Posted on 7:35 am,
April 18, 2011

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Join Matt, Elysa and Andrew for the latest episode of imprint.

  • Summit issues a statement regarding leaked Breaking Dawn photos.
  • Should they have avoiding bringing attention to them?
  • Stephenie hosts a fan event and we talk about the most interesting things she revealed.
  • The Twilight Saga: Official Illustrated Guide is here! We review.
  • A new interview with Stephenie is interesting for aspiring writers.
  • Jacob exists because of Edward’s flaw, and we talk about why it’s important.
  • Did Stephenie push the blame onto fans when it came to the Breaking Dawn criticism?
  • We discuss new info about vampires and werewolves found in the Guide.
  • What new questions do we have after reading?
  • Overall review: content, detail, art, and more.
  • We read reactions from followers of our Twitter account.

This episode's hosts: Andrew, Matt and Elysa

  • Stuart Taylor

    I’m completely baffled how Elysa, as a feminist, can enjoy Twilight.

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