Posted on 11:44 am,
November 7, 2012

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Natalie and Karen discuss episodes 1×03 and 1×04 of Teen Wolf, along with current news and season 3 spoilers. Plus, the announcement of the winner of the very first NATWPodcast giveaway!

Recap of 1×03, “Pack Mentality.”
-The debacle of the hand, featuring Jeff Davis
-Was Scott’s panic-rage justified when Allison wasn’t answering her text messages?
-Does Jackson know how smart Lydia is? What kind of relationship do they really have?
-Hunters vs. Derek: Would Derek win if he took this to court?
-How do wolf-Derek and wolf-Scott compare?
-Why doesn’t Derek just tell Scott things he needs to know? And should Scott really be so distrusting of Derek?

Recap of 1×04, “Magic Bullet.”
-Were we surprised when Kate didn’t turn out to be a typical blonde, female victim?
-Where do hunters get their weapons/ammo?
-Is Stiles a more compassionate person than Scott? More on Scott’s excessive anger at Derek.
-Is this the episode where Sterek really got its start?
-Does Scott still view werewolves as “others”? Has he not accepted himself as a werewolf yet?
-How different was Derek when he was in school, before the fire that killed his family happened?

-Alpha Pack leader’s name is revealed
-Is Colton Haynes going to be in Divergent?
-Werewolf eye colors
-3×02 title and new characters

Listener Feedback

Contest winner anounced!

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This episode's hosts: Natalie and Karen

  • Caroline Taylor

    Yay, I won the bag, thanks so much, I’ve sent you my address by email and you might get 2 from me as at first I put natw and then saw it was NATW and silly old me doesn’t know if email addresses are case sensitive!
    Thanks for hosting the competition and doing such a great podcast!

    • Karen Rought

      They’re not case sensitive! But no worries, at least we’re doubly sure to get it now. ;) Congrats again!!

  • Gary65

    Wasn’t Laura killed by Peter but the hunters cut her in half to try and use her as bait to catch Derek? Also, I’m pretty sure Laura came back cos of the pic with the werewolf symbol carved into that deer.

    • NatalieFisher

      We are, you know, generally trying to keep things vague due to some people following along who have not actually watched the show before. We’re trying to speculate the episodes as they happen, with the information given in just those episodes, mainly.

      • Gary65

        OOOOOOHHHHHHHH. Yeah, I did not get that. My bad. Sry.

  • BlueHuMac

    Another great episode! :D

    Congratulations to the winners!

    A few thoughts:

    I think the werewolf transformation suits better Derek/Hoechlin than anyone else on the show. Even without eyebrows :P

    Didn’t Peter needed to become an Alpha to speed up his healing process?

    And I love that Natalie is so Team Derek :P


  • Ev42

    I think Derek says Laura was bait because that’s his current theory? I don’t think he knows that the alpha (Alpha? Do we capitalize that?) killed Laura and I might be remembering this wrongly but isn’t he surprised later when he finds out that Laura wasn’t killed by who he suspected? Maybe he’s thinking they killed Laura to get to him to finish the Hales off?

    If not Sterek, I want an epic, beautifully sarcastic bromance. I ship Sterek SO HARD but Derek just really needs a friend, & especially the kind Stiles is. Definitely agree that Derek needs Stiles for personality reasons. Would want Sterek to develop really well & solidly.

    Completely agree with Natalie’s rant about Scott. Derek interrupting date =/= deserving painful death, wtf?! And the “then they had a reason” for Argents burning Casa Hale, I just sort of stared…

    Re: wolf eye colors: I doubt this is actually it, but Jackson & Derek (but not Scott) have their emotional damage and (perceived or literal) loneliness in common. Derek with his family, & we know Jackson’s not been quite ok since finding out he was adopted as a kid? Scott, although it looks like there’s dad issues, definitely doesn’t have that.

    I found the hunters’ harassment of Derek very unsettling. They talk about their Code but they act like if they hadn’t been told (forced) to follow it, they’d rather go kill all werewolves anyway. I feel like the Code’s there to keep the hunters in check & they just try to push those boundaries as far as they can because they’re all crazy & hunt because they hate werewolves, not to protect humans.

    (Re: our boys’ lack of discretion: I want a chaptered fic where Danny knows what’s up in Beacon Hills because he’s constantly overhearing everything. It’s be awesome.)

  • Adderall Addict

    Once again, for the Pack Mentality episode (and to reply to the podcast), Scott’s behavior (rage/panic) over Allison accomplishes two things: A. it continues to show how simplistic (and frankly dumb) a lot of Scott’s reactions to events is during this season, and B. it’s necessary to clearly show Scott that he has NO control over his behavior and needs to DO SOMETHING about this. Another example of how poorly Scott reacts is that he is not bothered when Jackson suspects and also threatens Scott (particularly vis-a-vis Allison). I do admit that Scott’s simplistic responses to his ‘wolfiness’ (as Stiles put it) combined with Derek’s unwillingness to trust creates some of the problems going forward, a lot of which exists just to push plot forwards, and not to really deepen either the S or D character.

    I do appreciate and agree with Natalie’s comments about the thuggish of the Hunter behavior towards Derek in the gasoline scene.

    • Adderall Addict

      Oh, and for Magic Bullet, just a few quick comments: I’m sorry, Karen, but the entire Chris Argent speech about rabid dogs is no different than the kind of speeches people make about gay marriage, or were made during the colonial war to justify slavery, or are made in certain countries for why women should not be educated. People who are true believers – of course, they have sincere and can sometimes present what appears to be a logic basis for those beliefs. But I think the hunters show their true colors, as Natalie said just a few moments before about the thuggish behavior in trashing the window of Derek’s car (and as Kate shows in shooting D, whether she knew for sure it was him or not), or they show in future episodes, with a shoot first, see if it fits the code mentality (Allison in S2E11) – IMHO, the hunters, for the most part, even Chris Aregent, aren’t mostly good guys. If they were police officers, they would need more than just a decent civilian oversight board to rein in their behavior and if you were someone who was in their cross fire, maybe you wouldn’t be kissing up to the hunters and their mystique as much as your appear to in this podcast.

      As far as Scott’s hang-ups (over Derek and even Stiles) over his relationship with Allison – I think, early on when they were writing the show, the thinking was to have a Romeo & Juliette relationship only they wrote it too obsessively and it didn’t even out until S2.

      And a final aside, re the Derek/Kate conversation and when to bring the topic up; can we hope that future podcast are more professional and that you edit out a multiple-minutes process conversation between the two of you guys?

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