Posted on 10:31 am,
October 5, 2012

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Dry your tears Gleeks because John, Natalie, Mitch and Roxanne have an all new episode of Glee Chat! Join them as they rehash episode 4×04 “Break Up.”

Have you stopped crying yet? Is your sobbing too loud and you can’t listen to the newest episode of Glee Chat!? Well calm down because we’ve got an awesome show for you! Check out what we’re talking about on episode 47 “Back To The Start”:

  • We rehash episode 4×04 “Break Up”
  • Natalie finds an inconsistency with the brothers Puckerman
  • Why is Blaine so upset about Kurt being too busy when he’s the one who pushed Kurt to NYC in the first place?
  • We’re glad Glee didn’t victimize Blaine
  • Can Santana really come home to do her laundry that often?
  • How the hell does everyone get to all of these locations so quickly!? Natalie Google Maps everything for us.
  • How similar was Blaine’s performance of “Teenage Dream” to Darren Criss’?
  • Did we love the live vocals that aired during the TV performance better than the iTunes studio version?
  • Natalie brings up some deeper psychoanalysis regarding Blaine’s potential addiction to sex
  • What the hell was going on with the cinematography during “Don’t Speak?”
  • Why is Will so ridiculously self-absorbed to never have had a serious conversation with Emma before applying?
  • This better not be the last we see of Santana!
  • Our hearts break the hardest for Brittana. By the way did they actually break up or what?
  • We reminisce on the evolution of all the characters in the couples and how they’ve truly grown from kids to adults on the show
  • We all agree that the last scene with Rachel and Finn shows an amazing Rachel that we’ve all been waiting for
  • Is Kurt who he is because of Blaine or because of himself?
  • John reads the letter Darren Criss posted on his Facebook thanking fans for his amazing life
  • Natalie talks about the evening she spent with Darren from this summer
  • We talk about Warblers casting news
  • We read a couple of sweet emails from listeners in our Glee Chat Mailbag

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This episode's hosts: John Thrasher, Natalie Fisher, Mitchel Clow and Roxanne Clark

  • theaterboy1

    I actually really LOVED the cinematography for “Don’t Speak” and I LOVED the live singing, especially in “Give Your Heart A Break”! Santana will be in the next episode, she has a part in Grease (and I can’t wait to see it)!! That letter from Darren was so touching and moving!

  • Mairead Nguyen

    You guys predominately talked about Mitch moving to LA on Twitter and mostly between Mitch, Roxanne, and John.

    • John Thrasher

      I really do not remember this. What is wrong with me!?

  • Thegarbar13

    Darren also tends to change lyrics in Teenage Dream when he sings it live. There are so many examples on youtube and I’ll link it later. He also adds his speech during the instrumental part. The Teenage Dream on the show was nowhere near as passionate as it is when he preforms it live. AND RACHEL WAS WEARING JEANS! Jeans… Since when has she worn jeans. She was wearing them when Blaine showed up before Callbacks. So wierd!

  • Raina

    Great podcast guys!! I love these long episodes lol. I feel the same way about Klaine like Natalie does. Darren’s letter was beyond moving.

  • Brianna Nicole Goins

    I have a lot to say re: the Blaine psychology discussion so I apologize in advance for the long-winded comment. I blame it on school–I’m about to graduate with an English degree which means I’ve spent the better part of the past four years analyzing fictional characters :)

    As you guys mentioned, there has been a lot of talk about Blaine possibly having been sexually abused when he was younger. I personally think that there is a lot of evidence for that theory and I would like to see that come up, although I doubt Glee will tackle that. Then again, they did the whole Beiste/Cooter arc so who knows.

    What I don’t necessarily agree with is that Blaine’s actions when it comes to sex are only or even best explained by some sort of sexual trauma or addiction. I think it fits perfectly with his kind of insecure, people-pleasing personality. Sex is a quick and easy way to feel needed/special/validated, so it makes sense that Blaine would crave that more than someone who is more self-assured. I think that he gets the same sort of “high” from being emotionally satisfied by Kurt, but emotional satisfaction takes a lot of time and effort, and sex is easy. I also think that because Blaine is so desperate to please, all it would take is for Eli (or anyone else) to give him the slightest bit of positive attention and then say “I really want to sleep with you because I like you” and he would do it without really considering what it means to other people. I believe him when he says it meant nothing; in his mind (if my analysis of him is correct) it would be the same as giving a stranded friend a lift home…while in the moment. Obviously afterwards he realizes what a huge mistake it was and acts accordingly. I think it’s clear that Blaine thinks very little of himself. I don’t think he’s ever thought that he is worthy of Kurt, or anyone’s, love. I wholeheartedly agree that singing “Teenage Dream” like that was him punishing himself. It all boils down to the fact that Blaine does not think that he has any sort of value at all unless someone else tells him that he does. This means he goes out of his way to make other people happy so that they will “like” him (because why would they like him just for how he is?) and when he messes up he really hates himself for it.

