Posted on 9:18 am,
November 21, 2012

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Natalie and Karen are joined by a special guest host – Hypable writer Tariq – to discuss episodes 1×05 and 1×06 of Teen Wolf, along with current news and season 3 spoilers. In this episode we manage to reference A Very Potter Musical, The Vampire Diaries, Spider-Man, The Princess Diaries, Once Upon A Time, Charmed, Pokemon, Buffy, Avatar, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, because we are cool.

Recap of 1×05, “The Tell.”
– Favorite quotes.
– For apex predators, Scott and Derek are really bad at stealth.
– We’re surprised Allison’s necklace wasn’t made of some sort of werewolf Kryptonite.
– Was this episode the high point of Scott and Allison’s relationship, and is Allison being 17 really that big a deal?
– Stiles and Scott: is their friendship balanced, or is Scott being too presumptuous?
– Was Lydia really damaged enough to be drugged up so severely? Also, we discuss the different implications of Stiles’ visit and how he took her phone.
– Is the Hale house structurally sound enough to do pull-ups off of? We implore Derek to check into a motel.
– The Kate/Derek stuff is starting to get super awful, especially if you’ve read the tie-in novel On Fire. Also, the Alpha may have killed Laura, but did the hunters cut up her body after death?
– The entire parent/teacher conference scene is brilliance, and we explore the hidden mysteries surrounding Stiles’ first name.
– Does Chris Argent know Scott is a werewolf yet?

Recap of 1×06, “Heart Monitor.”
– Favorite quotes.
– Dylan O’Brien’s physicality as an actor was off the charts in this episode.
– Are Kate’s methods in trying to enlighten Allison about their secret world appropriate/justified?
– Derek hangs out in the bedrooms of teenagers. We can’t wait for the day he gets an intervention in regards to his life choices. Once again, we advise him to press charges on the Argents and collect on the collateral damage.
– Jackson does not know how to do friendship, or life, really.
– Allison’s comfort as Scott’s anchor: are they like a less dysfunctional Rumbelle?
– We discuss Stiles’ emotional maturity in regards to both sex and love. Also, Stiles is a feminist, and therefore a gentleman and a scholar.
– Different werewolves have different anchors for their power and control: what would Derek be like if his anchor was more positive?
– “Your crap has infiltrated my life.” We discuss Stiles’ involvement in the whole werewolf situation, what makes a hero, and Stiles giving Scott the Spider-Man speech.
– Will Stiles build up extra abilities: either supernatural, weaponry, or martial arts?
– At this point in the series, who did we originally think was the Alpha? Harris vs Deaton vs Peter.

– A Jeff Davis Twitter Q&A has us questioning the whole ‘humans in the pack’ thing.

– The Stiles Hair Debate: our poll, our preferences and how much it really matters; or how hanging onto fanon tropes too much could lead to losing enjoyment in the actual canon.

– Hypable’s BattleShips! Sterek and Teen Wolf made it through the first round and on November 22 they will be up against Damon/Elena of The Vampire Diaries. We need your votes! Also, we might have accidentally scared Jeff with our BattleShips enthusiasm.

– We theorize about Jeff’s small spoilers regarding episodes 3×02 ‘Chaos Rising’ and 3×03 ‘Fireflies.’

– We read listener feedback, where Tariq weighs in on the different Alpha forms, we realise that Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries could possibly be existing within the same universe, and we talk about whether Stiles or Danny would make a good werewolf – and if we’d want them to be turned.

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This episode's hosts: Karen Rought, Natalie Fisher and Tariq Herzallah

  • ravenclaw1991

    I’m so glad you got my email in time! I literally sent it after I saw your tumblr post about getting ready to record. To be honest, I’m glad it made sense because I rewrote it like a bazillion times. Thank you for reading it and thinking my questions were good :) When I read this page to see what you’d be discussing I saw it listed and I was like “oh god they’re going to read my email!” and I was nervous but excited the whole episode.

    • Karen Rought

      We literally got it just as we were about to hit record, so it was PERFECT timing. And never be nervous to send us questions or comments! We really, really enjoy getting them.

  • BlueHuMac

    Great episode!

    Dylan O’brien is definitely the breakout star of this show.

    Stiles is amazing!

    btw LMAO: “Dawn stairs urges” and “Oh you poor baby [Derek]” xD

    About the different types of Alpha forms, I liked the Pokemon idea, maybe they need to get to some level of experience before they can transform into a full on wolf (if they choose to). We don’t know how long Derek’s sister was an Alpha.

