Posted on 12:17 pm,
October 15, 2012

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In honor or Glee Chat’s 1 year anniversary, we’ve got a very special episode!

This episode was submitted by Glee Chat listener Mairead Nguyen in honor of Glee Chat’s recent 1 year anniversary on September 15, 2012! The episode features some of our greatest highlights from episode 1 all the way through episode 38! Check out some of our loudest laughs, our awesome cohosts, our fans of the weeks, and much much more in this very special episode!

Huge thank you to Mairead for taking the time to put together this amazing episode, which surely took a lot of time! Our listeners are the best!

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This episode's hosts: John Thrasher, Jessica Chapman, Roxanne Clark, Mitchel Clow, Natalie Fisher, Megan Stoll, Coty Wiley and occasional guest hosts

  • Gary65

    You took 4 weeks off!?! Disgraceful.

  • Rosie

    So many amazing moments!

    John’s noises during the Hallowgleen Episode
    Natalie shouting “Rachel! Umbridge! Sex!”
    Megan singing my Thriller parody
    How To Succeed In Glee Chat Without Really Crying, which makes me both smile and want to cry every time I hear it!
    Every time John fires someone
    Mitch imitating Coty
    Shit Glee Fans Say
    Roxanne and Hanson
    Jess and the Birds

    So many classic moments, and here’s to so many more!

    • John Thrasher

      Wow! It’s hard to believe that all happened in 1 year! Thanks for the kind words, Rosie!!

  • Simone

    Dawwww John it sounds even nicer with your message at the front :) it’s hard not to get emotional over the montage, it’s so beautiful and perfect and awesome :) basically all the goodness of GC XD Rosie listed most of the best moments of it. GOOD TIMES. My fav music parts were…

    1) Boaderline/Open Your Heart and Anything Goes behind all the shipping talk
    2) Hit Me With Your Best Shot behind John’s Deer story
    3) For Good behind John’s How To Succeed birthday surprise
    4) Perfect behind the shout outs
    5) What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger behind Jess’ bird drama hehe

    and the opening and ending of the montage gets me everytime <3 so many emotions!
    … But you know it just hit me Mai, I listened through this three times FOR YOU, that's it.

    • Mairead Nguyen

      You’ve been so emotional and weirdly sad, Simone. Please stop pretending there’s nothing wrong.

      • Simone

        …. I helped someone else with a GC project

        • Mairead Nguyen

          It was Jess, wasn’t it?

          • Simone

            no it wasn’t Jess – it was just a Skype hook up, a collaboration. It didn’t mean anything

          • Mairead Nguyen

            Then who was it?

          • Simone

            It doesn’t matter who it was with, what matters was that I needed you – I was going through ‘The Break Up’ emotions and you weren’t there! I was lonely and… I’m really sorry.

          • Mairead Nguyen

            And you don’t think that I haven’t been dealing with it? You don’t think that I’ve had temptations to seek comfort from Tumblr? But I didn’t act on because I knew what it meant! It meant something horrible and awful and… and…

          • Simone

            I’m so sorry Mai. I really am

          • Mairead Nguyen

            I feel like I’m going to die.

          • John Thrasher

            You guys are hilarious!

          • Rosie

            Okay, so I’ve been crying all day and then I found this and cried more of happiness and laughter. I love you so much!

    • John Thrasher

      You’re adorable!

      • Simone

        <3 :)

  • María Simón

    Thank you Mairead Nguyen for the episode… I was laughing really hard while listening to it.

    My favourite moments may be Jess under the birds attack, John’s birthday surprise and Rachel as Umbridge. They’re just awesome! =)

  • Fiolla Korenica

    This is so good, it brings back memories! But I was just wondering, where is Coty? He hasn’t been on the show for a while :(

  • Fiolla Korenica

    Also, John crying when finding out everyone bought him a How to Succeed ticket made me cry, it was so cute!

  • Mo

    This is the best. Thank you so much Mairead. And Glee chat hosts, you are the most amazing people ever. I was dying through this while thing. I can’t believe it’s been a year! Happy Gleechativersary! We love you all!

    P.s. those “spooky noises” are the best. I think they need to be brought back. Just sayin’ and the amount of things you guys foreshadowed is ridiculous. Ryan Murphy has to be listening.

    • Rosie

      Maybe we could have a Hallowgleen 2.0? John?

      • John Thrasher

        How could we not!?

        • GryffindorGirl

          You know, I think Mairead need to be a guest host! After all of this work, it’s no easy or quick task, she definitely deserves to be on for an episode or two.

          • Simone

            ^ yup pretty much

  • Amy G

    As an aussie, I found the bits about the creepy crawly stuff hilarious!! It’s amazing that we’re being represented through Natalie :). I went back through the episodes and listened to the Hallowgleen episode as i was falling asleep so i could hear the whole critter story, and was cracking up laughing until you guys started talking about ghosts and then i realised it was probably a stupid idea to listen to this episode at midnight in the dark, and John’s keyboard sounds didn’t help either… Needless to say I think I spend at least half an hour staring at my door after the episode finished. But i really wanted to say thanks for making me laugh the majority of the time; i have been busy studying for my up coming exams and finishing my last assignments for the year, and listening to glee chat while studying helps me get through. You guys are so hilarious, and I get so excited when a new ep is posted!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  • Lotte

    I am laughing so hard about the ‘pig-story’ from Roxanne. Reminds me of myself as I decided when I was 12 that I wanted to have a pig as well. My mother decided instead to start an unwanted pig collection. I’ve got stuffed pigs, pig candles, figures, statues, pillows… You guess it, I got it. Still have no real pig at 25.

    P.S. Only recently got into Glee and this podcast. So for me it is a great summary of all episodes, as I have no time to listen to all episodes.

  • Tara

    This brings back so many awesome memories! Thank you so much for putting this episode together :)

    Looking forward to more Glee chat to come!!

  • Tara

    Loving all the memories! Plus the number of times you guys have come up with theories that turned out to be true! Ryan Murphy is definitely listening :D

    Thank you so much for putting this episode together!

    Looking forward to many more episodes of Glee Chat!

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