Posted on 7:15 pm,
October 28, 2012

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The latest episode of MuggleCast, our Harry Potter podcast, has arrived!

– We recap J.K. Rowling’s visit to New York City.
– Harry Potter: The Exhibition is returning to NYC. Is it worth a second visit?
– New Pottermore chapters are due out this week.
– Tennis pro Andy Murray says Harry Potter stopped him from reading.
– What book is next for Rowling?
– The Casual Vacancy review.
– Listeners sound off with their thoughts on the book.
– Would we read a Casual Vacancy sequel?
– Those who foliow MuggleCast on Twitter sound off on the book as well.
– Plugs for Potter fandom related events as well as other podcasts.

This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Micah Tannenbaum, Eric Scull, Selina Wilken

  • Kavitha


  • Allison L.

    when can i have so chapter by chapter!

    • Allison L.

      some** : )

      • Anthony

        Yeah I know, we are still waiting for the rest of ootp, there would be so much great discussion with order!

        • Raina

          Alohomora is a Mugglenet podcast that talks about the books chapter by chapter. They are now on COS.

  • Hermione Granger

    I agree with Andrew and Selina! Phoenix is my favorite!! Because there’s so much learning about the wider Wizarding World in general–Ministry of Magic, St. Mungos… and I always related to Harry’s irrational jealously ;) I made my friend re-read the books and she originally thought she hated #5 but once she finished she said I was completely right, that it was her favorite now too :)

  • kitster_kosh

    When I first read this, I misread it as “The last mugglecast” and about had a heart attack.

    • RumbleroarLuna

      i’m so late but i came on here to make sure i haven’t missed an episode since it’s been a while, but same.

  • kitster_kosh

    5 is my favorite too!

  • Johanna

    new mugglecast! oh, my day just got ten times better!

  • luna97831

    5 is totally my favorite too. Don’t understand why everyone fawns over 3- its excellent of course, but completely overrated when you compare it to 5. I love the character growth and the organization of the novel. Could read it everyday

  • Tris


  • verity

    Would love a new mugglecast soon!! That would be a great Christmas gift.

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