Posted on 10:41 pm,
February 9, 2012

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Jeff and Jimmy return from a short hiatus to discuss not only the new trailer for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, but also the Superbowl trailer for ‘The Avengers’. What big things did you accidentally miss in both trailers? Find out!

-Jeff and Jimmy start the podcast by watching the new trailer to ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and talking about why it has upped the ante for the film.

-What will Peter Parker be like now that he’s Andrew Garfield?

-We’re point out how the film is already differing from the comics and how some things from the comics can and cant work.

-Is Spidey leaving his mark all over New York? We talk about ‘The Mark of the Spider-Man’ as well as the secret website name hidden in the new trailer

-We jump right into the new Avengers trailer and discuss what we see at length.

-We bring up Maria Hill and how Colbie Smulders is playing her before we get sidetracked by talking about How I Met Your Mother. Worst nerds ever.

– Who are the baddies? We discuss where the trailer revealed that they must be from, as well as some other options.

– We venture into new territory by discussing the upcoming confirmed sequel to X-Men:First Class and what the title of the sequel could possibly be.

-Be sure to stay tuned through the end for a very special Easter Egg that seems to be annoying Jeff.

This episode's hosts: Jimmy Bean and Jeff Martin

  • AccioAmelia

    When will it be up on iTunes?

  • Karen Rought

    I was not at all interested in the Spider Man movie after watching the first trailer. However, this second trailer has totally caught my attention. It looks really, really good and I’m very excited to see it now. I hope it turns out well!

  • NickFoss

    The download link is actually episode 4! I’ll still listen in on the site though!

    • Anonymous

      The same thing happened to me too.

  • Eoin

    I wish hero hype episodes would come out more often. Thanks for another great episode!

  • lorepottter

    The big question for xmen origins is if jennifer lawrence is coming back, because of the filming fory Catching fire and mockingjay

  • moonshoespotter1712

    I’d love an Avengers review episode. It was fantastic :)

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