Posted on 7:13 pm,
September 14, 2012

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This week we invite former guest host Zack Luye back on the show to rehash the season 4 premiere of Glee!

This week join John, Jessica, Roxanne, Natalie and Zack as they rehash the first episode of the season, as well as give you several in-depth minutes of skin care routine advice. Yeah that happened.

Here’s what you can expect from this very long, 2.5 hour episode!

  • We welcome Zack Luye back to the show
  • We chit chat about random things in our life
  • We rehash episode 4×01 “The New Rachel”
  • John and Zack break down the best skin care products and discuss the importance of having a skin care routine
  • Roxanne thinks Kurt is a Super Senior, and not in a good way
  • We discuss at length why Blaine would and wouldn’t be the competitive Blaine we saw in this episode (or future episodes for that matter)
  • Is there more to Cassandra July than meets the eye?
  • We all pretty much LOVE Marley and hope she is actually the new Rachel
  • Jess reflects on her moments of auditioning the same way Rachel and Marley had to
  • We wonder why Will needs to rebuild New Directions but then only accepts 1 new member in to glee club
  • We talk about whether it’s good or bad to be better friends with someone before you date them.
  • We come together as a family and give Roxanne dating advice
  • John wonders if Blaine realizes he won’t have any friends if Kurt goes to NYC
  • Could Kurt really live on the money made from selling a Lincoln Navigator? Zack breaks down the price points for us
  • After the first episode we’re left trying to figure out what is so “revolutionary” about this season
  • Glee Chat Fan of the Week
BONUS 1: Zack really does love skin care
BONUS 2: Natalie wants advice on a new haircut

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This episode's hosts: John Thrasher, Jessica Chapman, Roxanne Clark, Natalie Fisher, special guest Zack Luye

  • Nicholas Peters

    i completely agree with Roxanne on the guys with gauges thing aaaand Natalie on the Bin discussion, i understand your diction frustration!

  • Jack F

    Zack Luye, you completely crack me up. Also great episode, and I agree with Natalie on Marley I do really think and hope she sings male songs and that is who she is. I really think I’m also going to LOVE Jake Puckerman!

    • Simone

      ^^ basically this

    • jozefd14

      I’m a Glee Chat fan from Las Vegas!!!! =D lol

      • Zack Luye

        call me maybe

        • jozefd14

          you were ridiculously hilarious in the new episode of Glee Chat… hope you guest host as often as you can :) It’s pretty cool that your currently here in vegas… i’m a sophomore at UNLV

  • Michael G

    This episode really made me rethink my skincare routine. LOL!

    • John Thrasher

      This warms my heart!

  • Simone

    I’m still vouching for ‘Health Hype’ to be honest lol. Absolutely loved the show as always :)

    • Rosie

      We could also have LoveHype! Though I’m sure there’s a punnier name out there for it. Hypable’s Love Shack? Hype Shack? Teenage-Hormone Hype?

      • Simone

        I vote for Love Shack or LoveHype

        • Melissa Kumrow

          Me as well

          • Rosie

            Who’s up for just starting this ourselves?

          • Melissa Kumrow


  • DrWho-Glee-HP-Fan

    I have something to
    add about the “revolutionary” thing. I remember reading an interview
    a week or so ago on TV Line with Lea Michele where she said that back in
    mid-Season 3 when they had first come up with the
    “revolutionary-season-four-idea” the plan was to split the season in
    half: the first half would show McKinley, and the second half would go back to
    where we started with McKinley but in New York, if that makes any sense. They
    changed it later on when the writers thought it would cause continuity issues,
    be difficult to follow for viewers, and that the fans in general would just not
    like it. So they ended up splitting episodes in half instead.

    Also, I completely
    agree about the new time slot feeling better. It felt a lot more like Season 1,
    from the “am I supposed to laugh at that” jokes, to the episode
    ending with a group number and acapella background clips. Possibly
    coincidentally, the Season4, single covers have a very similar design to the
    Season 1 covers. I think the writers and producers are really trying to get
    back on track.

    One last thing: It was somewhat exhilarating to see the club
    legitimately rehearsing a number, with Mr. Schuester showing them the
    choreography and blocking. Granted, it would be better if they actually used
    this number somewhere, but it’s a step in the right direction.

    • John Thrasher

      Love this comment.

      • DrWho-Glee-HP-Fan

        Thank you John!

    • NatalieFisher

      sounds like you read my recap!

  • Indigo

    can i just say i love Zack? i would totally be ok with him being a regular on glee chat! please come again.
    this was an awesome episode! i wasn’t really thrilled about the glee episode itself but listening to you guys,i might go and watch it again.

    • John Thrasher

      Scream at him to be on! I’ve been begging him! @zackluye

    • Simone

      ^^ I second that opinion on Zach

  • theaterboy1

    Also guys don’t forget…Blake is coming in soon as the Glee Project season 2 winner and he will more than likely join the Glee club so there is another person. I love this Glee chat episode!!! Very enjoyable hearing all of your opinions!

    • Rosie

      That was my thought as well! And I reckon Kitty will become the twelfth member, because, well, they’ve played her up to be a main character and what’s a main character without being in Glee club (unless they’re a teacher!)

