Posted on 9:55 pm,
August 13, 2012

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John and Mitch take over the reigns in episode 41 rehashing The Glee Project 2×10 plus tons of other Glee news!

This episode of Glee Chat is full of all of these goodies:

  • John thanks Mitch and Jessica for taking over on episode 40
  • John talks about him and Natalie meeting up in NYC!
  • We announce a giveaway for a signed copy of Chris Colfer’s new book The Land of Stories
  • We rehash the penultimate episode of season 2 of The Glee Project
  • We predict who we think will win of the final 3 contestants
  • We break down how each contestant would contribute to season 4
  • We talk about the 2 new deleted scenes that were released since our last episode
  • Kevin McHale may be hosting the X Factor – we weigh in
  • More talk about the Glee Chat Mansion

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This episode's hosts: John Thrasher and Mitch Clow

  • Cassie Drake

    YEAH! I was totally going to go to bed, but now I’m going to listen to this instead!

    I really really really loved their movie trailer and I want it to be a movie now. Also, I’m sad that Michael got cut, but I can see why. Same with Lily. I still really think that Aylin will win, but I’m rooting for Ali.

    ALSO: Blake being a bad guy was super-scary. And totally hot >_< lol

    • Cassie Drake

       ALSO!! Just how Muslim is Aylin? When they put the hijab on her, she was just like “OMG I’VE NEVER WORN A HEAD SCARF BEFORE”. You’d think she would’ve called it by its proper name? I dunno lol

      • Cassie Drake

        lol omg I’m way too tired! I really need to start taking notes whilst watching the show so I can remember everything I want to say in one go! xD

        In relation to Blake being hot when he was a bad guy, Michael was super-hot when he was “determined”. Unf! I’m so sad that he’s gone!!! :(

      • jozefd14

        that’s what i thought too.. like she didn’t say like the technical terminology of the head scarf? but oh well.. just weird…

      • Kate

        Um, just because she’s never worn a headscarf/hijab is no indication of “how Muslim” Aylin is. Not every Muslim woman chooses to wear a hijab. It is completely a choice. Though in the more extreme religious regions it may be required and even non-Muslim women are often advised to cover their heads.

        • Cassie Drake

          I’m not questioning her dress code. My HS had a couple hundred Muslims, so I’ve seen everything from girls who look like they belong on MTV, to girls who wear American clothing but conservatively [so long-sleeves and pants, but it’s from Old Navy or has pictures of Hello Kitty on them], to girls in hijabs. One girl at my HS even wore a burka all the time. What I just wondering is why she didn’t call the headscarf a “hijab”.

  • Kate

    Everyone should have a soft spot for Zach. He is an adorable human being. That weird hand thing he does when he laughs? The fact that he basically cries for every last chance performance? Adorable. He should win The Glee Project. He needs a guest starring role on Glee lol.

    • Brittanaheya13

      Who’s Zach?????

      • Kate

        Zach Woodlee. The choreographer.

    • Brittanaheya13

      ohh. I thought you mean’t someone that was a contestant. Sorry:(:(:( Now I feel REALLY stupid

  • Brittanaheya13

    Can’t wait to listen to Glee chat later.

    What happened to Coty??????????Thanks,


  • DrWho-HP-Glee-Fan

    This isn’t related to this episode specifically, but is related to the Glee Project. There are several videos on YouTube of livestream chats members of the Glee Project Season 2 did. I was watching one Charlie and Aylin hosted back in mid-June, and one of people in the chat asked a question about them using the footage in the vulnerability music video of Charlie taking Mario’s cane. Charlie then started to say something along the lines of, “Yeah, they used it, mainly because that was what they told me to do…” but Aylin stopped him around “that was what they told me.” They then explained that they are under contract not to talk about anything that doesn’t air in the episode. So not only can they not talk about things that haven’t aired, they can’t talk about what’s going on behind the scene. Throughout the video, Aylin had to stop Charlie from saying too much several times. Interestingly, they also said they are not allowed to put online covers of songs they sang on the show (the people in the chat wanted Charlie to sing Fix You, and he was explaining that he wasn’t allowed in his contract).That they are under that strict a contract makes me wonder how much, if any, of the show is real, and how much is perpetrated for story, drama, and ratings.

    • John Thrasher

      This is very interesting. Might bring this up on a future episode if we can fit it in.

      • DrWho-HP-Glee-Fan

        Thanks! Yeah, I’ve basically lost all faith in the integrity of what we’re seeing of The Glee Project.

  • Jeff Dodge

    Since you mentioned in this episode about the Land of Stories giveaway, I had a question: Not that long ago, Hypable held a giveaway to win a signed advanced copy of the book, and I won. Is there any way for me to find out how long it’ll take to be delivered?

    John had mentioned in this episode that he has an ARC that Jen got her hands on. I wonder if that’s the signed copy that’s going to be sent.

    I sent an email to the Glee Chat email about this.

  • Merina

    Just my own personal opinions, but: I really am FURIOUS that it was Blake who won. I feel that we need NEW characters for Season 4, not another Finn! Sure, Blake’s great, but I just feel like the other two girls had so much more to offer. A Turkish Muslim or Sweetly Mean Wheelchaired Girl would both have been so interesting and engaging to watch, in my opinion. 

    I especially loved Ali, and feel like she could have made solid new ‘villain’ of the Glee club. I can just see her worming her way into everyone’s good books with a facade of harmless, bubble-gum bounciness, whilst maybe just one Glee member – Santana? – sees her for who she really is. Maybe she gets with Artie, and through her relationship with him, learns to let her genuine self out, and eventually grows into the wonderfully natural, optimistic person she’s performed as on The Glee Project…

    Ugh, I’m so disappointed. Still, good luck to Blake, and well done to the other two for making it this far. 

  • Thegarbar13

    Doesnt it suck when you have to babysit 4 girls and probably have no chance at TLOS giveaway…. Yep it does. I’m working from 12-5

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