Posted on 12:07 am,
April 15, 2013

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This week John and Mitch join Roxanne, who returns from a brief hiatus, to rehash some of the most dramatic Glee news yet as well as maybe the most dramatic Glee episode yet, “Shooting Star.”

There’s a lot to talk about in this 2 hour show, including Roxanne’s recounting of when she was held in lockdown at Cal State Fullerton just a few months ago. Here’s what you’ll get in episode 59:

– We welcome Roxanne back to the show!
– We chat about Cory Monteith checking in to rehab
– What will Cory’s absence from Glee mean for Finn?
– We talk about Heather Morris being pregnant and what it means for Brittany’s character
– There’s still no word on season 5 of Glee and it may have to due with Ryan Murphy leaving
– Chris Colfer’s new book has a title, release date and cover – we may review it
– We rehash 4×18 “Shooting Star,” Roxanne knew nothing about the plot going in
– We’re bored with Brittany and Sam
– Why didn’t Marissa freak out about someone stealing her identity?
– We applaud the actors in the very emotional lockdown scene
– Roxanne tells us about being in lockdown during a potential school shooting at her college
– We debate what it means to use Becky’s character as the person who brings the gun to school: does it mean she can get off the hook?
– Is Sue really leaving for good?
– We narrow Ryder’s catfish down to 2 people

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This episode's hosts: John Thrasher, Roxanne Clark, Mitch Clow

  • y0david6

    This episode of Glee was Awful – one of their worst episodes ever – I didn’t even cry ONCE
    It was boring , pointless. I didn’t care for the people as we hardly know them and therefore when you do an episode like this you don’t get the payoff they were hoping to get.
    Also they were never in any danger when it was going on . Chord and Heather we’re amazing at acting but apart from that and the Britney and Becky scene , there was nothing enjoyable about this episode.
    I would rate this episode 1/10 because as I have said it was stupid, pointless and you could skip this episode and not miss anything at all.

    P.S the songs in this episode were wasted especially More Than Words and Your Song. Those songs are classics and it was stupid how glee used them especially More Than Words with Britney singing to Lord Tubbingtion – so so stupid

  • Marie

    I’m saying this without even listening (yet), but I want to see if you guys see this: Does it make sense to you guys that Ryder would seek an online relationship? He’s confident about his looks, he’s confident enough to kiss Marley and tell her he likes her, etc. His big weakness/insecurity is his dyslexia. Which means he can’t spell very well. Which means he’d probably come off worse online than in person. No logic to it is all I’m saying.

  • Marie

    Oh, so many disagreements on you guys with the news so far.

    1. I do think Glee could survive without Finn, honestly. They’ve cut out a lot of the originals (basically), and in the pilot episode, you knew the show was really about Rachel achieving her dream. I think Finchel has become a distraction to that, and since Glee seems to want a sort of rotating cast scenario with bringing in the newbies, I think it could be ok.

    2. The stuff about Cory not liking the show–that’s so speculation, and was probably never intended to go public. Frankly, I could understand why he would be frustrated with working on Glee. You guys seem to like Finn this season at least, but there’s still a ton of people who do not. Maybe he doesn’t even like Finn right now. We honestly don’t know. And again, with him going to rehab now instead of waiting until the season is finished off, we don’t know what his situation with his addiction problem is right now. I would prefer Cory to not come back to Glee and be alive and well, rather than his addiction seriously destroying his life. Also, just in general, if the actors don’t care, I’d rather not have them on.

    3. RIB – I don’t know if you guys have watched Nip/Tuck, but you could seriously tell that they stopped caring probably when they moved the show to LA. I think that Ryan, at least, doesn’t have the attention span for shows. He likes to juggle a lot, and Glee is his oldest current project. I wouldn’t be shocked if he got bored with it. Also, you know, with all his projects, he recently had a baby. He probably wants to have SOME free time to spend with his infant son.

  • Martrel A. Howard

    Finn wants to go to school to become a teacher so that’s easy to write him off especially since that was that last time we actually saw Finn in the show anyway when he had that epiphany.

    Brittany is graduating so she can go off to school somewhere. Also Heather Morris is a dancer her career won’t be over after she gives birth. Acting has not been her primary career like HELLO she was one of Beyonce’s back up dancers. Come on people.

    Also life changing events trump contractual agreements every time…

  • Marie

    Also, crazy story Roxanne. I’m glad you were ok.

  • Dillon Mays

    It’s not Unique. He had his phone with him in the room. Unless there’s a second phone.