  • Amber Carney

    Yes John, you did say Darren Criss had soft hands, I remember because of how jealous I was that you got to meet him :p
    (I legit accidentally typed “tan hands” instead of soft hands…oh glee.)

    • Simone

      it looks weird if a person just has TAN HANDS!

      • Amber Carney

        that was one of my favorite klaine moments of forever. too cute.

        • Simone

          ditto :)

  • Rosie

    I vote Homeless Brett for the New Rachel.

    Also, if John was to ever leave Glee Chat, would there be a podcast-off to find the New John Thrasher?

    • Melissa Kumrow

      When that line was said last season (was it?) I cackled because one of the people on my block I used to hang out with (they became a total douche) his name was Brett so…yeah

    • John Thrasher

      Wasn’t it Stoner Brett? Natalie said Homeless and I lost it.

      • Rosie

        I think the fandom generally started calling him “Homeless Brett” after that line in Season 2, and it’s just how I think of him now! Though yes, he did refer to himself as Stoner Brett. New timeslot, perhaps?

      • NatalieFisher

        when we first saw him, ever, in a past episode, Kurt just snarks at him “you smell homeless, Brett. homeless.”

    • NatalieFisher

      I’m the new John.

  • thegarbar13

    I NEED SELINA ON AN EPISODE!! Sorry, I met her at Leaky and she NEEDS to be on GleeChat!!

    • Simone

      She was supposed to be on this episode but I think she’s somewhere without internet, she’s not gunna let John get away with not letting her on for long XD bet she’ll be guest hosting soon

    • John Thrasher

      I believe Selina will be on the 4×03 rehash.

  • Mo

    This is the best episode of Glee chat ever. Ever. You really did feel like a crazy family, and it made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I laughed almost nonstop for the 2 hours of this, and then proceeded to moisturize myself. Especially my hands, because if I ever meet John I want to make a good impession.(: once again, I pretty much agree with everything that was said. I was particularly excited to find out that I’m not the only one who finds Chris Colfer attractive, ’cause all my friends think I’m crazy. I also agree that this epsiode felt much more real and exciting than previous seasons. LOVED this episode of Glee chat, and just FYI I’m totally up for a life advice podcast if the whole “Glee” thing doesn’t work out. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you how to moisturize. I already can’t wait for next week!

    P.s. Zack needs to stay. Forever.

  • Melissa Kumrow

    On the whole parents letting their high schoolers watch Game of Thrones. My parents bought be the first 4 books and I’m only 13 years old.

    • NatalieFisher

      I find that pretty odd – are they aware of the actual content of it or do they just know it’s currently popular?

      • Melissa Kumrow

        I told them what happened but they just didnt care because they bought a box set of them already.

  • Hannah

    This episode was hilarious – best one yet. Can Zack be on GleeChat more often please? You all have a great dynamic together, and along with your thoughts about Glee which I obviously love hearing, I actually think it’s great when you all go off topic, whether it’s talking about skincare or teeth or relationships or whatever else. Personally I think it makes for a better listening experience to have hosts who can laugh and discuss things other than the main content of the show.
    In regards to actual Glee, I thought this was a very good season premiere. I don’t know if it’s my slight obsession with cheesy dance movies but I love seeing Rachel at NYADA and I agree that filming in New York and adding this extra dimension to the show makes it more mature. I just hope that they’re able to maintain this high standard for the rest of the season, or maybe that’s asking too much at this point?
    Also, love the new characters, especially Brody and Marley. How Rachel kept her cool with him half naked in front of her I’ll never know.
    Keep up the great work guys! :)

  • SamiT

    i want zack back so we can have natalie vs. zack round 2. They were my favourite part of the episode (apart from the in depth skin care conversation of course)

    • NatalieFisher

      lol, thanks.. I think..

  • Caitlin Kelly

    Great show as usual, guys. My only disagreement was that I actually didn’t think Cassandra July’s dance routine was impressive. Especially when compared to Brittany and Mike, it seemed to me like her backup dancers were doing most of the work and she just wiggled around a bit. I couldn’t help but laugh at Rachel looking awed because she’d performed for three years with far better dancers than this teacher.

    • NatalieFisher

      Yeah I definitely saw some more ‘professional’ commentary pointing out that it didn’t show many shots of her actual legs/movement.

  • Mesepa

    I absolutely agree with everyone here. This episode was epically awesome. Hilarious, informative and long! It’s that crazy/dysfunctional family dynamic you guys have that make this podcast great to listen to. Don’t worry Natalie, I understand everything you say (maybe because your an aussie and I’m a kiwi). And as for Zack – going off topic is the norm, isn’t it? He does a Game of Thrones podcast and they end up talking about Harry Potter and Star Wars. :)
    I can sort of identify with Marley, my mum wasn’t the lunch lady but she was the cleaner at my college (high school). My clothes were hand-me-downs, including my school uniform. The major difference was, everyone knew she was my mum and nobody cared. Kids are much harsher now and everything has to be NOW and NEW. Watching those scenes were heartbreaking and made me thankful that my friends were awesome. So Marley is my new favourite character and as her vocals are at a lower register it will make it easier for me (and Natalie) to sing along to – Yay!
    Having a character like Wade on the show makes me happy. Unique reminds me of my cousin Brian, he dresses ‘normal’ on a bad day, but everything other day he’s ‘fabulous’.
    And sorry Zack – Olay is the best. I use it, my daughter uses it and so does my mum.

