Posted on 8:03 pm,
September 23, 2012

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Megan is back y’all! But only for this episode. Join John, Jessica, Mitch, Megan and Megan’s friend Lisa as we rehash the latest episode of Glee, “Britney 2.0.”

We’re so excited to have Megan back on the show. She invites a friend, Lisa, on to the show who is also a huge Gleek! Here’s what you can expect from this action-packed episode.

  • We welcome Megan back to the show for 1 episode!
  • We welcome Megan’s awesome Gleek friend Lisa to the show!
  • John talks about how he is harassing Zack to be on the show full time.
  • We rehash episode 4×02 “Britney 2.0.”
  • We try to figure out if Kurt and Rachel could really be living in a huge apartment like that in Bushwick.
  • There are a couple of more interesting moments on Glee that make us wonder if the writers are listening to our show and throwing us bones to show they’re listening!
  • John tries to explain how the ambiguity of Unique/Wade forces us to not judge a book by its cover.
  • It turns out the acoustic version of 3 is the best acoustic version of a song about threesomes ever.
  • John wonders if Britney Spears and her camp are going to be okay with this episode since it highlights a lot of the darker moments in her career and personal life (which are separate things).
  • Surprise: we are all obsessed with Brody.
  • Will the lip-sync performance come back to bite the Glee club in the butt?
  • We all adore Kate Hudson and are starting to enjoy Cassie in a unique way.
  • Mitch has a very clear creative outlook for what Lea Michele’s solo album should look and sound like.
  • John predicts a grim future for Finn based on real-life scenarios that American families go through when loved ones go to the war.
  • Glee Chat Fan of the Week
  • Senseless singing of Britney Spears songs

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This episode's hosts: John Thrasher, Jessica Chapman, Mitch Clow, special guests Megan Stoll and Megan's friend Lisa

  • HungerSlytherin

    I was wondering what you guys thought about this. While you were talking about Unique I was wondering how close is Carmal High School and Dalton Academy to McKinley High. Unique had to leave Carmal to go to McKinley and we know that Blaine left Dalton but are the schools even close to each other.

    • Mairead Nguyen

      Dalton’s in Westervillle, and if you Google map that, it’s about two hours away. Don’t know about Carmel, though.

  • Joey Mangum

    You guys are just really great! I wish that I could rehash an ep with you guys… You should totes tweet something if you’re ever looking for a new cohost! (Yes, I’m a suck up) :P

  • Vania

    a guess on the reason behind blaine’s weak performance on boys/boyfriend:

    artie rolled over his toe maybe? haha :D

  • Ginny

    liked this episode :)

  • Vania

    a guess on the reason behind blaine’s weak performance on boys/boyfriend:

    artie rolled over his toe, maybe? haha

    • John Thrasher

      Ohhhh yeah! I remember this now. Thanks for pointing that out!

    • Simone

      that would definitely be part of it but he might have been trying to come off as a gay boy feeling awkward performing a suggestive song for one of his best lady friends as well.

  • Amber Fanning

    season 2 episode 22, New York. Kurt mentioned about the better water in NYC too ;)

  • Alex

    John thanks for giving me advice on the brittany 2.0 recap page. It meant alot to me to see that people care. I never have missed an episode of gleechat and im not planing on missing any episodes EVER…

    • John Thrasher

      You’re so welcome! Glad you love the show! Keep smiling. :)

      • Alex

        Could you follow me on Twitter?????

        My username is @brittanaheya13

  • Jack F

    Tonight I had taco’s for dinner and banana cake for desert. You’re welcome.

