Posted on 11:57 am,
April 23, 2012

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The latest episode of MuggleCast has arrived! Join us as we discuss the latest Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling news stories, and go inside Pottermore to discuss new writing by Rowling.

– J.K. Rowling announces The Casual Vacancy.
– Will the Harry Potter fandom morph into the J.K. Rowling fandom because of her upcoming book?
– What can we gather from The Casual Vacancy synopsis? Title?
– We analyze Parish Counsels – yep, we’re already going in depth on the book.
– J.K. Rowling speaks about the Harry Potter Encyclopedia in a way she hasn’t before – is it news?
– Pottermore finally opens to the public, but lacks the “grand opening” excitement it once had.
– We discuss two new aspects written by JKR: Ghost Plots and the Hufflepuff Common Room.
– Jo continues to unintentionally put down Hufflepuffs.
– Will The Casual Vacancy grow J.K. Rowling’s reader base?
– Will adult readers decide to start reading Harry Potter after The Casual Vacancy?
– Plus for our other podcasts: Game of Owns, Hunger Games Chat, and more.

This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Micah Tannenbaum, Eric Scull, Selina Wilken

  • Lucien

    Can’t wait to listen!

  •!/HP4eva121995 Ally

    Selina’s on Mugglecast!?! Finally…a girl.

    • Brandi Delhagen

      I agree! When did Selina get added to the cast? :)

  • Hermione Granger

    Personally, I think that a great author will be able to write a fantastic story even without an amazing storyline. Sometimes mediocre authors will stumble upon a great idea and will be lauded as a great writer, however they end up relying on the story to carry itself instead of creating the details themselves. So I think Jo’s book will be amazing even if the plot/synopsis/title doesn’t sound extremely riveting. If you think about it, Harry Potter started out being viewed as “young boy goes to magical British boarding school”, which makes it sound extremely boring. It was her writing and characterization and control of the plot that made it so extraordinary.

  • DreamNox58

    This was a very good episode.  Maybe it was because Selina was in it?  I don’t know but it’s one of the better ones that I’ve heard in a while.  Had more information that was worth listening too.  Plus, the bashing on Hufflepuff was a bit hilarious.  My 13 year old sister was sorted into Hufflepuff, never read the series in her life but saw all the movies, was not happy, LOL.  I’m in Slytherin and I loved it. 

  • Laura J

    woo Selina’s on? can’t wait to listen!

  • Nevermore

    I love The House Of The Badgers…. I wish people would stop insulting them. 

  • Georgie_girl

    A GIRL?!?!? ON MUGGLECAST?!?!?! Thank you Selina, my life is complete. Plus you’re foreign…and that’s awesome. 

    • Selina

       Haha yay! You’re all so nice :)

  • ladybirds

    Hurray for Selina. :-) I think sleepless nights awaits for you because of the podcast you are in but please do not go away. :-)

    About the security on Pottermore, my 7 year old daughter wanted get on to Pottermore, and I said OK. We did it together. She goes to Pottermore once or twice a week and as a parent I understand why Rowling wanted Pottermore the way it is.

    Even though my Potter experience started on my early 20s, and all the younger ones are adults right now, we are not the only ones that will be going to Pottermore. As Rowling said it is a thank to us all who followed Harry’s journey eagerly till the end but younger generations would want to experience Pottermore just like my daughter did.

    I can let my daughter experience Pottermore with ease knowing that it is really really secure.

    Thanks for the great episode.

    P.S: I am really really excited about the encyclopedia because I was not expecting she was going to write it at all. She might even write a HP prequel as Andrew mentioned in 20 years. :-P Who knows? It would be great. We would experience the same excitement all over again.

    Look forward to her new book as well. :-)

  • Franki94

    Eric and Selina are my new favourite people. Talk about famous Hufflepuffs. :P

  • Jennifer Scheidegger

    As a Hufflepuff, it was awesome to hear some fellow Hufflepuffs joke about it. I was in a horrible mood yesterday, and Mugglecast was probably what got me through work. 


    Yes doctor who podcast.

  • Corin

    An excellent Podcast.. as always.  I do agree w/ the comments about the age of the average Potter fan.  I’m in my early 30’s and have been a fan since right after P of A (the book) came out.  Most of my friends have also been huge HP fans for the same amount of time.  I somtimes feel like us “old folks” are not remembered when talking about the HP fan base.  We are the original fan base.  I am trying desperately to get my daughter (11) to read the books but she’s more in to the movies, Pottermore, and HP video games than the books.

    Also, I’ll be interested to hear your take on McGonagall’s back story.  I was completely shocked… for some reason I always pictured her growing up in a very stuffy-type family that was full of pure bloods and loved rules and order.  I am hoping there will be more tid bits about her as the books progress on Pottermore or in the future encyclopedia. 

  • AussiePotterFan

    Only just listened to this episode today, and another great podcast by the team. It was great to have a Selina on the show. I agree with your comments on the majority of potter fans being older. I am turning 21 this year and have been a fan of the series since Philosopher’s Stone first released. Just a quick question, when are you going to resume Chapter=by-Chapter as I don’t think you ever got round to finishing Order of the Phoenix?

  • Scott Learmonth

    Selina is awesome. Dont see people being surprised about a girl being on Mugglecast. Anyone remember Laura or Elysa?

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