Posted on 11:41 am,
August 6, 2012

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After taking a quick hiatus, Mitch and Jess banned together to give you another fabulous podcast of Glee Project rehash for the past two episodes, along with exciting Glee season 4 news!

  • Starting off with 2×08 “Tenacity”, Mitch and Jess discuss the impossibilities of the obstacle course music video set up for the Glee Project contestants.
  • Since Ali won (for a second week in a row!), she had to do the most difficult part of the music video for “Eye of the Tiger”. Seems like a nice reward, huh?
  • The bottom three was made up of the struggling Michael, the boisterous Lily, and the often distraught Abraham.
  • Abraham stormed onto the stage after his performance to let the judges know that he wasn’t going to go home until he won. He was soon eliminated.
  • Episode 2×09 “Romanticality” offered up the man formally known as Darren Criss as the guest mentor.
  • Mitch disagrees with Jessica when asked which couple should have won for the group performance of “More Than Words”. Was acting as a same-sex couple grounds for receiving more praise?
  • With Blake winning, he (and in turn, his music video partner Ali) were given a feature in the “We Found Love” video. It was funny seeing Principal Higgins guest star!
  • And thus began Shanna’s downfall. Even though she’d been nearly perfect before, she messed up a few times this week, giving the mentors means to pick on her.
  • The bottom three is announced, and Mitch and Jess are very shocked that Michael wasn’t included. So was Shanna, especially when she joined forerunners Aylin and Blake in the bottom three.
  • Blake did okay on “Losing My Religion”, Aylin was mellow on “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”, but Shanna KILLED “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson. Unfortunately, the mentors thought differently, and eliminated Shanna.
  • Since there was two weeks worth of news, it was broken up into categories: casting, misc., and spoilers.
  • Glee Chat fan of the week is once again named! Listen in to see if it was you!
  • Mitch and Jess go into multiple tirades about singing teenager musicals and the wonders of children’s television programs.

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This episode's hosts: Mitchel Clow, Jessica Chapman

  • Cassie Drake

    OMG BEST THING EVER TO WAKE UP TO!!!!!! Will listen right away and then comment again! =D

    • Cassie Drake

      I love Ali. I hope she wins, but I have a feeling that Aylin will win cuz she’s a Turkish Muslim, which I think is bullshit. When I see Aylin, I don’t think, “Oh hey, it’s that Turkish Muslim girl”, or “Oh, that Muslim girl” or “The Turkish girl” or hell, even “that ethnic girl”! I see her as a flirty, sexy, coy, “slutty” [she’s not actually a slut lol] average American girl… LIKE ME! =D lol and while yes, it’s nice that she’s not the blonde-haired, blue-eyed white girl that is usually portrayed on TV, I feel like if you have to announce that you’re something, you’re trying too hard right? Before the competition, I wouldn’t have minded seeing her win just due to the ethnic diversity and her personality. But the more she proclaims that she’s a Turkish Muslim, the more I want her to shut up about it >_<

      Although, since Murphy seems to love it, it's probably in her best interest to keep playing it up. It's what I'd do xD So I suppose I can't really fault her for that haha But yeah, I think she's going to win.

      I thought the music video in Tenacity was incredibly unfair, especially to Ali. Getting a ball into a basket is an incredibly hard thing to do even ONCE. Running up some stairs? Yeah, tiring, but everyone can at least do it. Turning one of a jump rope? EASY! But fuck, I cannot for the life of me, sink a basket. I'd do it maybe once out of ten times. AND THAT'S WITH ME STANDING UP AND FACING IT. Let alone Ali, who has to do it sitting down and behind her back. SO NOT FAIR!

      I totally thought Michael would get eliminated and I think he was going to, until Abraham came back and had that outburst. I'm kinda sad that Abraham's gone, but between him and Michael, I'd rather keep Michael.

      In Romanticality, I definitely liked Blake and Ali's performance best, so I agree that they should've won the homework assignment. That being said, I felt really really bad that Shanna and Aylin got so much grief for the video shoot.

