Posted on 12:42 pm,
July 28, 2012

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Finally recovered from our adventures at Comic Con, we are back with episode five of WhoHype.

The show is dedicated to in-depth discussion about the Doctor Who universe: show and cast commentary, filming locations, rumors, tie-in video games/other products, spin-off series and more.

Don’t worry if you are trying to stay spoiler free for the upcoming series. We even have a specially marked spoiler section with a little help from River Song herself so listeners can skip around that information if they wish.

The three of our are on the program this time out as Natalie was prepping for a trip to the USA. Hypable’s regular Doctor Who writers, Laura Byrne-Cristiano and Harri Sargeant, lead the discussion with Jennifer Lamoureux joining in.

– During the intros this week, Harri quizzes the Laura and Jen on exactly what happened at Comic Con. Did they finally meet Matt Smith, John Barrowman, or anyone else while there?

– We proceed with an in-depth discussion of:

  • Guest starring roles for Matt Smith
  • Speculation on Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and A Town Called Mercy plotlines
  • The John Barrowman interview of Karen, Arthur, and Matt
  • The Doctor goes viral
  • The Steven Moffat and David Yates ultimate Internet smackdown
  • Will Tom Baker be back?

Our spoilers cover the details of the footage shown at Comic Con and what we thought of the quality

– Back from our spoilery discussion we leap into our mailbag, and answer questions from our listeners:

  • Victorian time period theories
  • Duck ponds, bees, and Prisoner Zero
  • How last week’s comments inspired a fan at an animal shelter

As we say in the show, our listeners are the most important thing to us. We want you hear from you. What do you want us to discuss? 

You can contribute  to the next episode of the podcast by commenting on this post, emailing or tweeting us @whohype

You can also catch our hosts on Twitter:

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Natalie @nataliefisher

Jen @JenLam26 

This episode's hosts: Harri, Laura, Natalie, Jen

  • Phantomfluteplayer

    Yes, I loved the RTD era hidden story arcs! I am glad I am not the only one. The ones Moffat has done so far are pretty obvious. I love going back to rewatch the RTD episodes because the second and successive times through those episodes, you notice that the episodes had hints of the coming finale all along. I miss that element. 

    In terms of the accents thing, I am from Texas. Accents have to be pretty bad for me to cringe. Usually, bad accents just make me laugh because I am sure that if I tried imitating a British accent, British people would laugh/cringe. In the context of the Western episode, I think I will be okay with bad accents. The episode is meant to be stereotypical and over the top. Most people I know don’t even have too strong of accents anyway, not like in westerns at least (though, admittedly, I am accustomed to the area; someone who has spent most of their life up north or in Europe all their life might disagree). 

  • Darcy

    … where are the pictures?

  • Cdaniel1993

    *Harold Saxon btw not John Saxon

  • hopelesslynerdy

    I’ve just caught up on all of the episodes of WhoHype, so excuse the comments on past shows. On episode 3 or 4, you guys were talking about the Angels being involved with Jenna-Louise Coleman’s character introduction. I can see Moffat pulling a Donna-like entrance: at the end of the Ponds’ final episode, something happens with the Weeping Angels and the Doctor gets stuck in Victorian Era with JLC’s character.  The episode would end there, with the Christmas special picking up right where it left off. I think it would be a nice callback to the RTD era, and it could draw a nice parallel between the Doctor’s grief over Rose’s and the Ponds’ farewells.
    Also, on episode 5, you guys were discussing the Eleventh Hour connection. I don’t have any theories, but I am very curious as to how there is a connection, considering the whole universe has been reset since then. Maybe something in that episode (that didn’t have to do with the cracks) was affected/changed by the Doctor, and therefore in this universe was not? I don’t know, just an idea. Love the podcast!

  • Simone

    Thanks again for the mention :) love the sound of the Comic Con footage – like with Harry that has eased my worries about the Dinosaurs on a spaceship episode too. [possible spoilers ahead if anyone hasn’t seen the trailer] Obviously the Mercy theme in ‘a town called Mercy’ has something to do with The Doctors line: ‘all the people who have died because of MY MERCY!’ unlike most people when he says ‘The Masters’ it sounds like he means ‘masters’ as in a bunch of people not THE Master.

    The whole idea of the Daleks having a high court and kidnapping The Doctor and The  Ponds for something makes me lean even further towards The Stolen Earth idea. The fact that they’ve developed a courtroom makes me think they are very familiar with this place. WHY they are posing as humans and why they need the Doctor for something when the Doctor is an enemy and they’ve never allied with anyone before I REALLY want to know. The Daleks are scared of something…

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