    I also like Tariq’s, maybe it’s more of personality or preference thing.

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with the lore of the video games Warcraft/World Of Warcraft, there’s a shapeshifter class there called Druids that can turn into animals (like felines and bears) to fight. There’s a small faction of those druids that live almost exclusively as animals and rarely turn into their “humanoid” form. From what I gathered it’s because of their philosophy of life, but also the more in animal form they are the more animalistic and feral they become. That is kind of how I see the TW’s Alpha forms.

    I just taught I’d share,

    Keep up the good work ^_^

    PS: Gotta catch ‘em all!

    • Allthat92

      Do you know that also that Teen Wolf is Dylan’s first acting job. If he gets into more good movies/tv shows he has a bright future ahead of him. Also, I think he he one of the only new actors that never been on TV before until now, everyone else has experience he hasn’t, which is why I’m really impressed with his acting on the show. I’m really hoping for more of him in season 3

  • Adderall Addict

    It was nice to get a different voice

    The Tell: The wolfsbane-warding-for-hunters comments at the start of the discussion are interesting and hadn’t occurred to me — except that it can’t be something they feed Allison because she might have side effects (S2E9).

    The pull-up discussion just reminds me how no one comments on how awkward TW’s plot conveniences can get shown – how is it possible that in other episodes we can see Scott hear Allison’s heartbeat entire school hallways away, or outside, in a parking lot while there is other noise going on, etc., and Derek is totally unaware that three human hunters are marching up a leaf filled preserve to attack him. I realize most viewers probably fixated on Tyler Hoechlin’s abs and there was a pretty bombastic music playing over the workout scenes, but that was not music that Derek was actually listening to – it was just soundtrack.

    Nice point about Derek & Scott on the rooftop – but isn’t this an obvious example of how the show DOESN’T shoot some things well? (Since you all were just talking about how well shot the P/T conference scenes were). The show cuts corner for plot purposes all the time, this is just another example of it.

    Stiles with Lydia’s phone is another example of awkward plot contrivances, a strange not-true-to-real life situation shown on the show (esp if it was an accidental photo Stiles randomly came across when he was supposedly trying to respond to a text – just as with Matt on Season tea randomly picking up a tablet and randomly finding some pages of the bestiary).

    Good point about Laura’s body being cut in half, even on rewatching and having seen E2S1, it hadn’t occurred to me. I also haven’t gotten as obsessive with Stiles so the fact that JD has stated GENIM is NOT the first name is news to me. Do I care? Not really, but nice to know. But one of the reasons I would follow a podcast, so bonus brownie points.

    Side note – the book isn’t as badly written, but it’s boring; it def has no genuine NEW facts to add that can’t be inferred from the episodes (it gives, for example, skeezy details to the Kate/Derek story but we already KNEW without the book that K was a psycho B). Jeff Davis has already said it shouldn’t be considered canon (as Hypable itself noted plus JD was also quoted elsewhere beyond that Tumblr Q&A) and I think he meant that what does follow canon can be logically assumed by viewers without buying this book).

    Heart Monitor: I know Scott gets a lot of credit for his Peter Parker moments – his ‘great power/great responsibility’ attitude towards the end of S1 and future seasons; in wanting to help even if he wasn’t responsible for say Derek’s betas, Jackson (or others), but in this episode we see Stiles as the impetus for this attitude; Scott, on his own, may as well have remained happy ditching and hanging all over Allison. Later, in the episode, Natalie points this out a bit, but really the question is WHAT would Scott be doing if there was no Stiles to talk about ‘infiltrating.’

    Another great example of TW’s awkward plot contrivances is how Scott, after making out with Allison, comes to his car in front of the Argent house (which apparently no Argents notice and Scott wasn’t concerned enough to hide the car) plus, by coincidence, here comes the Alpha – who’s been wanting to connect with Scott all this time, but ALL he does is put a spiral on his window in order to establish the prominence of the symbol — and, again, move the plot along.

    Natalie – Derek’s anchor is ANGER, not pain. However, TW shows Derek
    with Scott after the hunters shot them in preserve, proving that pain
    will turn Scott human.

    Natalie makes one excellent point – Stiles can be ruthless, he would probably have been fine to let Derek die and to let Jackson die, not just once, but more than once.

    The vet escaping is, IMHO, again another (less but still) awkward plot contrivance, simply to create further questions and confusions for viewers, just to stretch out where the writers wanted to do the actual Alpha reveal.

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