      As a theatre student, I've had to act opposite both guys and girls, and as a straight girl, it is always always always consistently easier for me to get that spark with my male partners than with my female partners. Not that I can't portray a realistic lesbian, it just takes a little longer. But when I work on productions, I usually have at least 3 weeks to build that chemistry. Shanna and Aylin had LESS THAN ONE to get to where Michael/Lily and Blake/Ali were. I really think they should've been cut some slack.

      I was surprised, but delighted that Michael came away unscathed this week. Aside from the homework assignment, he did really well and had more compliments than usual. Plus the competition would just be weird if there was only one guy left so soon.

      I was sad that Shanna got eliminated. IT WAS HER FIRST TIME IN THE BOTTOM THREE D= lol I was really hoping it'd be Aylin xD lol her performance wasn't that great, but neither was Blake's =/

      • Mitchel Clow

        Haha yeah, Rory did become a bit of a Tina for a bit there, didn’t he…

        • Teranel

          I’ve probably said this before, but I feel like they should give priority to TGP kids when it comes to casting. They make these kids go through 10/11 intense weeks of competing against each other so that 1 (or 4) of them can go on to minor roles on the show, and then they cast half a dozen other random characters that get more screen time and are less interesting (like Sugar). I feel like they should cast more of TGP kids for the roles, since we’ve been watching them for 10 weeks and have already become fans of them.

          • Caitlyn

            The only problem with that is that while the Glee Project kids can (for the most part) sing well, they are not good actors. When they did give screen time to Samuel, Damian, and Alex at points, it fell flat and was even kind of awkward. It just doesnt make sense to give a ton of screen time to people who do not have the ability to keep up with it in terms of acting

  • thebarefootrev

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I’ve fallen behind on episodes of the Glee Project and want to watch them before listening to GleeChat, but I can’t seem to find full length episodes past Episode 5, Adaptability. Is Oxygen hiding them somewhere on their site?

    • Mitchel Clow

      They really don’t update their website too often, unfortunately…

    • Laura Jones

      Go to they have them all and that’s where I watch them!

    • Brittanaheya13

      Oxygen didn’y sign a contract with hulu so they aren’t releasing them on oxygen or hulu for 30 days past airing date.

      • Brittanaheya13

        I mean’t didn’t not didn’y

  • d3erudite

    Unlike the rest of the world, I was thrilled that Michael was called back and shanna was sent home. I personally want Michael and aylin to win. To justify Michael being called back and Shanna leaving, Michael only had problems in the homework assignment and really stepped up. Whereas shanna had problems in the studio and video. Ps. still pissed they’re trying to bring back alex next year instead of Lindsay.

    • Cassie Drake

      I didn’t think that Lindsay wanted to come back. That’s the impression I get based on what’s being said and NOT said.

    • Teranel

      I’ve just been annoyed with Alex since he was on TGP last season. He seems like a bit of a one-trick-pony with the whole cross-dressing thing.

      I also agree that I think Michael did much better this last week than he had in previous weeks.

  • Melissa Kumrow

    The weridest place I ever listened to Glee Chat would be while I was taking a shower.

    • Mitchel Clow

      Oh shucks that’s not too weird, that’s a daily occurrence for me! ;D Haha thanks for the “weirdest place” entry and funny tweet today! :p

      • Melissa Kumrow

        Your welcome

  • Thegarbar13

    I listene to Glee Chat while I get my braces tightened and when I got my eyes checked!

  • Mary Warren Dickens

    Why is everyone hatin’ on Sugar? I think she’s sort of an interesting character, and I want to see what Ryan Murphy and the writers have planned for her. I’d like to see her character go in a different direction possibly.

  • Rumbleroar Luna

    Chris Colfer’s writing a book based on Struck by Lightning in case someone hasn’t seen yet. It’s basically an extension of the movie as told through Carson’s journal. It’s coming out November 20.

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