Posted on 2:35 pm,
July 13, 2012

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Glee Chat is back this week with a special guest from Hypable’s “Game of Owns” and “Edition” podcasts, Zack Luye! Join us as we discuss the latest episode of Oxygen’s “The Glee Project” and the hottest “Glee” news!

  • Guest Zack Luye introduces himself to the Glee Chat listeners as a filmmaker, which adds a great new perspective to our analysis of this week’s music video, and the episode’s overall production.
  • Jessica had another close encounter with a bird… did she get out alive?
  • We begin to rehash this week’s fast paced Glee Project episode, starting off with the interesting choice for the ensemble piece. Who know “Now That We Found Love” could be so much fun?
  • Nellie is once again focused on in this episode as someone who needs to come out of her shell and fell more comfortable with herself.
  • Jane Lynch was the guest mentor this week; Mitch thought that she was very wise and helpful with this week’s group song winner, Lily.
  • This week’s music video had an interesting setting, in that the contestants acted as members of a high school swim team, and had to wear bathing suits and all. Nellie expressed her concerns with being uncomfortable in a bathing suit a lot throughout the program.
  • The song for the music video was another mashup, this time one that Glee had covered: “Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way Or Another”.
  • Ali was determined to get the shots that they needed of her getting slushied, leaving her body in a state of shock from the extreme cold temperatures.
  • Aylin laughed when getting slushied, which frustrated the mentors a lot. In the mean time, Charile was critiqued once again for his offbeat acting choices. Were their criticisms of the two contestants really justified?
  • The bottom three is announced, leaving lovers Aylin and Charlie pitted against each other, along with Nellie. This episode really seemed to push the AylinXCharlie relationship!
  • Aylin was amazing on Rhianna’s “Take A Bow”, but Nellie was phenomenal on Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy”! Charlie, on the other hand, received mixed reviews from the Glee Chat co-hosts on his own rendition of “It’s Not Unusual”.
  • We discuss the possibility of Ryan Murphy looking to bring on a new lead character onto Glee, especially after extremely positive comments towards Aylin’s performance.
  • Charlie was eliminated, and even Mitch, who used to be a big fan of him, was ready for him to leave the show.
  • News covers an Archie comic book and Glee crossover, and the tail end of Hypable’s contest to win a copy of both Chris Colfer’s new book “The Land of Stories” and a tote bag! Listen in for more details on how you can enter to win!
  • The co-hosts go on various tangents, including a model that John saw on a Taco Bell advertisement that looked remarkably like him.

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Questions or comments about Glee or Glee Chat? Leave them as a comment below this post and we may answer/read them on our next episode!

This episode's hosts: Mitchel Clow, John Thrasher, Jessica Chapman, and guest Zack Luye

  • HermioneCriss

    when i finally got around to watching the episode yesterday, i literally sat there saying “well, glee chat is going to be interesting this week!” also, it’s my birthday today, so i’m excited that the new episode is out! i can’t wait to listen! :)

    • John Thrasher

      Happy Birthday!

      • HermioneCriss

        thanks! :)

  • d3erudite

    I want aylin to win and blake be the runner up

    • d3erudite

      One thing that’s definitely different from season 1 is Ryan Murphy is a man who learns from his mistakes . I think he was thinking the wrong way that resulted in Samuel and Alex winning then bombing the show . Whereas Damian’s character was poorly written and Lindsay was the best but didn’t get enough screen time . In this season he’s definitely improved in choosing which contestants stay

  • Rosie

    Yay for another awesome episode! 

    I found that this episode my attitude towards Lily really changed. She’s still not my favourite participant, but I really really liked her. And I don’t know if I’m the only person who’s getting very strong vibes of manipulative editing, just like we got in season 1, especially with Lindsay. Not only about Lily, but also about Nellie and her insecurities. It felt to me as if they picked her out; either none of the others talked about their insecurity with the challenge and so they picked out every little signal of hers, or they just cut them in the editing process. I just get the feeling that they’re trying to play up certain angles of people each episode and they do so by picking out any notable trait, especially having chosen a bottom three in advance so they knew who to show in a less-positive light.

