Posted on 12:23 pm,
October 16, 2012

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We discuss the premiere of Vampire Diaries through each character and their roles in the episode with your hosts Sonya Faria, Tariq Herzallah, and Roxanne Clark.

– It’s all about Elena, why did no one want to save Caroline or Tyler from turning?

– Would Jeremy rather have a dead sister than a vamp one?

– Roxanne makes a point on if Stefan will continue to love Elena as passionately now.

– Damon & Elena, Tariq doesn’t mind it but both Roxanne and Sonya are excited to see what else Elena will remember.

– Klaus gets his body back, Roxanne wants Tyler dying, dead, gone.

– Will Caroline really fall for Klaus after the stunt he pulled?

– Rebekah redeems herself in Tariq’s eyes, he’s not an Original hater anymore! Almost.

– We’re on Team Matt, stop blaming him, Damon!

– Bonnie is yet another character Roxanne wants dead. Do you agree?

– We try to figure out what happened to Grams.

– Apparently it is possible to save someone from becoming a vampire.

– What’s Bonnie’s new source of power?

– We’re sure we haven’t seen the last of the pastor (or pasture, as Tariq says)

– Is the town vervain-less?

– A theory that April will be the pastor’s daughter.

– Listener feedback.

This episode's hosts: Sonya Faria, Tariq Herzallah, Roxanne Clark

  • Kate

    About Caroline’s diet. When Bonnie’s mother became a vampire Caroline brought blood bags from the hospital and commented on B+ being her favorite. So I’d say she’s getting her meals from the hospital blood bank.

    • Tariq

      I KNEW IT. Ahaha, thanks Kate!

  • Gary65

    Guys, you seriously need to have a VD re-watch. Katherine killed Caroline in the hospital after her car crash. She woke up in transition and smelled blood. She followed it to a store of blood bags, snuck it into her room and drank it dry. Thus she was now a vamp. Her transition lasted a whole 2 mins. See here:

    There was never any time to save her. Damon found out she was a vamp when she attacked him. See here:

    BEST MOMENT EVER!!!! Candice Acolla ye Goddess among men :D

    Everyone else found out here:

    Fore a full recap of events. see here:

    There was never any time to save her.

    • Selina

      Thank you for your clarification. But you have to accept that sometimes we forget things, it happens. When podcasting and trying to keep the conversation flowing and interesting, it’s not always possible to remember every single detail of whatever you’re talking about. Especially not when, like all the hosts on this show, you have to keep so many different fandoms straight on a daily basis – as well as living real lives and having full-time responsibilities outside of Hypable.

      • Gary65

        Yes but re-watching VD is fun :D Such a good show.

      • teeaybee

        Keeping up with every detail of your favorite shows can be somewhat tedious when you have a busy life believe me I know and so do most of us but keeping yourself in the know is part of the fun of being a fan.

        If you’re having trouble remembering show details may I suggest that you guys keep the Vampire Diaries Wikia (here’s the link open while you record so when you’re unsure of certain details regarding say the Originals you can clear up any haziness quickly.

        • Selina

          I’ll do that for the next show! :)

  • Raina

    Why the hate with Bonnie and Tyler? I think they matter to the show. The only person I dislike is Klaus. He was interesting at the end of season 2 and beginning of season 3 and then he wasn’t anymore. To me he is not even a villan anymore. The actor is great but the character lasted out his welcome.

  • Martrel A. Howard

    Elena didnt “feed” on the guard she just ingested his blood. The first person she’s going to actually bite will be Matt because he wants her to out of some weird penance

  • Tucker Conley

    I agree about Bonnie I wish she was dead too, she too angsty.

  • Gary65

    Also, I just remembered, you know how Caroline thought Tyler was dead last week and no one could remember why she thought that? The reason she thought Tyler was dead is cos Klaus got staked and, as a confirmed member of his bloodline, Tyler should have died. I’m assuming that the presence of Klaus’ blood and soul in the same body is what preserved him. Still think Tatia is an Original aswell and she is the source of the Salvatore bloodline. Connecting it all back to Klaus is too easy IMO.

  • K

    I like the podcast but I’m not enjoying the Matt hate. Sure the writers don’t give him a storyline all his own lately but he’s a solid character who is always there for his friends even when they have screwed him over in the past, he’s brave (drowning himself to help save Tyler anyone?), he’s good looking, he protects his friends fiercely, he’s surviving everyday without any family whatsoever and having to just support himself and yet he rarely ever complains. He’s a great guy and a catch! Just because he’s human, doesn’t make him useless. Also, I find it weird shipping him with the girl who tried to kill him and one of his closest friends. That ship shouldn’t be setting sail at all. Besides, he’s always best with Caroline – even now when they’re just friends. Basically, more Matt love guys or at least less Matt hate.

    • carmina

      I totally agree with you about Matt.. I care about him and I don’t care about Bonnie, Tyler or Stefan so I do find them “boring” and not Matt.. if you wanna kill somebody please kill either of them.

  • Chloe

    About Caroline’s diet. At first she was on the bunny diet with Stefan, then in the beginning of season 3 episode call b- day she drinks from a blood bag in Damon bathroom tells elena she triad bunny diet and it did’nt agre with her. B+ being her favorite

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