    Also, the catfish is in Tina. All she said was that glee club was going on. We don’t know if she showed up and left for something. Also, she’s done crazier stuff. She’s over Blaine so she’s going after Ryder. Also if you look back to many of the group numbers, Tina and Ryder dance together a lot and Glee coordinates a lot.

    • Will Lowry

      Unique is a girl.

      • Dillon Mays

        Sorry. I’ve gotten in the habit of saying he. No reason to remind me.

    • Horsecrazy7668

      When Tina was outside the school crying to Principal Figgins she said that she was late for glee practice and that’s why she wasn’t with them.

      • Dillon Mays

        All I remember was she saying that glee practice was going on and she needs to get in there. Don’t remember her saying she was late. Regardless, I hope it’s her. unique is too obvious.

  • Marie

    Really great discussion on Becky, by the way. I definitely agree Sue handled the situation inappropriately. I don’t think Becky’s purpose on Glee is to be the PSA person. I think her purpose mainly was to help soften Sue, and to show a high-functioning person with Downs who is more than their disability. It’s interesting they chose Becky for this, and I’m not sure why.

  • LilyLuna

    Great show this wee guys. :)

    I cracked up at the beginning when Mitch mentioned watching the episode in a public place, I can’t even imagine. The shooting scene really effected me, the intensity of it, the acting, I just broke. I remember sitting on the edge of the couch with my blanket pulled up to my chin, crying my eyes out and being so worried my family would walk in and question my sanity. Lol!

    As far as the news goes, I think that with Finn it all comes down to how quickly Cory Monteith can make a full recovery and whether or not he wants to return to the show after that. I would miss him if he were gone and hope he does come back, but I do think Glee can survive without Finn. As for Heather Morris, I assumed even before the pregnancy announcement that with Brittany graduating at the end of the season she’d be going off to college and would have a significantly reduced role anyway, like we’ve seen with characters like Puck, Quinn, Mike, and Mercedes this year. With the writers, I feel like Glee would change, but without knowing who would replace them I don’t think we can say yet whether that’d be good or bad. Some shows can make that transition very well (Doctor Who is an excellent example, with 50 years of constant turnover) but others just kind of lose their spark and the changes behind the scenes kill the show in the end (like with Gilmore Girls). I will say though, that I would much rather have Glee backed by writers who are enthusiastic about what they’re doing than ones who are bored of it (if that’s the case with RIB).

    Also, you guys never discussed Kitty’s confession to Marley? I really liked that moment, it was just such a natural, real thing to happen in that situation and I’m glad that they’ve *finally* given us some closure on that plot and manged to do it so well.

    Oh and the bit about Tina, I did notice the goth look she was sporting again early on in the episode, but I didn’t think much more of it than “Awww, I miss goth Tina who’d never vapo-rape Blaine” at the time and the moment with her outside only made me cry harder, but since it was brought up, I do think it could have been a red-herring depending on the viewer’s interpretation. I think they purposely set it up so that there wasn’t just one potential shooter, we had plenty of red-herrings making it harder to guess who did it until the reveal. One I considered was definitely Ryder, he had such a strong reaction to being catfished, his confrontation with Marley and Jake had me worried at the time that they were setting it up to be him (I would’ve hated that, but I got a vibe).

    Oh and Roxanne’s theory about Brittany totally makes sense, I knew going into the episode that no one would be hurt, but without that info, I can really see how it could look like Brittany would die. And for a moment when we heard the door open and didn’t know it was Mr.Shue yet or that there wasn’t an actual malicious shooter wandering the halls, I was legitimately afraid for her (spoilers aren’t always true after all).

  • Andrew Goldie

    Shooting Star is the best and most intense episode of Glee I’ve seen. I try and avoid spoilers and sneak peaks and like Roxanne I went into this episode completely in the dark, not knowing what would happen to the characters during the lockdown.

    I read a comment on the article after the episode ended on Hypable and I read a comment that the camera going onto Brittany looked more like the barrel of a gun which I found interesting, what are your feelings on that?

    My first thought was that maybe the shooter could be Ryder’s catfish?

    I agreed completely on the discussion on Marissa’s naivety, I mean come on a random guy is staring at you while you are busy in your locker and then asks you to go somewhere with him. Serenades you with a love song and during the song grabs your hands and rubs your face, surely you would be a little creeped out? Then not even caring that the guy was being catfished by using your face and identity? Kind of far-fetched.

    Also I know that the whole Bieste being Ryder’s catfish was a joke but her account was created by Will after the lockdown so it couldn’t be her anyway. Also was I the only one thinking that Will had no right to create an account for Bieste in the first place? Isn’t it really creepy that he did?? I must say I did laugh when her match was Ken Tennaka.

