Posted on 11:36 pm,
June 24, 2012

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Almost everyone on Glee Chat is on vacation, busy, or about to be on vacation but we have an all new episode for you this week!

This week it’s just John and Jessica rehashing the latest episode of The Glee Project and all the latest Glee-related news! Here’s what you can look forward to hearing on this week’s episode:

  • It’s just John and Jess this episode!
  • We rehash The Glee Project 2×03 “Vulnerability”
  • John finds Nellie’s voice to be one of the most stand-out this season
  • Jess thinks that Cory Monteith was fantastic as a mentor on this episode
  • Jess reminds us that it’s hard to assess the studio sessions when we can’t hear what the contestants hear in their headphones
  • What’s with Mario’s ‘tude!?
  • John reminds everyone about how great Aylin’s voice is!
  • We praise Blake and Lily for really opening up about their experience with bullying – bravo
  • We talk about our experiences with bullying including another story where John accidentally threw a basketball at someone’s face.
  • If Richard had a problem with Charlie stealing Mario’s cane, why was it used in the final video?
  • Was Charlie’s choice to snatch the cane right or wrong? Was it dangerous as Richard said?
  • We give a round of applause to the Glee Project cast
  • We talk about the bottom 3 and their last chance performances – one of them stood out to us a lot.
  • John will be on the lookout for Glee season 4 filming in NYC in July
  • Glee season 4 will premiere in September
  • We pull our hair out about Glee’s season 4 hiatus coming this fall
  • We talk about Adam Levine coming to Glee – John goes on a rant about how awesome he is.
  • We briefly talk about what parts we see Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson doing in season 4.
  • Glenn Beck is trying to create an anti-Glee show – you can guess what our response is
  • John talks about the girl who wasn’t sold an iPad because the Apple employee heard her speaking Farsi
  • We talk about Naya Rivera wanting to play Johanna in the book-to-movie adaptation of Catching Fire
  • John is going to be at San Diego Comic-Con! Are you? Come to the Glee panel with him!

BONUS: John has baking on the brain

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This episode's hosts: John Thrasher and Jessica Chapman

  • Dillon Mays

    I was bullied because I always looked older and had a beard in middle school. So people kept calling me pedophile and molester, gay and a few others like that too because I kept to myself and looked weird.
    So once in high school, I learned the words of what everyone called homosexuals. So I may or may not have yelled at someone when they called someone a fairy. I may or may not have took people under my wing and befriended them. it was always us against the jocks and preps that didn’t like us. I felt good about it anyway and now I have a group of friends that I love.

  • Theaterboy1

    I was bullied a little in elementary school, all throughout middle school, and a bit in high school as well. While nothing major happened in elementary and high school that I can recall (except being slapped by someone in 5th grade before class ended) middle school was the WORST. People threw things at me, loved to taunt me, and just found every little thing to pick on me about. It got to the point where I would look for any reason at all not to go to school. The clinic there called me a “frequent flyer”. In High School I found my voice when I joined chorus and musical theater and even made new friends, but that didn’t happen until junior and senior year. I wouldn’t say high school was the worst years of my life at all, but middle school definitely was.

  • Cassie Drake

    I felt really bad for Charlie. As an acting student, we’re encouraged to look at our characters and their motivations, and to take chances and make choices. Charlie made a choice, and it just happened to have been a bad one. However, I don’t think they should’ve criticized him and guilt-tripped him. He apologized to Mario, Mario accepted, and that was that. I felt bad about how harsh they were being to him.

  • Rosie

    I really like how this episode has inspired people to share their own stories in the comments here, and I think John’s right when he said no one goes through school without some experience of bullying, whether directly or indirectly. I ended up being (and still am) on the receiving end, more so since I was outed at 14 (which I think would be the last year of middle school). And it’s just escalated from there – someone made the comment that no one else in my year group has come out since because they’ve seen me as a “warning.” But my school is all-girls, so physical bullying is very foreign to me because we just never experienced it. Girls bully much more psychologically – rumours, name-calling, backstabbing and cyberbullying. And I’ve just never witnessed anything else around my peers.

    And on a happier note – Aylin, Nellie and Shanna have now become my favourites. I love them! Then again, everyone is so talented this season. 

    Also, I’d really love it if Kate Hudson did sing on Glee. If you’ve ever seen Nine, she’s a really great singer and dancer! Here’s her big number – 
    I don’t know if SJP can sing, but I hope she does perform at some point to see! Then again, they didn’t even let the legendary Whoopi Goldberg perform…

  • Mb2627

    Great podcast.  Only one suggestion.  Since it has been hard to get the regular gleechat to do weekly shows maybe you should think of having fans guest host.  You can make it competitive like you did last time with Roxanne’s contest.  I don’t mind less hosts but I think it would be great to give gleechat fans the chance to share their opinions and enthusiasm while giving the gleechat host the breaks they need.  That’s it and I miss Megan and Natalie.

    • TheGarBar13

      AGREED!!!!!! I wanna be on:)

  • Zack Luye


  • Mary Warren Dickens

    Great episode. I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention the incident with Mario near the end

  • TheGarBar13

    Oh what a joy when your computer erases everything including the Klaine Challenge Video I’ve been working on and due to family plans I cannot redo it!! Stupid PC….. 

  • HPfanatic

    Is the guest host Selina????

    • Rosie

      I was thinking the same! I’m fairly sure she likes Glee so it would make sense for her to be on.

  • Caitlin Kelly

    I know you guys were really impressed with the video this week, but I wasn’t. The lip synching was off in more than one place and that took me totally out of the whole thing.