    • Mitchel Clow

      I don’t even remember at this point, but I’m assuming that one of us must have asked for people to leave what they ate for dinner in the comments x3

      • Simone

        the fan of the week said they had wine while they were listening to the show

  • Meredith Sims

    hey guys, i wanted to say that i love your show!!!
    have to agree with John who motioned: this episode is like a rise,
    fall, and rise again of Britney Spears because I’m in college (freshman)
    and I had to explain to the girls who live in the room next to mine why Britney was acting out like
    Britney did a few years ago.

    off I want to say that I watched both seasons of the Glee Project and I like Alex but I really don’t like/stand his character Unique because
    of her voice and her over character. I would like for her to sing
    songs by herself and not with other people. I wonder why/how he got my
    episodes than he was promised when Alex and Lauren got the 2 episode star
    roles. I’m trying to give Unique a chance but I guess I have to get
    use to her. I wish they had started out with Wade struggling a little
    bit more with himself then him being shunned at first then quickly

    Hudson as Cassie is flawless and she’s giving Rachel and people who
    want to go to a performing arts college a reality check that its not
    easy people will cut you into pieces until you’re nothing. I love her
    rudeness/bitchiness (excused my french) character.

    cannot wait to see what develops for Santana and Britney because at the
    end of the episode my heart went out to Britney because sometimes I
    want/Skype with a friend back home and I would feel lonely and I
    understood her when she feels like everyone is gone and she has no one
    to go and talk to.

    think I can relate to Marley in the sense of she gets let down by guys
    because with we find out that Jake and Kitty were together (total
    shocker) her facial expression read ‘wow I thought I had a chance’ and
    if I’m correct from the first episode of this season didn’t Sam give
    Marley some looks like he is interested in her?

    okay with the 2.0’s because it happens all the time in high school.
    When I left high school and the summer started people in my theatre
    department were saying ‘oh this girl is the next person or this guy
    doesn’t compare to him.’ And its so annoying because its very hard to
    break those standards. I view the new characters as that new characters
    but somehow I find myself saying “she’s like a Rachel 2.0″.

    I have a few questions for you guys because of my predictions for this season:
    1. Do you think Finn will get hurt/die while he is in the Army and Rachel will have to choose Brody or Finn?
    Do you think Marley’s mom reminds you a little of Beaste and how she
    wasn’t accepted by everyone? And that leads me to where is Beaste and Sebastian?
    Do you think that Tina broke up with Mike or Mike broke up with Tina
    was because of Artie? No body is just friends, something happened. And that
    leads me to a prediction if Tina tries to get back with Artie will he
    sing ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’??
    4. Will New Directions get disqualified from Sectionals, Regionals or Nationals because they did lip-sync? like John asked.
    5. Will Kurt forget his dreams of being on Broadway or going to college and work with Sarah Jessica Parker’s character at Vogue?
    6. When are Emma and Will get married???

    for reading my long rant.
    And Ryan or any writers on Glee who are reading this: Can Marley or
    someone sing Ed Sheeran? Please and Thank You.

  • CarolineTaylor

    I am listening while writing this so I might add another post later, but WTF you don’t like Email My Heart! As if!
    I have to agree on the You & I mash-up last season, I didn’t like that at all but the Crazy mash-up in this was gorgeous, the lighting on it was stunning aswell, I bought Jarley as a couple immediately.
    As for Unique I am slightly confused but I’m ok with that, I didn’t want a huge Unique storyline dominating the start to the season so I am ok with Unique just saying a few snappy lines here and there, I’m not convinced Alex has the acting skills to handle a major emotional plot.

  • Caroline Taylor

    Just listening to the part where you talk about what Britney would think of the episode, I know her manager was ‘livid’ and also her ex assistant Felicia (the one who played a teacher in the BOMT video) went on facebook to announce she is no longer a Gleek and had a rant about how mean the show is!

  • Oisin Doyle

    In your latest episode you talked about how they have dumbed down Sam a lot, and I just watched the new promo for ‘makeover’ and brittany says to Sam that she challenges Sam to a debate, and Sam than asks Blaine “What is a debat?” THIS IS SO STUPID when he first joined the new directions, he was never overly stupid and he was a solid and consistent character, especailly when he loses his house he was emotional and brave but never stupid!
    What do you guys think?