    My sister and I were discussing the episode the other day and we both felt that “More Than Words” was wasted in this episode. It is one of the most beautiful love songs every written and they sang it to a cat. Really? I know it was meant to be funny but they could have used a different song.

    I really hope that Glee is renewed for season 5 because we still need to see the end of the school year.

    I support Cory in his decision to check into Rehab, I have a friend who came out of rehab just a few months ago and seeing the change in him I know that rehab works and I think Cory will benefit greatly from it.

    I sort of had an experience with a lockdown not as hectic as Roxanne’s or in the show. However a couple of years ago there was a teachers strike and most schools were shut. My school however refused to participate and stayed open, when the strikers heard about it the came to our school and tried to break down the gate, the school was put on lockdown for fear of a riot. Police showed up and no harm was done but that is my closest experience to it.

    I would really love to see Rachel, Kurt and Santanna’s reaction to the shooting. Hopefully they do reference it in a future episode.

    I think Becky was brought on to bring out the best in Sue, Becky in a way replaced Sue’s sister Jean. I don’t agree with Sue’s actions in taking the blame for Becky but I do see why she did it. It’s going to be interesting to see Becky’s reaction to Sue’s dismissal. Also wouldn’t Sue be arrested and not just fired? She “brought” a gun to school and “fired” two rounds? Putting everyone’s life in potential danger? Surely that warrants an arrest.

    Also if Becky does come forward and says it was her that did it, Sue will be in just as much trouble for obstruction of justice. So I think that Sue has left the school and we may see her in other ways, hopefully we get to see more of her daughter because we really haven’t seen her since the first episode.

    Great episode, after Shooting Star finished I couldn’t wait for this episode of Glee Chat to hear your thoughts on the events of the episode.

    Love the show!

  • Dillon Mays

    This episode was the best of the season. It made it into my top 3 of best episodes of the entire series. Yes the plots at the beginning were a bit silly, but they allowed everyone to be in the choir room at the same time. They made good sense plot wise.

  • Allison L.

    I say keep Marissa on! she was adorable!

  • Horsecrazy7668

    I was rewatching the shooting scene today and realized in it that Unique had her phone in her hand the whole time. You can catch glimpses of it throughout and especially at the end when they’re all hugging, you can see it in her left hand. Now I’m wondering even more who the catfish was. Could someone have a another phone that they’re using to catfish Ryder, like a disposable or something? Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

    • John Thrasher


    • Dillon Mays

      I’ve been saying that. Brittany left hers behind when she went to the bathroom. Tina’s phone is unknown.

    • ImperfectPepper

      Or what if the catfish gave Rider someone else’s phone number??

  • Phantomfluteplayer

    Yeah, I was one of the people who didn’t keep up with spoilers and thought Brittany was going to be killed during the episode. Just as Roxanne said, I thought that the combination of Heather being pregnant, Brittany having a huge focus during the episode and the episode involving a school shooting meant that Brittany was going to be killed off. It just all clicked in my head when Brittany was hiding in the bathroom stall.

  • Gary65

    I really don’t mean to bust a *** with you guys but you come across as quite ignorant in this episode.

    Cory didn’t choose to fall off the wagon. From hearing him talk about it, it’s fairly clear he had some serious issues with drugs & alcohol stemming all the way back to his childhood. Some of the people around him have been suggesting that he’s been off the wagon for some time now. Those kind of issues can destory you. He needs help immediately and the suggestion that he should wait, or that he should have controlled himself, suggests a very poor understanding of the nature of addiction. Addiction is a disease. Would you wait to seek help if you had cancer? Glee did wonders for his career but that’s not much good if he spends his wages on booze & pills, is it? Without help, he is a danger to himself & those around him & I’m happy to see he chose the responsible path. I’d also like to mention that Matthew Perry entered rehab for substance abuse several times during Friends’ tenure(once in Feb right smack in the middle of filming). It had no effect on his stay on the show. You wouldn’t even know he’d left if you rewatch the relevant seasons.

    I don’t know much about Heather’s personal life but, as I understand it, her pregnancy was unplanned. Are you seriously suggesting she should have aborted her child in favour of her commitments to Glee? I’d also point out that Emily Procter was pregnant during the filming for s9 of CSI Miami and she remained a full cast member with no pregnancy storyline. They just hid the baby bump through that art of directing. Ellen Pompeo even gave birth during s6 filming for Grey’s Anatomy. She remained fulltime with no pregnancy storyline and her birth happened around the same time as Heather’s due date.

