Posted on 9:49 am,
June 10, 2012

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The latest episode of MuggleCast has arrived! Join us as we discuss the latest big news stories, reach into the MuggleMail, and more.

Take a look at the shownotes below, and use the links at the bottom to grab #254. Enjoy!

– The Wizarding World is heading to Japan. Where could it go next?
– J.K. Rowling takes another stand on the Encyclopedia.
– Sony and Rowling announce Book of Spells.
– We share our concerns over new Potter material being release this way.
– Selina sees our negativity and points out the positives.
– Harry Potter wins all the awards at the MTV Movie Awards.
– We’ll be at Ascendio and LeakyCon!
– Twitter Question of the Week: Will Rowling ever release an Encyclopedia?
– MuggleMail: McGonagall’s backstory, hatstalls, Draco’s parents, JKR pulling from real world history, and more.

This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Micah Tannenbaum, Eric Scull, Selina Wilken

  • Nicole

    Revision for maths exam tomorrow, or new mugglecast? I think mugglecast is a priority :D 

    • Voldy

      No doubt.

  • KatnissLovegood

    About the flip-flop on an encyclopedia…

    My theory is that she really does want to write the encyclopedia and have the proceeds benefit charity, therefore she made her original statement.

    What I think happened is that her contract with Sony is extremely binding and Sony made her backtrack. Think about it….if she is going to release an encyclopedia in book form and it’s for a good cause, I’m much more likely to purchase that instead of buying a Sony video game console and all of the extra parts I need for it in order to buy and play the book of spells. Also, I think they realize that Pottermore is not living up to fans expectations and they probably realized that if she sold an encyclopedia, internet traffic would thin out on Pottermore…why would a fan spend time clicking through a million pages to find information when then can just open up the table of contents in their encyclopedia and go straight to the information they want? I think Sony realizes that while an encyclopedia would not make their Potter products obsolete, it would make them less in demand and their monetary investment would not reap the rewards they were intending. 

    So, my theory is that Sony forced Rowling to make retract her statement due to a contractual obligation. 


  • Nicole

    Maybe for your 7 year birthday you should come back to England and do a podcast at the studio tour, since i was too young and unaware of the online fandom last time you were here :D please? love the show

  • Luna97831

    CHAPTER BY CHAPTER!!! please?

    • ndr

      that’s why they have alohomora. ;)

  • N-D

    that’s why they have alohomora. ;)

  • bluenotes67

    Just listening to Ep. 254 right now.  Holy crap!  The whining about Book of Spells is making this hard to listen to.  Need to fast forward a bit.   

  • Annelise

    This is so unfair!! Why don’t they have things like Ascendio and LeakyCon in London or in the UK. :(

    • Jelly

       Compared to most other places the UK is blessed with fandom-y goodness. There should be plenty room for appreciation.

  • Ana M Darcham

    PLEASE MAKE A NEW PODCAST!!! I miss my mugglecast hosts :(

  • NarniaPotterGoneHungerGames

    Hello Mugglecasters! I am currently rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and came across an interesting thought. Why is it that Harry couldn’t see the Thestrals until book 5? Shouldn’t he have been able to see them since book 1, as he witnessed his parent’s deaths? Thanks for the hours of entertainment and news!

    • Raffc

      I’m not exactly sure where I got this from, but I definitely remember that Harry did not see his parents being killed – he only saw the shadows. But I thought that too it’s a good question!

  • Brandon Griffo

    I’m a big fan of this podcast, along with the Hunger Games Chat. I’ve been listening to this podcast for about 2 years, and these podcasts make my day. I’m not sure if you have discussed this yet, but what would happen if Harry Potter was sorted into Slytherin?

  • Guest

    I hope it was a joke, but I see why you all have chose not to do Imprint anymore. You all just laugh at it here, while on the Imprint podcast page we are all wondering what happened to you all. Thanks for letting us know.

    • Guest


  • Allie Rose Mellark

    Wow a new podcast would be nice…… Just sayin’

  • Jenny Leigh

    I know you probably get this a lot, but it has been a long time since the chapter by chapter segment last appeared on a podcast. I started listening a little over a year and a half ago, and this was one of the main reasons I did! Not to say the show’s not fantastic, because it’s hands-down the most entertaining podcast out there, but chapter by chapter really gave me the time to dive into major themes of the Harry Potter books. I really miss it! And with news being so slow, I feel it really does need to come back! Do we really have to complain all the time about lost award shows and the lack of encyclopedia? No! We’re Harry Potter geeks! Let’s do what we do best and analyze every word JK ever wrote! We’ll make our own encyclopedia! :) So please, more chapter by chapter! 

  • KatnissLovegood

    Andrew and crew: New episode, pretty please? xoxo

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