Posted on 12:26 pm,
October 9, 2012

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Season 5 of Merlin is FINALLY here! Listen as the hosts recap and dissect every aspect of the season premiere of BBC’s hit fantasy drama!

Show notes:
– Jess, Pam and Patricia are ridiculously excited that Merlin is finally back!
– SpoilerTV has revealed the description for Merlin season 5, episode 3 revealing how we will see Anthony Head return as Uther! The hosts discuss what they think of this story line.
– MerlinOfficial has been busy tweeting up a storm and uploading TONS of video footage to the official Merlin YouTube! We talk about some of the more interesting cast and crew quotes from both!
Merlin has OFFICIALLY returned! We break down this season’s premiere episode, “Arthur’s Bane”
– What exactly is the key that Morgana is looking for and what manifestation will it take?
– How has Gwen changed as a character now that she’s officially stepped into her role as Queen?
– How has the relationship between Merlin and Arthur changed and how is it still the same?
– And WHAT in the world is the strange being that we see at the end hovering over Gwaine’s body? All these and more are discussed in our episode recap!
– Patricia breaks down the trailer for the season’s second episode
– Will Mordred assume the role of a double agent as the season progresses?
– We get our first look at a more grown up Aithusa– is the white dragon fighting on Morgana’s side or will its allegiances lie with Merlin?
– We read YOUR reactions to the premiere of Merlin season 5 and answer a few listener questions as well!

Got a question related to Merlin or something you’d like us to address on a future episode? Leave any comments related to this episode or the season 5 premiere of Merlin in the comments below!

You can also tweet us with any comments or question you have on Twitter @TalksCamelot!

This episode's hosts: Pamela Gocobachi, Jessica Chapman, Patricia Spence

  • Zoe

    I love this podcast! And can I just say that I love that the title song is You’re The Voice!! And I now have to admit that me and a couple of friends had a Merlin themed party for one of friend’s 21st birthday, and we made a Morgana and Gwen version of that video! Hardcore Merlin geeks. And also in relation to this weeks epic episode (Arthur’s Bane Part 2) and the Colin Morgan topic… am I the only one who was disappointed when Merlin and Arthur were in the caves and Arthur said ‘we’re going to have to blend in’ that Merlin didn’t take his shirt off to blend in with the workers?!
    Thanks so much for this podcast, it’s so nice listening to people talk about Merlin who get as excited as me!!

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