Posted on 12:26 am,
February 4, 2013

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A new Glee Chat has arrived, this time rehashing episode 4×12 of Glee, “Naked.”

Here’s what you can expect from this week’s episode of Glee Chat, with John, Natalie and Mitch!

– John thanks Glee Chat Transcripts for their sweet birthday letters
– Mitch and Natalie update us on their respective podcasts
– We discuss SAT scores
– We notice something about Rachel’s issues with being naked
– We continue to analyze the Sam and Blaine situation and where it’s going
–  Is this the beginning of the end with Rachel and Kurt’s roommate setup?
– Will Santana replace Rachel or Kurt as a roommate in NYC?
– We’re obsessed with Ryder… still
– Did Lea Michele have any say in this topless situation given her role in Spring Awakening?
– We want Sam to be old Sam again
– Being shirtless doesn’t mean you’re naked!
– Could a Sam/Blaine romance potentially happen? John thinks there’s a small chance.
– We read a listener email wishing Megan a happy birthday!

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This episode's hosts: John Thrasher, Natalie Fisher, Mitchel Clow

  • Marie

    The highest score you can get on the SAT is 2400, btw.

  • Tara T

    BLAM! I love how Glee is showing this friendship/crush. I loved the support that Sam gave Blaine during the election, and then the break-up with Kurt – he actually took the time to find out what was up with Blaine thinking to transfer.

    I was crying so hard when he made that video for Sam, and like Natalie said I definitely got the feeling it was Blaine being a good friend, rather than trying to get Sam to have romantic feelings for him.

    My heart breaks for Blaine, when he sees Sam and he is like ‘I like him’ but pushes it down to be a good friend to Sam. It’s also really great to actually see a crush being ignored, almost every other crush I can think of on Glee has entered up with couple being together, often with some form of cheating involved. And for teenagers, gay or straight there are often crushes that don’t get acted on, and don’t work out.

    I don’t want the Blam friendship ruined, but it would be nice for Sam to find out (and not in a bad way or necessarily Blaine tell him) and then respond positively in terms of that’s okay, we can still be friends.

    I wonder how all this will play out with the wedding when you have Santana (and the whole Brittney thing) and how Blaine might feel with Sam and Kurt there – that might be a graceful way for Glee to finish the Blam crush story line. When it does end, I hope we still get some great Blam friendship moments.

  • Marie

    Also, question to any gay guys out there: what do you think of this culture where it’s cool for straight girls to have a gay best friend, how often do girls try to make you into this fashion accessory, and how do you handle it if it happens?

    • Rosie

      Hmm, I’m interested in the answer to this question as well, as personal experience tells me that it’s all well and good when a guy is gay, and much less so when a girl is!

      (I’ve also heard it’s the opposite with straight guys – lesbians can be “bros” or are “hot”, but gay guys are far from it! Though I know I am making BIG generalisations here!)

      • Marie

        Yeah, speaking as a lesbian, I know it’s a different experience. Although once a guy messaged me on a dating site saying he wanted to be my friend solely because he wanted a lesbian friend. It was a bit off-putting to have someone just want to be your friend because of who I like to date.

        • Rosie

          That’s really weird! I can’t say I’ve had that experience – most messages tend to come from guys who see something with boobs in a picture and don’t bother to read further. I must say my own experiences with straight guys IRL have been much better, but then as someone who’s spent her whole life so far in mostly female-only environments, I’ve had fewer to have bad experiences with.

          • Marie

            Yeah, I’ve had guys like me, and I’ve known about it, but generally they’re smart enough not to try anything. Although there have been many awkward moments of getting hit on in straight bars, since I guess I don’t stand out as into women. :-P

  • Peggy Ruiz

    I would love to see Blam, but only if Sam agrees to try it. I do think he’s open minded enough to at least think about it. Like Blaine actually sits down and has a conversation with Sam about his feelings. But I do really like there friendship.

  • Vanj203

    What’s really great about BLAM (besides the fact that it’s 2 gorgeous guys) is that Glee is showing what a good friendship really is. These 2 are each helping and supporting each other with their individual issues. It’s so healthy. Blaine seems much happier this year with Sam as a friend than last year with Kurt. The difference is that BLAM seems more like an equal partnership. I hope this relationship continues even if Sam learns about the crush and has to talk to Blaine about it.

    Also, note on Rachel: She did make comments to herself that she had a beautiful body – but she also said that she made Brody turn the lights out when they cuddled. This shows that she still does have some issues showing her body to others.

    • Marie

      Yeah, I feel like if Sam is/was gay/bisexual, he would be a better boyfriend for Blaine than Kurt, solely based on their personalities. And from the little we know about Adam, I honestly think they would be better suited. But ever since I shipped Shane/Jenny on the L Word, I have learned that it when the ships I want to happen happen, they get ruined. It’s probably best left to our imaginations so the writers can’t ruin it, like they debateably did to Klaine.

  • dlskin

    I’m an admission counselor at a university in Ohio and I can shed some light on the “new” SAT. Students who graduated in 2006 were the first group to take the 3 part SAT which includes Critical Reading, Math and Writing. This was to compete with the ACT (which most students in Ohio take) which has a writing option. Some states, like Texas for example, still see the SAT as a 2 part test so when they refer to their scores they will only refer to the Reading and Math. But like Marie said the highest score is a 2400 on SAT and the lowest a student can get is a 600 so if, in Ryan Murphy’s words, we were being nit-picky it would be impossible for Sam to get a 300-something. Just for fun, the average score is about a 1500 and the top score for ACT is a 36 (with sections in Math, Science, Reading, English and optional Writing). Sorry for the long comment, great episode as always!

  • Merina

    In response to ‘Diva’ as I have Strong Feels:

    Amongst all the mad ridiculousness of this episode…can we all take a moment to appreciate Emma? The poor, poor woman. I found her to be beautifully and heartbreakingly portrayed in this episode; when she was falling apart, I actually got teared up. It was agonising to watch such a sweetheart of a woman literally go to pieces over something so trivial. Clearly this has been coming on for a while and I worry for the future of her character. I just wish I could reach through the screen and present her with a perfect, beautiful, fully planned-out wedding and all the hugs in the world <3

  • Kat Smith

    Hey, just in case you guys haven’t recorded for ‘I Do’ yet; correct me if I’m wrong, but back in season 2 (or was it 3? it’s blurring together), when New Directions are in New York for Nationals, there’s a scene where Quinn has just broken up with Sam(? I think) and Santana says to Quinn there’s only one thing to do when you break up with someone, to which Quinn replies “No thanks Santana, I’m not really into that”, and Santana clarifies she meant you cut your hair. Now, the way I interpreted that scene was Santana and Quinn had already had a bit of girl-on-girl experimentation together. Cut to this latest episode of Glee, and all of a sudden Quinn’s into it and saying it’s new and a “one time thing” ? Is this just another example of the Glee writers throwing consistency and continuity out the window in exchange for whatever story-line they feel like? Maybe I’m just being nitpicky but I thought the LesbiQuinn possibility had already been addressed and dismissed on the show.

  • Andy Volz

    wheres DIVA and I DO???

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