    Honestly I just want to hold him and tell him he’s special :)

    • Dillon Mays

      Also, the whole thing with him yelling at Sam that he’s not for sale. It can add to it as well.

    • Corin Boswell

      This, this, this!

    • Jessica Humphrey

      To piggyback, I’m still convinced that the cheating (to whatever degree and despite the fact that there are other ways to convey this point without the writers resorting to this plot device) is a symptom or a result of what appears (to me) to be depression. This isn’t “I’m sad and lonely and down in the dumps” but rather “I’m unworthy, my problems aren’t worth discussing but they’re eating me alive and I need to feel SOMETHING to know I’m still here.” Additionally, there are plenty of canonical references of him being “put in his place” if he behaves outside of who he is expected to be toward others.

      IMO, they could’ve addressed a similar situation with Quinn but didn’t. I’m not holding my breath for the character development to consider this. Depression is becoming more and more common among teens and young adults, but isn’t a “sexy” topic for television.

  • Brianna Nicole Goins

    @Roxanne My school did Grease and we kept in all the good stuff. Rizzo’s pregnancy scare, getting drunk/high at the dance, the mooning, etc. Then again, we also did Chicago where the costumes consisted of literally nothing but bras/underwear, glitter, and feathers. My high school pushed a lot of boundaries lol

    • Simone

      I seriously don’t understand why sex education and pregnancy are such taboo subjects – its kind of important stuff to know

      • John Thrasher

        Not to mention the discovery of sexuality for that matter. So many people would be more comfortable in their own skin if they weren’t told to hide it their whole lives!

        • Simone

          PREACH. Kids should be taught that it is okay to talk about, understanding is a big step towards stamping out homophobia. Did you see ‘contains sex education’ is now grounds for banning a book? It’s ridiculous /end of Sims PSA

          • Rosie

            Basically, the whole world would be a much better place if we were open about sex and sexual issues – with education comes understanding, and with understanding comes knowledge and solutions. It would also make so many people’s lives better.

    • Cassie Drake

      Yeah, my HS did “Grease” too, and we kept everything in. No cuts, no buts, no coconuts!

  • Grace

    The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the cinematography of Don’t Speak was that it reminded me of Like a Virgin. The different panels of the different couples…I don’t know. Maybe it was just me.

  • Joey Mangum

    I was wondering if anybody else noticed the comment that Santana made about Kurt getting on with so easily. It made me wonder if the promo poster with Santana and Kurt was a hint that Santana might actually like college less than she has been letting on, and if she’s going to actually go to NYC and try to compete with Kurt at while she tries to make it in the city.

  • Eli C

    oh my god 160 minutes of glee chat *.*

  • Simone

    I really agree with the darker analysis of Blaine’s character that has been running through the fandom and this episode. I really don’t think the Sadie Hawkin’s dance was the only trauma Blaine was put through, I really wish Glee would drop the comedy title completely and become a drama with comedic tones because that is really what it is now. Then it’d make it easier to introduce Blaine’s parents explore storylines like this. It has the potential to be one of the most emotional impacting storylines they’ve ever done.

    I’m not even sure it’s only sex he’s addicted too, it seems like he has an overactive addiction/attachment center and a need for control over his life. It would almost definitely have come from some sort of trauma besides the Sadie Hawkin’s dance

    The hair gel and bowties:
    He is scarily attached to these things, stiff and controlling items he uses as a shield against the world. With the Dalton uniform gone they are the last pieces of sanctuary and routine he has left, which he is still holding onto. He also wore hair gel and bowties as a child. I’m not qualified to psychoanalyse but isn’t regression a sign of sexual or mental trauma?

    Sex and alcohol: I basically agree with everything you said and have said about Blaine’s addiction to these things. I think his sexual neediness was shown best in The Break Up when he said ‘I miss messing around with you.’ ‘what am I suppose to do until then, hold my breath?’ there was major neediness behind those lines. The way they highlighted Blaine’s potential alcoholism and sex addiction in ‘The First Time’ makes me think that maybe the circumstances of his abuse involved sex and alcohol.