    The one thing I really liked about Charlie overall was that he never used his ADD/Aspergers as an excuse and actually would just acknowledge his mistakes. Unlike Mario in particular, who would always try to excuse himself any time he did anything wrong, it just made him seem, at least (and I hope it’s true!), like a geniunely nice guy, which I really liked a lot about him. I was sad to see him go, but seeing as Nellie and Aylin are my favourites, I had no other choice in the final three! Then again, after this week, there is no one left who I actually dislike (now my impression of Lily changed) and so I’d either like the person who wins a lot or be indifferent to them. But I have to say – I absolutely loved Charlie’s It’s Not Unusual; it was taking Marissa’s “hate on me, Ryan” and pushing it further and while it was a cop-out of learning the actual lyrics, the fact that he made up those – not on the spot, too – shows that he’s creative and 

    And I totally get Aylin’s reaction to being slushied! I filmed myself doing it once for a bet, and when your body is suddenly put under that kind of force, especially for the first time, you have a very visceral, uncontrollable reaction, and mine was basically the same! When you’ve tried it a few times, then you get used to it and can control your reactions a lot more, but for a first go, it’s perfectly normal! So I don’t know why they got at that, but I guess they needed an excuse to put her in the bottom three. Also, it’s a shame Megan can’t be on to comment on Rick the Stick’s cameo!

    I really enjoyed hearing Zack on as well – he had a great perspective and was generally really good to listen to! If you ever need to have a new host, how about starting The Glee Chat Project? Jess could be Nikki Anders, Mitch could be Zach Woodlee and John could be the more-awesome version of Ryan Murphy. 

  • jozefd14

    I love 
    Zack Luye’s feedback because he himself is a director for music videos so hearing his point of view as an actual director and not a director for a music video for a competition is really interesting to hear.. I hope he still guests in later episodes of Glee Chat during the duration of the Glee Project or even season 4 of Glee

    • John Thrasher

      I agree!

  • Anya

    Great episode! It was excellent hearing Zack’s perspective and opinion on things, he was a fantastic addition to this episode!  
    I keep going back and forth about who I think will win but I’m guessing it will either be Aylin or Shana, or possibly Abraham if he can make a few improvements.Random thought: I find myself always getting annoyed about how much the mentors get hung up on the theme every week, I guess its necessary for each episode to have some cohesive theme, but at the same time it just seems distracting when the mentors put less emphasis on the overall goal of the show, to find someone to cast on Glee, in favor of being nit picky about who is incorporating the theme into their approach to the assignments. I didn’t watch season one so I don’t know if the weekly theme was as integral to the show or not.  Of course some of the themes made more sense then others, adaptability was ok but sexuality? shouldn’t that just be part of acting? but actability has its own show, I don’t know it just seems kind of silly to me to have all these arbitrary categories. Just curious about your thoughts.As ever, all of you do an amazing job and I love listening to every episode!

  • N_HarryPotter7

    Great episode, once again, everyone!
    Happy birthday, Mitch!  I hope you enjoy everything that is to come being in your 20s!

    • Mitchel Clow

      I’ll try my best to enjoy everything that comes with becoming more of an adult! Thanks! =]

  • Thatgirl8701

    can Zach come back? i really enjoyed having him on!! 

  • Vanj203

    I really am a fan of Nellie. I can see though that the mentors are ready to let her go. My gripe is that they want her to be more of an actress but they keep wanting her to play the same very sexual character. Why haven’t they given her a variety of personas to play? It’s as if the female competitors are only worthwhile to Ryan if they can play a hyper-sexual girl. Haven’t we already had that type of character on Glee in Santana and Britanny?! Also, I too loved getting Zach’s professional perspective on the video shoot.

  • TheGarBar13

    I feel like Zach Woodlee cries in every last chance performance… just me?

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