  • Caroline Taylor

    I have now subscribed on iTunes after finally downloading iTunes on my laptop so I can listen regularly now – yay, I seemed to drift in and out of this podcast last season but now I’m regular!
    Good episode, love all the moisturising chit-chat.
    As for Glee debate, I am actually thrilled at the new competitive Blaine, I don’t even care if its out of character for him, he was so stale, bland and wishy washy last season. I adored Warbler Blaine in season 2 yet I could barely stand him in season 3.
    I do agree with Zack about suspending belief when watching the show, I literally don’t even question why Kurt would arrive in NY with nowhere to stay, the attitude with this type of thing from me is ‘hey its Glee, anything can happen’

  • natasha_jayne

    Natalie is totally right re the Australian dating scene – it sucks!

  • Alex

    I miss Coty…..
    Follow me on twitter: @Brittanaheya13

  • hawaii girl

    Exactly 13 minutes in before you guys start recapping…Is there any way you can indicate online when the actual recap starts in the podcast so we can skip ahead of the chit-chat to that?

    • hawaii girl

      and now a whole bunch of talk about skincare. I love the podcast but you guys deviate from the main reason we’re all here, FOR GLEE!

      • NatalieFisher

        Is that really the reason we’re all here, though? Really?fI am pretty sure no one listens to this show solely because of Glee. I certainly don’t do this show because I love Glee. It is NOT the main reason I’m here.

  • Merina

    Such. A. Fun. Episode. Of Glee Chat, that is! I have to say, I wasn’t totally in love with Glee’s first episode, but it had its moments.

    Above all else, I was just so let down by all these ‘new characters’. Not one of them appeared at all ‘new’ in my eyes – except perhaps Marley, to an extent. Kitty was especially aggravating, a true Quinn rip-off. And the thing that bugged me most is that though all of these newbies are certainly decent singers, none of them bring anything ‘new’ vocally to the table either.Remember Season 1 auditions, anyone? Kurt doing ‘Mr. Cellophane’? Rachel moving us to tears with ‘On My Own’? Mercedes blowing the roof off with ‘Respect’? Tina freaking Mr. Schu out with ‘I Kissed A Girl’? Such diversity, such originality, and such unique vocal performances from everyone. Now, compare those auditions with /this/ season’s…*headdesk* I’m going to go curl up in my quilt and watch Season 1 for the umpteenth time. Hey, I might as well start a proper skin moisturising routine whilst I’m at it ;)

  • Tara

    Loved the episode! You guys really do seem like a family, thanks for the skin care tips! The comments about dating where also very interesting. Natalie in New Zealand it’s similar to Australia in that people tend to start as friends then start dating. Roxanne, don’t worry too much and try not to let it get you down, life is full of surprises! Loved having Zack back on as a guest – keep coming back on!

    The episode itself was pretty good I thought. I noticed that they reused a lot of the formatting of the Pilot episode – which makes sense as I guess they are trying to get people to emotionally reinvest in the series, like they did with the finale of Season 3. I loved Marley, she is an amazing singer and at the moment not nearly as arrogant as some of the others (may the writers keep her this way!). I’m interest to see how they address the relationship between Jake and Puck. I’m not sold on Kitty yet, but it will be interesting to see where they take her character.

    I thought Kate Hudson was excellent! Hopefully we get some good character development with Cassandra, and she doesn’t just suddenly disappear like Shelby did.

    In terms of Blaine’s competitiveness, I agree that it is out of place, completely. Even Darren had no idea what was going on which says a lot. I could understand that if Kurt had left for New York already, Blaine may be trying to fill the void left by Kurt (as it was the reason he moved to McKinley) so he may be trying to perform as much as possible and they way to do that would to be the new Rachel. But as Kurt is still there it makes no sense, especially as there have been pointed scenes where he is a team player and steps back.

    In terms of no body talking over summer, I think that there would be a lot of criticisms if Kurt was in New York at the beginning of the season with a simple one liner about how Kurt decided to just go to New York. I agree with Jess that I’m glad they dealt with it in one episode, so hopefully they can develop his decisions about his future more realistically.

    Hopefully season 4 can be an awesome season! I’m looking forward to seeing the Warblers back in episode 7!!!!!

  • Thegarbar13

    I can no longer wash my face without thinkinh about Glee Chat…

  • Tara

    The thing I looove about Glee Chat is not just your in-depth discussion about the show (characters, episodes, plot lines) but the incredible dynamic between the hosts. That’s why we watch you and love you! So please, go off-topic. If people wanted a straight-forward podcast, then they can either go find one with hosts that have no personality, or they can create their own. You guys are fantastic. Keep it up!

  • Alice Andrews

    i cant download this in my itunes its not working

  • y0david6

    Why wont episode 44 download ??

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