  • DrWho-Glee-HP-Fan

    You guys were talking about how some of the characters seem reduntant. I was reading a really good Ryan Murphy interview on the Hollywood Reporter []. He talked a lot about the future of this season, casting the new characters, and where they went wrong in seasons 2 and 3. Anyway, he mentions that some of the new characters may seem a little Puck, Quinn, and Rachel, but that that will change in the coming episodes. We’ll have to see if this comes to any fruition.

  • Simone

    MEGGAAAANNNNNN!!!!! and Mitch too!!! *hugs you both and doesn’t let go* don’t you go disappearing for too long again. I’ve missed the chemistry you both add to the host mix

    2) Sorry Mitch but no, ‘Lucky’ has to go to Rachel, I still can’t believe that hundreds of solos and two Britney tributes later she still hasn’t sung it, it’s so her! Even though I’ve always been one of the fans preaching that Lea gets too much screen time and too many solos (even though I love her) I still need her to have this one.

    3) I love how Heather took a comic relief character and turned her into something really complex and almost dark, yet she’s still funny. I think her acting skills are seriously under-rated. I would seriously worry for a girl like Brittany in real life, she would need some serious help and therapy, judging from the part of her that randomly says smart things I’d probably get that girl tested for multiple personality disorder too. They could pull a proper dramatic storyline out of her, it seems like they’re only just seeing how much help she needs

    4) Am I the only one that might possibly like the first Britney episode a bit better than this one? just a bit? This tribute had a better story but the last tribute had better music.

    5) Hummelberry scene: I don’t neccesary think Kurt was acting with a ‘never mind my step-bro get with this guy he’s HOT’ mentality. He was respecting the bro code, it’s polite to excuse yourself when your mate has company over. It was also more like he was acknowledging how hot Brody was and then going out because a) he was going out anyway and b) sexy time isn’t the only reason you might want privacy. It isn’t even really clear how together Finchel still is, maybe he’s more concerned with helping her friend sort her heart out rather than protecting his step brother’s pride. That’s my take on it anyway.

    Megan 2.0 beats Britney 2.0 any day – ITS MEGAN BITCH!
    also John – LEAVE KITTY ALOOONEE!! *cries*

  • Simone

    also this was basically the setup in Glee Season 1: the pretty cheerleader Quinn is in a relationship with the school stud Finn, who ends up also falling for the dorky and talented brunette (Rachel). Now here’s the setup in Season 4: the pretty cheerleader Kitty is in a relationship with the school stud Jake, who ends up also falling for the dorky and talented brunette (Rachel) – WHOA deja vu! Its Season One 2.0!! Wait… HOLD UP. Guys, guys bear with me because this would be SO ground breaking but what if Quinn – I mean Kitty, joins the Glee Club to keep an eye on her boyfriend? :-O Especially since Rachel/Marley was singing that really loving song The Only Exception – oops slipped again, I meant Everytime, at the end of the Britney tribute. I don’t know if I can adjust to this newness! Crack theory: Kitty reveals she’s pregnant next episode BUT Jarley don’t make out after a picnic on stage, no. BECAUSE AN ICE-CREAM TRUCK IS ALREADY THERE, but who is lactose intolerant??? That is the true shocker.

    I don’t know what that was but it escalated quickly…

    • Mairead Nguyen

      Simone, stay away from the energy drinks from now on… O.O

  • Thegarbar13

    Really glad hearing Megan again!!!! I miss her and her insight. It was a good episode

  • Debbie18

    so i finally got around to listening to this.I don’t think that kurt wanted rachel to move on to brody not really.I think he just meant to tell her to be patient finn will call and to just relax and enjoy herself.and when he saw brody he probably thought hey hes cute then oh hey this is her first friend here maybe it will be ok. Idk maybe this is just me but he did look over when rachel was painting over finn’s name and he looked sad like maybe he thought she was giving up on his brother.I could be wrong but this is just what I think.

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