    And was I the only who didn’t buy Lily’s “breakdown”? Maybe I’m just extra cynical but I don’t trust her facade; she’s proven herself bratty and full of excuses so it just didn’t come across as real for me. I want to like her as a fellow plus-size girl, but she just makes it so hard to like her. I was also disappointed in Mario’s excuses; I want to like him as well but he’s doing the same thing of making it hard to like him.

    I also feel like the results of this episode are exactly why I don’t believe Ryan when he says there’s going to be only one winner. I didn’t buy it the first time, but then not sending anyone home? Riiiight.

    And John, so jealous about Comic Con. I would loooove to see the Supernatural panel.

    • Cassie Drake

       Omg yes, I totally agree with you about Lily Mae! Her “breakdown” was totally the exact type of play I would’ve done in her position, as a last ditch effort to save myself. I want to like her, but her attitude is leaving something to be desired. And the way she was reacting in the living room area after her “breakdown”? It was definitely definitely staged.

  • TheGarBar13

    I still want Glee Chat group at Leaky Con!!!

  • Alex M

    In Australia our high schools consist of 12-18 year olds and it is ‘compulsory’ to remain in school until the age of 17 unless you prove you have a full time job. Recently, our judicial system turned extremely harsh on the Department of Education regarding the blind eye that is often given to cases of bullying (about time!) but it’s an under acknowledged problem here.
    I was School Captain last year, I was the only student in my school to receive above 90% in any Higher School Certificate (determine what you can do at UNI) exams and I was accepted into Bachelor of Business and Commerce/Law at the university I wanted, but high school certainly wasn’t a walk in the park. The kids at my school were very smart in the way they chose to pick at me. 
    In year 7, 8 and 9 the boys used to hand my skinny, blonde, big breasted ‘friend’ a piece of paper with 1 to 10 written down the side and ask us girls to write them down from hottest (1) to ugliest (10), in exchange they’d do the same for us. I’d never participate in rating the boys but I’d always had a special spot on their list. I take the crown for occupying the 10 spot for the duration of the game. They did this every second week for about 2 years.
    They also used to enjoy mocking the way I’d answer questions in class, or how I’d enjoy getting good marks in my assignments, they’d steal my stuff (rulers and pens) and break them, call me names – slut, bitch, that sort of thing – but I unsuccessfully tried to ignore it because I didn’t want to get them in trouble… I just wanted them to stop. Eventually I told one of the scarier male teachers, who talked to them, and I got to breathe easy for a while.
    In the HSC years, the final years of high school, it started again. This time they’d hammer me every time we’d get marks back knowing that I liked to keep my marks to myself. They’d keep a note of my marks and torment me if a mark wasn’t as high as last time. Anything to make me feel insignificant… And it worked. 
    Originally when I applied for university I chose a course needing a number (called ATAR) of 65.00, thinking that if I were to only get 55.00 I could use bonus points because I live locally. In reality, when I got my marks back I changed my preferences and the degree I’m doing needed an ATAR of 90.20. It scares me how low I ranked myself.
    I also have trust issues. I tend to overly care about other people but often don’t realize that people consider me a friend. One example was when I got a PRIVATE group message inviting me to the movies with a bunch of kids from church group: I answered “Sure, I’ll be there!” quickly after reading it before freaking out because the thought crossed my mind that maybe they were just inviting me because they felt sorry for me and maybe they actually didn’t want me there. It took me a while to realize that if they didn’t want me there they wouldn’t have sent me the private message.
    The boys at school took a lot away from me through their bullying, but they never got what they wanted to rid me of: my intelligence. They wanted me to crack, not do well in my exams and not get into university… But I did, and I’m so proud of that.
    I think that it’s important that young people know that they don’t have to put up with the crap these people put them through. Even the tiny things are bullying if they do it repeatedly knowing that it upsets you or makes you uncomfortable. More importantly, just because you can’t physically see the scars it doesn’t mean you haven’t been hurt.

    Thanks for all these wonderful episodes!

  • Merina

    I finished my entry for the Glee Chat Listener Challenge, in case anyone fancies a watch :) you can find it here:

    • Mitchel Clow

      Thanks for the entry!!! =]

  • Charlie

    At the end of year 10 in Comprehensive, I was going through
    this questioning my sexuality phase. I confided in a friend for whom  I’ll call Maria. At the time I was really good
    friends with a girl I’ll call Alexia. Maria told Alexia, and a few other friends
    that I was Bisexual, and that I had a crush on Alexia. I found out later that
    day, and on misinterpreted advice admitted to the being Bisexual (Because I was
    so confused), but denied the Alexia crush. 
    At first nobody minded, Alexia even forgave me, then suddenly she just left
    me, and when she did that everyone else did too.

     During this year only
    two people would talk to me, aside from that I was on my own.  One of the people was a mutual friend Alexia
    and I had, who I’ll call Lara, she became upset, and would often get hurt by
    the rift between her two friends.

    I began my sixth form(Senior years- In Britain we have two),
    Alexia had left, I began to reconnect with my old friends, particularly Maria.
    Early in the semester/ term I made friends with a boy, I’ll call Fred. All was

     One day I was sitting
    with Maria, Fred and a few others, and I snapped at Maria for no reason. In
    hindsight it was a particularly mean thing to do. In turn I found out I had
    spooked Fred.  The next day, although I
    made up with Maria, I had a huge argument with Fred, and we used our vulnerabilities
    against each other. The argument only decreased to the point neither of us spoke
    to the other. However one day we suddenly began to talk to each other again.
    Now we are probably stronger as friends, and Lara joined us.  I often marvel on how lucky I am to have them
    as friends.


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