    As for the rest of the episode
    1) you all continue to be perf
    2) I disagree about Don’t Speak, I thought that was beautifully shot! :)
    3) I love how Teenage Dream sounded like Darren but with a slight Blaine affectation, it means I could feel the emotion of the song as both a Glee/Darren moment but not be taken out of the moment because it was TOO similar to Darren’s.
    4) Chris Colfer is damn hot, still not over his incredible acting either.
    5) If Brittany was on the edge BEFORE the break up with San I really worry for that girl now :-S and I am REALLY not going to be happy if Brittany/Sam happens.

    and now with that ramble I’m going to pretend that Blaine actually said – “I was with someone… the salesman at the mall? and he… talked me into buying the orange sweater.” until Glee comes back

    • Tygridia

      My headcanon is that Blaine patted that Eli guy twice on the shoulder and considers it cheating…

  • DrWho-Glee-HP-Fan

    I have something to add about the cinematography of “Don’t Speak.” John said he thought that the black and white meant evil and good. However, black can also symbolize hopelessness, the unknown, and death, while white can symbolize hope, familiarity, and birth. They could have been using the contrast of these colors to show the hopelessness of the characters being happy together again, the uknown of what would happen to their relationships, and the possibility of death of their relationships.
    Also, I think that the characters of Jake, Kitty, and Marely, are looking less like Puck, Quinn, and Rachel. I read an interview with Ryan Murphy where he said that, yes, they would appear to be very similar characters in the beginning, but that after a handful of episodes or so, we would see that are actually very different. The differences you mentioned between Rachel and Marley, Quinn/Santana and Kitty,
    One point about Grease/Glease: You guys talked about them re-releasing Summer Lovin’. However, I looked at the track listing on iTunes, and on the upcoming album. The Sam and Mercedes version is titled “Summer Nights,” but on the album coming with the episode this season, the song is titled “Summer Lovin’.”
    Thanks for the fantastic episodes! I really look forward to them every week.
    I completely agreed with John about “Mine.” I don’t really care for Taylor Swift’s voice, but I’ve had the Glee version of this song on repeat for several days, and I’m not sick of it yet.

  • Thegarbar13

    Oh and Ashley Fink has appeared on Disney’s Austin and Ally four times now!! She co-stars with Ross Lynch related to Riker Lynch aka the hot blonde Warbler Jeff!

  • Tygridia

    The only reason I just installed iTunes is to be able to download Glee Chat. That’s real commitment!

  • lisa

    love the podcast, but I really don’t think Blaine has a sex addiction problem. At least thinking back on the boys at my high school and university.I don’t mean to be crass, but most boys are so horny at that age, so I think Blaine’s behavior is quite normal. I feel like I spent a lot high school and college fighting boys off in social situations. The sexual tension was very thick. Also Blaine is so good looking and appealing to both genders, that I’m sure he attracts attention pretty much everywhere he goes. I think he was feeling vulnerable, hurt and rejected and needed to feel wanted. He turned to Eli, but I wish it had been Sebastian, ( I felt they had a crazy chemistry) So I’m sure there is a wide spectrum of sexual addiction but if Blaine is an addict, then so were 80% of the boys at my high school and USC… :D Anyway, I truly love listening to you (John, Natalie, Mitch, Roxanne, Jess etc) . Oh and I ran into Cory Monteith at LAX last week, and we just started chatting about weather, traffic and stuff, (not Glee) and he was just relatable, and had no pretense. He is tall, slim and very attractive, not gigantic like he looks onscreen, Lea Michelle must be tiny! Anyway, I was impressed with his humbleness and friendliness. I always look forward to when a new Glee Chat podcast downloads, thank you!

  • Vanj203

    Regarding, Blaine’s bow tie & hair gel issues, yesterday I again watched Glee s3 ep “The Purple Piano” where Blaine starts at McKinley. Interestingly, Blaine’s first scene shows him still in his Dalton uniform with s2 hair, and Kurt saying to him that he was supposed to tell him by the end of summer if he was going to transfer or not. Over the course of this ep, as Blaine’s entry into McKinley progresses, his hair begins to be gelled down to the look he had the rest of s3 and into s4. Also, the Dalton tie goes away with the uniform, but is then replaced with the never ending bow ties. I see the extreme hair gel and bow ties as showing Blaine’s anxiety at transferring away from Dalton. The gel and bow ties are almost like a security blanket to cope with the anxiety and insecurity of the new environment where he knows that bullying IS allowed! I also agree that Blaine was probably sexually abused as a child, but I also see him exhibiting characteristics of a child from an alcoholic household. Maybe Blaine’s rich dad has that issue, as well as his non-acceptance of his son being gay – or his mom may be the alcoholic. We never see his parents at his house, and he NEVER mentions his mom, a total giveaway that he has issues with both of his parents. He is really alone with no emotional support from his parents, not much from his brother, and not from Kurt either. He needs Sam now to be a strong, solid friend. And, if he starts going over to Finn’s house to meet up with Sam, he might also have some helpful heart to heart talks with Burt, which he can’t have with his own parents. The posting on Hypable with the leaked script scene from ep 7 could actually be Blaine talking to Burt (because Finn’s name is mentioned) before the flashback happens. Just a guess.

  • Alex

    I read online that Brittany would date Sam but not for to long. She’ll probally get back together with Santana.

  • Cassie-Lee

    As a high school student, a “Hook-up” is basically just making-out with someone…

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