people are saying we need more of the character’s back stories, were probably expecting Smash to be the “new Glee”, and were hoping for more of a character driven show. I personally like the way Smash tells the details of the Broadway world. I like the behind the scenes production stuff. I was actually pretty bored with Karen’s story last week. 

    • Jessica O’Neal

      I agree that Ivy didn’t really have a “right” to diva out, but I still liked that she did because it seemed in line with who her character is at the moment. Hopefully, as time goes on, she will grow and learn ways to cope with her insecurities in a better manner.

      I couldn’t agree with you more on all that you said about the Smash vs. Glee thing. They are very different shows that, while there will be some overlap, reach out to different audiences. I think that you have come up with an excellent theory as to what a factor in the low ratings could be. Thank you for taking the time to type out all of your thoughts on this. Great insight!

      Not gonna lie, you should be jealous. ;)

      • B Anderson

        Oh, I’m totally jealous. ;)

        Seriously, though. This episode of SC was amazing. I was cracking up. You guys are the best part of my week. :)

        • Jessica O’Neal

          Thank you! <3

  • Misswriter18

    I didn’t like Ivy OR Karen this episode. They were both horrible and inconsiderate to one another. Karen shouldn’t have been so loud, and Ivy should have dealt with it better. Overall, both girls don’t know how to be civil to each other.

    Sneaking Bastard! Ugh. His attitude… damn.

    Really, that’s all I have to say about this latest episode of Smash.

    • Mitchel Clow

      I don’t think Karen was doing it to be malicious, though. The impression I got from her huge smile on her face was that she was just trying to show how she could still be content in being in the ensemble, and that she was still going to try her best. 

      • Jessica O’Neal

        I definitely think there was a part of her that wanted show off as demonstrated by how quick she was to tell Sam that she was the other actress up for the role of Marilyn. She wanted people to notice her.

    • Jessica O’Neal

      LOL! LOVE your comment! You are right, both Ivy and Karen were in the wrong this episode. For me, though, it served to make them more human. I really enjoy flawed characters (so long as they have redeeming qualities, too, unlike the sneaky bastard ;) ). Thank you for the comment!

  • Sydney Mook

    I really want to know more and more about Ivy’s character. I feel like there is something more than just her diva attitude behind her being so rude to Karen. I feel bad for Karen. She’s awesome, but I feel like since she doesn’t have that New York attitude that she’ll get stepped on. I’m also not so trusting of Bobby, Jessica, and that other girl. I just really hope that they aren’t going to back stab her.

    Oh, and for Mitch. Is Siena College a good journalism school? When you guys were playing trivia I heard a lot of familiar journalist names.  I’m getting ready for college to major in political journalism and I want to explore a little bit more.

    • Jessica O’Neal

      I am really intrigued by Ivy’s character and background, too. There seems to be so much buried underneath what she tries to give off. It is very likely that Karen will continue to get stepped on, but I am hoping that the growth she showed in this past episode will be the start of her being able to stand up for herself while keeping her moral attitude. Ooooo…I really hope they don’t back stab her. I really want to trust them and for Karen to have some friends within the Broadway world. 

      Thanks for the comment, Sydney!

    • Mitchel Clow

      Here’re a couple of links to check out that might help you decide. 

      Political science major:

      Broadcast and Society Minor:

      Multimedia Minor:

      If you went to Siena, you’d probably choose to be a Political Science Major, with a minor in either one listed. Our Journalism program as a whole is small, but growing and full of a lot of enthusiastic people (like moi ^_^).

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