    As for Ryan Murphy leaving, I’d think he would only leave if he doesn’t feel like he can continue with the show anymore. Do you really want him to stay for s5 & make it half-assed? You can’t create quality art if you don’t care about it.

    Not meaning to go off on you guys but I needed to get this off my chest. I know you love the characters but they’re still people. They have their own problems & lives outside Paramount Studios & shouldn’t have to be married to the job, no matter how much it did for their career.

  • Tvol25

    I just listened to the latest podcast and I have to say you were wrong about Cory. i’m a fan of Cory and Finn since season 1 and Cory NEVER bashed Glee or any of the production team. he never said he’s unhappy with his storyline or unhappy with Glee in general. Cory is always gracious and grateful for Glee. and he said it more than once and more than twice. the cast AND crew always say how sweet and respectful and professional and nice and down to earth guy Cory is. as a person and as an actor on the set. the cast and crew always

    We don’t know what’s Cory’s situation was when he checked into rehab. he wasn’t necessarily on drugs when he checked in. maybe he felt he needs to take action because he felt he might go down again and he saw a red flag even before he even did any drug. and did it all BEFORE it goes out of hand to prevent any bad thing.

    And again, Cory NEVER said he’s unhappy with his storyline or he’s unhappy with Glee or unhappy with Ryan Murphy.

  • Colin

    I literally can’t even fathom how “Shooting Star” could have made anyone cry. Well, I suppose that’s a lie. I can see how it would make someone who loathes contrived, dull and amateur-ish television weep for hours.

  • Tvol25

    And Cory will come back next season for sure. there’s no chance they’ll write him off the show. yes there are alot of fans who hates Finn but at the same time there are lots of fans who loves Finn, and even love Finchel, believe it or not.

    Like Roxeanne said Cory is one of the main cast since the begining. and he’s important to the storyline. next episode (4×19) Finn has his own storyline revolving him trying the college experience so he has his stuff going on. they won’t write him off the show.

    I know Cory filmed some scenes for episode 20 right before he went into rehab so Finn might be in episode 20 too (unless they’ll cut his scenes so it will fit with their explanation as to why Finn is gone for the last two episodes of the season).

    Finn will be back next season for sure. when? it depends when Cory is done with his rehab program and the filming schedule for next season, but either way they won’t let go of Finn.

  • plischt

    I still think Jake could be the catfish. He seemed pretty suspicious to me when Ryder tried to call Katie. And it’s not that they didn’t know who’s backpack it was, they just couldn’t figure out from which backpack the ringtone came frome. At least that’s what I thought;) Oh, and by the way: Can’t you have different ringtones for different people? So maybe it’s not that surprising no one recognised it?

  • Klaine Is On Fire ♥

    I still think it is Unique who is cat fishing Ryder.

  • Klaine Is On Fire ♥

    I cried a lot in this episode. Especially with Chord’s performance during the choir room scene!

  • Kathleen

    I fell behind and just finished listening to this episode today. Mitch, have you seen this before? It’s about a guy who gets a text from a stranger and goes along with it and it’s pretty hilarious!

  • Teranel

    I think it would be fairly easy to write out Finn’s character from the show. They mentioned a few episodes ago the idea of him going to get a teaching degree, so they use that as a plausible reason why he would leave, instead of making up something ridiculous. Then again, knowing Glee, they’d probably go for the latter.

  • Cynthia Saw

    Ok, I had nothing better to do and decided to look through the episode again. So there were 3 backpacks in the choir room, and this is what I figured out:

    1. Red/White backpack – Kitty’s (she has it as she’s walking in the choir room), but she has her phone with her

    2. Maroon backpack – Marley’s (you can see it when Ryder confronts her and Jake), but she obviously had her phone with her also

    3. Mustard backpack – Jake’s (you can also see it in the same scene as Marley), and HE doesn’t have his phone with him

    The weird thing is, you would think that Ryder would already have Jake’s number saved on his phone, right?

  • Anna Klank

    This is completely off-topic, but it’s been bugging me for a while: everyone (including me) was up-in-arms about Finn being able to coach New Directions with no qualifications whatsoever. However, what about Jesse St James coaching Vocal Adrenaline a couple seasons ago? If I recall correctly, he had no qualifications either, other than being kicked out off his freshman year of college for not attending classes or something. And yet no one seemed to think it was strange that he was allowed to coach VA so soon after graduating high school?

    Just a thought :)

  • ImperfectPepper

    I really liked hearing all of the hosts’ own experiences in this episode.

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